Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Isidora Knox


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Isidora Knox

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Amy Lee



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6th September 2063


Dallas Clark



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GMT +1

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I struggle with sexual themes. I don't have a problem with reading them, I just don't write them well myself

Physical Description

Isidora is in most ways a fairly average-looking woman, at least according to herself. She's 5ft 3 with an hourglass-figure. She works out a couple of times a week to keep herself in decent shape, however she's in no way a health nut so she's not exactly skinny, but she is healthy-looking and personally she's happy with her weight.

Her face is dominated by piercing green eyes and plum cheeks that reveal endearing dimples at the slightest hint of a smile. Her hair is originally a reddish brown, but she's been dyeing it black since she was a teenager, and she has every intention to keep doing that.

She doesn't subscribe to any specific clothing style, she just wears whatever she feels like, but her personal taste does have a punk-rock/gothic vibe that she has also stuck with since her teenage years.


Leslie King (née Lawford), mother, deceased
Jeremiah King, father, deceased
Deven, older brother, deceased
Eileen, older sister, deceased
Parker, older brother, deceased
Tenna, older sister, deceased

Clarissa Gordon (née Jensen), adoptive mother, deceased
Jackson Gordon, adoptive father, deceased

Cayden Knox, husband, deceased

2 cats, Lilly and Cain

Three Best Traits

Isidora is the type of person who takes charge of a situation - if she feels she’s the greatest authority on the matter at hand. She’s not afraid to make hard decisions, even if she’s making them on the behalf of others, because she’s not overly concerned with how other people feel about her. She has lived most of her life with people looking at her funny, why should she start concerning herself with their opinions now? She has an opinion on almost everything, and she won’t hesitate to vocalize it if that’s what the situation calls for, but she’s not one to force her views upon others. She’ll tell you exactly what she thinks if you ask her, but she’ll keep her mouth shut if you don’t - unless it has anything to do with her job. In that case you’re getting her opinion whether you want it or not.

Having lost two sets of parents and spent 3 years in an orphanage means that Isidora knows how to take care of herself. Whatever mess she gets herself into you can be sure she’ll also get herself back out. She doesn’t rely on the help of others as she knows from experience that there won’t always be somebody around to save her. She’s incredibly independent and self-reliant in everything that she does, which comes in handy at work where she doesn’t have anybody to look to for answers but herself. She trusts in her own abilities, believes that she has the skills to get the job done right, and anybody who questions her will be put in their place. She’s proud of who she is and what she has achieved despite her past, and she’ll never apologize for any of it. She’s bold enough to face her problems head on, to confront the skeptics, and you’ll never see her slunk away from a challenge or hide in the shadows.

Isidora is a very logical person, a trait that she relies on through most anything in her life. When facing a problem or an unanswered question she always opts for the logical, rational explanation, and she has an incredible capability for finding it. She has no patience for superstition, believing that such fantasies are just an excuse to not face harsh reality.

Three Worst Traits

Throughout her life Isidora has faced a lot of misfortune, a lot of death, and by now there isn’t much joy or optimism left. She faces most things with an unyielding pessimism, always assuming the worst. She firmly believes that people are fundamentally selfish, maybe even evil, and that anything bad that can happen will happen. There’s no point in trying to look at the bright side, it’s probably just an illusion anyway. This mindset also yields a lot of distrust and sarcasm. Whenever she’s encountering people she assumes they’ll turn out to be bastards, so she never puts her faith in anybody but herself, and her go-to response is dripping sarcasm and a lot of eye-rolling.

Being both distrustful of other people and confident in herself, Isidora tends to believe that she is always right, and thus she can be very stubborn. If she’s convinced of something, it doesn’t even matter what it is, she will stick to it no matter what others say. On top of this stubbornness she is also very patient, so she can argue over the same thing for hours if she has to - she often wins arguments by simply being the last person to give up. Her stubbornness also comes to light in other ways, such as her obsessive thoroughness and refusal to leave anything important to anybody else, especially at work. She wants to do everything herself, because she believes she’s the only one who can do it right, and anybody who tries to convince her to ease her iron-tight grip will be facing a serious struggle. If she does finally allow somebody else to do something, she’ll be watching them the whole time, noticing every misstep no matter how tiny and insignificant it is. As you can probably imagine, she works best on her own.

