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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Beatriz Heavens


Member Group


Character Name

Beatriz Mercedes Idoya Heavens, formerly Idoya Mendez

Play By

Monica Raymund



Merit Level





15 March 2067


Alexandra Heavens



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OOC Limits

tba if necessary

Physical Description

Bea has honeyed, warm brown skin that gets more golden from the sun. The same is true for her hair, which lightens from nearly-black to a warm brown with copper and chestnut undertones in the summer. It’s thick and wavy, and she’s always worn it long. Her eyes are a mahogany so dark they can look almost black, and her eyebrows are thick until they taper to a point at the outer edge of her eye. Bea’s lips are full, the upper one just a little wider than the lower one, and a full smile--open-mouthed and showing all her teeth--is a rare thing to come by. Her face is naturally expressive, her affect never flat, though she’s gotten good at hiding her pain. She’s got a not-quite-hourglass figure, her hips fuller than her breasts, and toned calves that are perfectly set off by high heels. She favors warm colors, form-fitting skirts and dresses, and statement jewelry.


father, mother, and two brothers - deceased in a house fire
grandmother and grandfather - deceased
Sam Mendez, husband - Removed
Catalina Moss, née Mendez, stepdaughter (24)
-Cameron Moss, son-in-law
--Beatrice Moss (4)
Marcos Windsor, née Mendez, stepson (22)
-Margaret Windsor, daughter-in-law
--Michael Kersey, Maggie's step-son (8)
Gabriel Mendez, son - killed at 9 months

Three Best Traits

Dutiful - Bea has a very strong sense of where her duties, obligations, and loyalties should and do lie. She’s not one to shirk responsibility or break the rules without very good reason--and sometimes not even then.

Giving - Bea almost doesn’t know how to hold back; she gives everything of herself to others. Love, attention, material things--she’s generous (almost to a fault) and always willing to share.

Protective - Bea will always protect the weak and the disadvantaged, even when she’s one of them. She has literally taken beatings to protect someone else from half that pain and she’d do it again in an instant if she felt she had to.

Three Worst Traits

Self-sacrificing - While it can also be one of her best traits, Bea has a tendency to sacrifice herself for others and fail to take care of herself. While she learned some measure of self-care in therapy, her first instinct is still to make sure everyone else has what they need before addressing her own needs--if she considers her own needs at all.

Traumatized - Bea has been through an incredible amount of difficulty and pain and it has left her with scars both psychic and physical. On the clinical side, she has PTSD with several triggers and a history of depression. On the practical side, she carefully guards what little optimism she has left and prefers to look outward than inward.
Unambitious - Not everyone will view this as a negative, but those who seek status or value it highly will be disappointed in her lack of ambition. Bea works hard and always wants to her do her best, but she doesn’t aspire to any great heights in life and doesn’t possess a single competitive urge.


Colors - prefers dark or rich colors and wears a lot of reds (true red, maroon), blues (navy, royal, turquoise), and neutrals.

Foods - seafood; roasted carrots, parsnips, and potatoes; empanadas.

Drinks - dark roast coffee, red wine, hot chocolate with cinnamon or chile.


Corporal punishment of any kind, children near staircases, overhearing other people's loud arguments, bland food, white chocolate, iceburg lettuce.


sulfa drugs

Best Memory

Being in the room when little Beatrice was born, seeing how strong Catalina had become and that happiness was possible after years of torment.

Worst Memory

Bea has more than her fair share of bad memories to choose from, but feeling the life leave her infant son was the worst. She has the scars on her wrists to prove it.

Your Biggest Fear

Ending up back in another hopeless situation.

Your Life Goal

For Catalina and Marcos to be safe and happy. To be safe and happy herself.

Ideal Partner

The most important thing is that Bea feel safe. No bursts of anger, no threats of--or actual--violence, no needing to walk on eggshells around him. She’s hoping for someone solid and reliable who has his life in order or at least has a plan to get it that way. Bea actually prefers strong, confident, masculine men, even dominant ones, but domineering or controlling men are right out. She has PTSD, so some understanding is appreciated, but she doesn’t expect to be treated like some fragile thing. She’s strong and can take a lot, as long as it’s loving, respectful, and consensual. In short: someone she can trust, respect, and let be in control without fear.

