Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Daphne Lightwood


Member Group


Character Name

Daphne Penelope Lightwood

Play By

Chloe Grace Moretz



Merit Level



Mechanic (Student)


March 26 2080


Theo Malone



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns




OOC Limits

Anything Goes!

Physical Description

Daphne got stuck at the height of five foot four inches. Yup she got slapped with the short stick... It fit as she was the baby of the family. At her last check-up she weighed about 119 lbs and her measurements are 33-25-35. She hates that she has a bust size... A... A... out of all sizes, on the upside she will always be able to find bras unlike her sisters and classmates. She hates her shoe size since it's on the bigger end, size 8. Her hair is thick and strawberry blonde. She sometimes doesn't wash her hair for over a week... never longer than two. When she washes it every two day like normal people it dries out her skin. She bites her nails so her nails are never the appropriate length. She hates shaving, plucking her eyebrows... even waxing. All natural baby.


Carver - Dad - 54
Marilynn - Mother - Dead (52)
Lolita "Lard Face" - Step-Mother - 53
David - Older Half-Brother - 35
Donald - Older Half-Brother 33
Dominique - Older Half-Sister 28
Danielle - Older Half-Sister 28
Demi - Older Half-Sister - 25
Damian - Younger Bio-Brother - 2
Demetria - Younger Bio-Sister - 2

Three Best Traits

Independent, Family Oriented, Passionate

Three Worst Traits

Impulsive, Lazy (on Hygiene), Bluntly Honest/Rude


Black - black as how her soul feels. Mexican food.. so she can fart freely and stink up her room so no one can bother her.


Pink - Gross. She hates cauliflower and raw broccoli.


Seasonal Allergies

Best Memory

When she finished restoring an old bike.

Worst Memory

When the old bike broke down.

Your Biggest Fear

Failing. Failing in her marriage and career.

Your Life Goal

Be Head Mechanic in the Shop she will Work at after college.

Ideal Partner

Someone to stay out of her way and when she wants sex to give it to her. She is almost like a guy in a woman's body (but she is not gay - just has traits). Someone that is not touchy feely but not so much a douche. Get to know her but not blowing up her phone, she needs to be able to feel she can breathe but also wants to feel wanted.

Mini Quote

We're just rollin' with the punches. I make fun of your belly and tell you do some crunches. And you say "yeah, well your ass jiggles, go and do some lunges". I say "fuck you" while I'm thinking of you as my husband... I think I'm in love


Daphne was born about 18 years ago to a mother whom she loved to the moon and back. She was the baby of the family for many years and was treated like a princess, until her twin siblings arrived about a year ago when her mother died at childbirth. She loved her father but loved her mother more. She was attached to her and gave her the attention her mother wished she received from her father. No big deal. There was so many siblings all much older than her except her younger siblings. Marilynn wasn’t the loving type though, she wouldn’t cuddle or coddle Daphne but discipline. Daphne was constantly told that Marilynn wasn’t her friend but her mother she was there to discipline and make sure her children and her husband’s children were on the right path. Daphne knew Marilynn never wanted to be a mother which hurt Daphne because she believes her mother would have never wanted her. She felt almost a burden, unwanted. Daphne not feeling the love from her parents, Marilynn could do no wrong. When Daphne would do anything gross or boyish she would get a spanking and told that it was not appropriate and would gain her and their family bad Merit and to act like a sensible little girl. Even in school she continued to be a little tom-boyish… sometimes she would fart in class, act like a class clown, and that wasn’t acceptable, which would bring her merit mainly at neutral level as she did get good grades. Her mother would spank her but then love her and cuddle with her because Marilynn tried to raise a respectable young woman not a deviant child… which is hypocritical. Daphne was basically the only child in the house that actually grew up with her mother. Her older siblings were a bit envious or pitied her as she was the only child to grow up with their mother. About a year ago Marilynn gave birth to twins, which left a bad taste in her mouth especially since her mother gave birth to them and soon after giving birth she was pronounced dead. Daphne couldn’t believe that her mother was dead in a matter of moments, the doctors said it was rare but she had bled out too fast for them to catch the issue. Complications… fucking complications, they were supposed to prevent said complications but Daphne feels the doctors did nothing. Daphne had passed her exit assessment and went on the assigned dates. She was told do well and you be placed with a man that will be good to her and a job she will love. When Daphne opened the letter of her future job she about had a heart attack on how perfect the job was. All she wanted to do was tell her mother so her mother can be proud, but her mother was nothing but a ghost by then. Daphne lost all hope and went into a deep depression. She couldn’t relate to her perfect sisters and relate to the family as she was now like them. She prided in herself that she was the one and her little siblings were to be with a mother… but no.. she was now like the rest of her siblings. Not only was she now motherless but she was now not the princess. When her father was remarried to her new step-mother she couldn’t wait till the day she received her notice. She still hates that bitch (step-mother). So, she is having a protest and not shaving her legs, arm pits, vagina, and on the weekends she tend not to even bath. At first she hated receiving her notice because she couldn’t share and analyze it with her mother. Daphne just took out her aggression on her mother’s old motorcycle (to get it up and running), it was something she felt she can control. She disliked how her body looked she felt even with hair. She felt she had a boy’s body. Nothing feminine about her. She wasn’t voluptuous or tall. She had an athletic built to her... like if she were to do gymnastics her whole life. She loves her classes at the university as they play around and mess with her but more like a big brother type of relationship. She has plans for the future house to turn the garage into a place to work on cars and motorcycles as she learns from school. She is just waiting till she is assigned a shop to work at and really get her hands dirty, oh and get partnered.

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