Isidora doesn’t make friends easily, and she never really has. She likes to keep to herself and doesn’t play well with others, so she’ll most often be found alone. She has never been much of a talker, and she’ll never open a conversation with a stranger - should someone approach her she’ll generally keep her answers to the bare minimum, unless they manage to hit one of her main interests, in which case she might actually engage in a real conversation. But most of the time she’s very difficult and reluctant, she doesn’t like to tell people anything about herself, and even the people she sees the most won’t be able to answer many questions about her past or her pastimes, they simply don’t know. She calls it professionalism that she doesn’t socialize with her co-workers, but really she just doesn’t like to share.


Horror movies
Crime shows or novels
Serial killer documentaries
Cats, of which she has two (they're basically her only living family)
Chocolate cake with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. She could live off that
Gin and tonic. It's her go-to drink and often how she ends a particularly difficult day
Being left alone. Nothing's better than having the peace and quiet to really bury yourself in something you like.
Working with her hands is something she's grown very fond of after marrying Cayden, and she still makes furniture the way they used to do together, sort of as a way to remember him
Anything with a lemony, sour taste
Religion. She's not religious herself, but she finds it interesting and enjoys learning about religious texts and customs


Being disturbed while she's working. There's nothing worse than a nosy cop sticking their head in and trying to pressure her to finish up. Things take time if they're going to be done right, and she doesn't hesitate to tell them to get lost.
Romantic comedies. That's basically the biggest waste of time she can think of Gossip and gossipers. She's a firm believer that what people do is their own business
Small children. She doesn't know what to do with those things
Testifying in court. It comes with the job, and she makes a decent witness, but she's always just waiting for it to be over. She's not fond of having her job scrutinized and her skills questioned. As she has a doctorate it really pushes her buttons when she is referred to as Ms. Knox instead of Dr. Knox by people she knows are aware of her credentials. She considers it a sign of disrespect for people to deliberately misrepresent her.


None that she knows of

Best Memory

The first time Cayden kissed her in public takes a clear 1st place. They had been married for a year, but whenever there were other people around he'd keep his distance to her, worried that they'd be judged because of the age difference between them, but eventually Isidora's carefree attitude rubbed off on him. They were having lunch together in their work break which they often did, and when it was time for them to head off in different directions he grabbed her hand and pulled her in to a gentle kiss. He was off before she could even react, but that moment meant the world to her as she felt he was finally not embarrassed to admit that they were happy together.

Worst Memory

There are quite a few horrible memories in Isidora's death-ridden past, and she's not sure which one she'd choose:
Being sat down by a police officer at the age of 11 and told that she'd never see her parents or her siblings again.

Waking up in the hospital after the car crash at 15, asking for Jackson and Clarissa only to learn that she was the only survivor.

Digging into the circumstances of her family's death and discovering that it wasn't an outside force that killed them but her own brother.

Receiving the news that Cayden was in the hospital and unlikely to ever wake up.

And finally, after a year and a half, accepting the loss of her husband and allowing the doctors to end his coma so he could be buried.

Your Biggest Fear

That if she does have a child, she won't know what to do and will end up ruining them, pushing them to the point that Deven was. That's why she's very determined to never have children, and why the thought of a new partner who already has them scares the living daylight out of her.

Your Life Goal

Don't die. Everybody around her seems to drop dead, so by now that's her primary goal. Just don't die.

Ideal Partner

Nobody. It's as simple as that. She still loves and mourns for her first husband, and anybody trying to take his place will meet a wall of silence and defiance.

She is convinced that she will never love another man, so she sees no point in trying, but she is also aware that she won't have a say in the matter. So if she absolutely has t be with somebody, she'd prefer a man who's at least her age. Someone's who's settled into a life and who'll be happy with them going on the way they always have, just now living together. She also wants somebody without children who also doesn't want any - unless he's significantly older than her and has grown up children, which is not something she'd have a problem with. There's a very small risk of her screwing them up.

Basically she wants a man that she can share a house with while they lead seperate lives. However, that's probably the opposite of what she really needs. She could benefit from someone lively and spontaneous, someone who'll plant himself in the middle of her life and insist on taking up space, who'll push her out of her comfort zone and challenge her, force her to face the world and drag her out of the rut of misery she's perfectly content with living in.