Mini Quote

My past is perilous / But each scar I bear sings / Monuments to where I have been / And melodies to where I am going


Beatriz Idoya was the oldest of three children until she was twelve. Then, while she was at school, her family's home burned down with both her parents and her younger brothers inside it. She was sent to live with her aging grandparents, whom she had to care for almost as much as they took care of her, if not more. Without family to rely on, Beatriz threw herself into her schooling, helping out younger students who seemed to be having trouble in addition to keeping up with her own work. It was a responsibility she'd chosen, rather than one that was thrust upon her, and that made all the difference. No one was surprised when she tested into the field of childcare and early childhood development.

When she was eighteen she was partnered with Sam Mendez, a man in his 30s who had two children, a boy and a girl, from his first marriage. Beatriz took his eleven-year-old daughter Catalina under her wing almost immediately. The girl was shy and quiet and hesitant, and it wasn't long until Beatriz realized that she had very good reason to be so. Although he'd been on his best behavior for the first few months of their marriage, Sam fell back into the abusive routines that had obviously been part of the household for years.

His son Marcos was exempt from anything except the occasional verbal jab, but Catalina was under a constant stream of abuse when she was home. At first he kept to emotional abuse only, at least as far as Beatriz ever witnessed or could prove, but by the time Catalina turned 14, it had progressed to flagrant physical abuse. From the very first time that she witnessed him hitting his daughter, Beatriz called the police on Sam and got him hauled off to re-education. It only made him come home and beat Beatriz instead, but she could take it better than Catalina could.

Her grandparents had passed in the years since her marriage, so there was no family to object when Sam's control over Beatriz's reins tightened further. Her career prospects were much lower than had initially been expected of her--all her time and energy went to protecting herself and her step-children from Sam, leaving little left to do anything but keep her head above water. She never under-performed at the childcare center where she worked, but she wasn't going to be up for promotion anytime soon, either.

She was twenty-four when she got pregnant, and twenty-five when she was blessedly relieved to have a son and not a daughter. If Sam kept his violent attentions on her rather than the baby, she could survive this. Or so she told herself.

Her luck worsened and she developed post-partum depression. In any other circumstances, it might have cleared up quickly with the help of medication and a nanny, but even if Sam had allowed someone to come in and help lighten her load, Beatriz could never bear the thought of someone else being subjected to the horrible conditions in their home, especially not now that Catalina had finally turned eighteen and escaped.

Sam did not appreciate that his wife suddenly moved slower, was tired all the time, and couldn't quiet the crying baby as quickly as he would like. Beating her didn't help, and Catalina was no longer around to threaten to motivate her, so he moved on to the next available target: the baby. Beatriz never thought he'd get violent against either of his sons, but she was, tragically, wrong. Baby Gabriel was thrown down the stairs when Beatriz didn't come immediately when called. He left her holding her dying baby and went to work. Beatriz tucked Gabriel into his crib after he passed and went into the bathroom to slit her wrists.

She woke up several days later in the hospital confused about how she'd gotten there. The story came out in bits and pieces as she was visited by nurses and counselors alike: Marcos had called 911, saving her life and telling the police what had happened to Gabriel. Sam was taken into custody and Beatriz never saw him again; he was Removed before her wrists had fully healed and their partnership dissolved.

Beatriz spent more than a year institutionalized being treated for her depression, PTSD, and grief. She considered giving up several times, but then Catalina came to visit. Catalina was happily married, and though she still carried the scars her father had left, she was getting by. She attributed it to her stepmother stepping in to save her and confided that she was pregnant with a little girl that she intended to name Beatrice. After feeling helpless for so long, this lit a fire in Beatriz that had her working her hardest to get better. She finally got to go home, get Marcos back from the Institute where he'd stayed while she was in the hospital, and start over again.

It wasn't easy, and it likely never will be for Beatriz, who still takes medication and deals with the repercussions of her PTSD on a persistent basis, but she's made a life worth living for herself. Her merit, which had ended up at Low due to her lack of progress in her career and the mess that was her family life, has finally returned to Neutral and she's working hard to get it up to High. Instead of working in a childcare center, she's working as a nanny for one or two families at a time, giving personalized attention where it's needed most. Beatriz knows she's bound to be partnered again and is hoping Marcos will be partnered before then, just in case her prayers for a better second marriage aren't answered.

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