Mini Quote

Without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold. Until you find it there and lead it back home


She was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, and was the youngest of five children. Her parents were both ambitious intellectuals, and they were very set on the success of their children. Initially Isidora had some issues at school - she was very distractible, and her teachers could never seem to hold her attention for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. Every time there was a sound she didn’t immediately recognize, or something moved in the edge of her vision, she was lost and there was no getting her back on track until she had examined whatever had caught her attention. She was also a strong-willed kid, so if her teachers or her parents were attempting to get her to do something she didn’t want to, they had a serious uphill battle on their hands. She was incredibly stubborn. This especially became clear in her eating habits. She was a very picky eater and could hold out for hours if her parents refused to get her something she wanted instead of what they had made her, if she decided that she didn’t like it. They almost always gave in before she did.

When Isidora was 11 years old she was at a sleepover at a friend’s house. Her mother was supposed to pick her up around noon, but she didn’t show. The family tried calling several times, but with no result. When they drove to the house and knocked there was no response. They tried walking around the house, knocking on windows, but couldn’t see anybody. Eventually they called the police, who decided to forcefully enter the premises, and the scenario they found was grisly. The entire family was gathered in a bedroom on the 1st floor, and they were all dead. The parents had been beaten to death, three of the children had been smothered, and the last of the children, the oldest son Deven, appeared to have committed suicide. Upon inspection the detectives discovered an admission of guilt that had been scribbled on the back of Deven’s occupational assessment which he had received the preceding day. It explained crudely how disappointed his parents had been with his results, and that he couldn’t stand their scrutiny anymore. It appeared that as a result of this he had snapped and killed his entire family - the children out of “mercy” so they would never have to face the pain he was in, and the parents to punish them for his misery. Isidora was only alive because she had already gone to the sleepover by the time Deven opened the letter, so she wasn’t there for his meltdown. But at the age of 11 she was the only surviving member of her family, and she was put up for adoption.

Approximately six months after the tragedy Isidora was adopted by a fairly young couple located in Ridgeway. Her new parents were named Clarissa and Jackson Gordon, both 27 years old. They had been married for five years, and since their first anniversary they had been trying to have children of their own, but after four years they had finally accepted that it wasn’t going to happen and had decided to adopt. Thus Isidora landed in Ridgeway, however now named Isidora Gordon rather than King. In the beginning the girl had a tough time fitting in. She was naturally scarred by the loss of her family, and that manifested itself in a number of ways. Primarily she was an extremely quiet child. She only spoke when it was absolutely necessary, and then only in short, precise utterances - there was never a single word that wasn’t essential. She also tended to be more of an observer rather than a participator. She’d stand on the sidelines and watch her classmates enjoy themselves and play with each other, and her facial expression was remarkably blank most of the time. She never showed much emotion in any direction, it was incredibly difficult to tell how she was feeling at any given moment. Clarissa and Jackson were very worried about the girl. They tried everything they could think of to bond with her, but she didn’t seem to respond to anything, and eventually they brought her to a psychiatrist. He couldn’t quite figure out what was going on inside the child’s head either, but he kept seeing her for consultations, and eventually he discovered that she was terrified of forming new relationships because she was convinced that if she did, the other person would inevitably die. With the psychiatrist’s help Clarissa and Jackson managed to show Isidora that she had nothing to be afraid of, that they weren’t going to leave her anytime soon, and the girl slowly started to soften up. She was never quite what most people would call a normal kid - she remained sort of distanced from her peers, withdrawn and notably quiet, but she started showing emotions, and she could even be convinced to play and laugh.

Unfortunately these developments were stopped very abruptly in their tracks when Isidora, Jackson and Clarissa were all involved in a car crash a couple of days after Isidora’s 15th birthday. Jackson was driving, Clarissa was in the passenger seat, and Isidora in the back seat when they had a brutal frontal collision with another car, which was going way too fast the wrong way down an otherwise deserted road. Jackson had not realized the other car was coming until it was too late, because they were going over a hill. Jackson and Clarissa took the worst hit and they both died almost instantly. Isidora was badly hurt, but a competent team of doctors managed to patch her up, and she survived - once again finding herself all alone when she woke up in the hospital a day later.

Being back in the system at the age of 15, Isidora had no expectations of being adopted again, and she wasn’t. She lived out the following three years in an institution, and once she reached the age of 18 she was placed in an apartment in downtown Ridgeway. During her years in the institution, Isidora developed a dark, almost macabre interest in death. More specifically, murder. It started when she decided to investigate the circumstances of her biological family’s death - since she had only been 11 at the time she didn’t know the details, one of which the fact that they had not been killed by a stranger but by Deven. Once she knew everything there was to know about Deven’s actions, she went on to look at other similar events, and from there it developed rapidly. Pretty soon she was an expert on everything murder-related, from known serial killers and their methods to the anatomy of the human body and the most efficient ways to harm it. A lot of her peers either bullied her or avoided her completely, some would even admit to being a little scared of her, but she never took any of it to heart. She didn’t care about them, didn’t need them. Especially not once she received her career assessment and discovered that she was to become a coroner. To some it seemed perfect, playing right into her bizarre fascinations, to others it appeared to be the worst possible idea, handing further means and methods over to an increasingly disturbed individual. However, once she started school and was allowed to bury herself completely in her studies, she began softening up again. She met like-minded people and for the first time in years she didn’t feel like a freak. She opened up and socialized with her classmates, actually beginning to build a life for herself.

Isidora was first partnered at 24. Most of the people she knew had received their partnerships much earlier than her, but she wasn’t complaining. It suited her rather well that the government chose to stretch it before pairing her up, as she wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. She’d been seeing a couple of different guys over the last few years, but so far she hadn’t met a person that she could stand to be around for more than a handful of hours at a time. Not until Cayden Knox, the 45-year-old carpenter whose bright blue eyes were looking back at her from the picture in his file. Cayden was an incredibly down to earth guy, both his feet were solidly planted in the ground, and nothing seemed to shake him. He had seen his share of tragedy in his life, the most recent being the loss of his first wife and their two children a year earlier, and the new couple used this mutual understanding of loss and pain as the foundation upon which to built their relationship.

Cayden was a physical guy, practical and handy, he enjoyed spending time outside and his main hobby was crafting his own furniture out of scrap wood. This wasn’t something Isidora had ever even considered doing, she’d always been more of a studious, in-door person, but Cayden was very enthusiastic about doing things together and thus convinced his young wife to participate, and to her own great surprise she really enjoyed it. She had never been scared of getting dirty, and the experience of creating something beautiful out of trash, the unity it created between the two of them, was a great satisfaction to her, and throughout their marriage they continued to practise this hobby together.

Isidora hadn’t expected to fall in love, especially not with a man so much older than herself, but she did, and so did he. The relationship between the two was very loving, they enjoyed each other’s company and while they hardly agreed on everything they always find a way to move past their disagreements. To outsiders they seemed a bit of an odd couple, and in the beginning Cayden had trouble with showing affection towards Isidora in public, mainly because the age difference had people frowning. Isidora, however, was used to people looking at her funny, and she couldn’t care less, an attitude that rubbed off on Cayden and brought him past his discomfort.

Children were never even considered. Cayden felt that the two children he had with his first wife, while dead, were still all that he wanted. He felt that by now he was too old to father more children, and he was convinced that the best way to honor his daughters would be to let them be the only children he’d ever have. Isidora had no problem with these convictions as she wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of children herself. She remembered how her brother, Deven, had blamed their parents for his break down, and deep down she was terrified that if she had children she would ruin them the way her parents had ruined him.

Cayden and Isidora were happily married for 8 years before tragedy struck Isidora again. Cayden was working a construction site like he had done so many times before, but this time one of his co-workers messed up and Cayden was buried under a number of steel beams. He survived the accident, but his injuries were severe and he slipped into a coma. Isidora was told that he would never wake up and that there was really nothing to do but pull the plug and let him die, but she refused to accept this. For months she’d visit him every single night, sitting by his bed for hours. Sometimes she’d talk to him, tell him about her day, sometimes she’d read to him from his favorite books, and sometimes she’d just sit there, looking at him, basically waiting for him to wake up. But he didn’t. After a year and a half of this, when Isidora was 34 years old, she finally realized that there was no point in holding on to him. He was gone. So she allowed the doctors to unplug him, and a few days later he was buried.

It’s been approximately a year since Cayden’s funeral, and Isidora is still carrying her grief on her sleeve. She’s been withdrawn and quiet since his accident, and by now she barely talks to anybody. She’s convinced she’ll never love somebody the way she loved him, and she is awaiting her next partnership notice with dread.

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