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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Macintosh Apfel


Member Group


Character Name

Macintosh Apfel

Play By

Barbara Palvin



Merit Level



Livestock Vet. Student


23rd of February


Dylan Malone



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GMT +1

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Physical Description

Mac describes herself as fairly average, not really standing out in a crowd. She's used to being described as cute rather than hot, and she honestly doesn't mind that. She also looks rather young, despite being a full grown adult at 21 years old.

Macintosh is 5'4, and doesn't wear heels in her everyday life. She's a busy student after all, and she cares more about comfort than she does fashion. She's average of frame, not delicate but not brusque either. She has slender shoulders. Her body type is one with a short torso, much of her height coming from her limbs. She's slender, but not petite with a pronounced feminine silhouette and a tendency to gain weight around the hips. She doesn't spend a lot of time in the gym. Who has time for that when trying to become a vet?

She does have some strength in her arms and legs, that comes with growing up on a farm and helping out. She's got a healthy glow to her, and her skin is typically somewhat tan since she likes to spend her time outside.

Her hair is a nutty brown that can become quite dark during the winter. It's very full and light, but tangles easily. She likes to keep it long, reaching to the middle of her back.

Her face is square, with soft edges. She doesn't like how big her forehead is. She has delicate eyebrows and dark eyelashes that frame the blue of her eyes beautifully.


Baldwin Apfel. (Father)
Helena Apfel née Peterson (Mother)

Honeycrisp Apfel-Pine (Sister, 29), usually goes by Honey and refuses to acknowledge her given birth name.
Crispin Apfel (Brother, 27)
Pippin Apfel
Cortland Apfel (Brother, 19)
Empire Apfel (Sister, 9), somewhat entitled. Her name is Empire, for christ sake.

Three Best Traits

- Mac likes to help. She's not a very intrusive character, but if people ask for volunteers she's likely to raise her hand. Working on a farm for all of her life has meant that she's not afraid to get dirty, nor does she mind physical labor. She's not squeamish, which might factor into her assigned occupation. She doesn't initiate contact but always ends up involved in school projects, help to decorate for events, or baking for a sale. She has a hard time saying no, because is there really anything more rewarding than helping others?

- She is alive, she is excitable, she has a lot of joy in her heart. She laughs a lot and likes to smile, and most people would consider her very sweet. She's expressive and wears her heart right there on her sleeve for all to see. Some consider her emotional, though she prefers to use the word Effervescent - A word her sister taught her when she was still a young teenager. It means vivacious, bubbling and she rather likes the way it rolls off the tongue.

Follower, not a leader
- She has a hard time speaking up and is quite easily led. She doesn't like to be a leader and has no authoritative bone in her body. She likes to just be part of the group, help where she is needed, be one of many. She believes that many small streams make a great river and that many small contributions truly matter. It also keeps her firmly out of the spotlight and allows her to be more comfortable.

Three Worst Traits



Empathetic to a fault.


All of natures creatures.
Fresh fruit
Fresh air
The country side
Flowey clothes
Tall guys
Cows, a lot
Stella, the most
Romantic movies
Pop music
Country music
Playing the guitar
Her family


Mean people
People who fluster her on purpose
Gore and horror movies
Seattle, in general, big cities aren't her favorite Competitions


No Information

Best Memory

She has a lot of good memories growing up. It's hard to pick one specific, but when she seeks peace of mind she thinks back to a particularly sunny afternoon, where she was sitting on the field with Stella. She was still only a big calf, lying with her head in Mac's lap. She likes to be stroked over the head, right between her ears.

Worst Memory

They were visiting family, at a time where they were taking cattle to slaughter. They had to leave several days early due to Mac sobbingly pleading for their lives when she realised what was going on. She has never been more inconsolable. She took it nicer when her grandmother passed away in her sleep. She was 7 years old when the trip took place, but 9 when she lost her grandmother

Your Biggest Fear

Her biggest fears are losing her loved ones, and the day that Stella dies. Having to put down a healthy animal because of cruel owners is up there as well. Day to day her fears are mostly being put on the spot, but it pales in comparison to some of her other things.

Your Life Goal

Partly to have a family of her own, to make those around her smile and help out. She wants to be succesful at her job and help a lot of animals, but most of all she just wants to be happy. She wants a good relationship, she wants children sometime down the line though she'd prefer to wait at least a couple of years for that.

Ideal Partner

Someone sweet, and patient and gentle.

Mini Quote

live in the sunshine. swim in the sea. drink the wild air


Roll your eyes at her name, most of her siblings do. Mac finds it rather charming, and even if their names are often a little silly, they're also unique.

Starting out as a little flower bud, Mac was small and dainty as a child. What she lacked in size however, she made up for in spirit, trudging after her siblings and father at a very young age. Her clothes and rubber boots were too big, and hand me downs, because if something is functional why replace it? It would all get muddied anyway, there was never much of a reason for her to be particularly fancy.

She grew up on a dairy farmer, surrounded by likeminded people. None particularly exciting, but all very stable. Her aunts and uncles are farmers. Her cousins too. They do everything from raising cattle to growing fruit, and it’s a tradition to go apple plucking every year.

Another tradition is their names. When they got the family name Apfel, it was inevitable that their children would be teased. Rather than try to awkwardly avoid it, one person decided to steer into the skid. Macintosh is, of course, named after the Mcintosh apple. No one bothered to fix the spelling mistake on the official papers, and so the little a snuck into her name.

Going from flower bud to apple blossom was a long process. Mac enjoyed every second however. Her life has always been rather steady and she’s grown up being taught to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Nature all around her, the fresh air. The seasons changing and the life around her. Mac wasn’t very old when it was clear that she had a special bond with animals and natures smallest creatures. She’s never burned ants with magnifying glass, nor intentionally killed a spider. Rather she’s taken care to avoid stepping on insects and carried them out if they’ve bothered anyone.

Spending her life on a dairy farm, she has also always been surrounded by cows. She found them easier company than most of her peers, her shyness playing in from she was very young. She had a habit of fading into the background, standing at the furthest back in class pictures and attempting to disappear at recitals. She was never bullied or particularly disliked, but she never shone amongst her classmates.

Her grades were decent, and she excelled in classes such as math, chemistry and biology, much to her own surprise. Her parents never cared all that much about grades, assuming that their children would become farmers like themselves and the rest of their family. When the adopted eldest children began to get different careers, it was a mild surprise, but they were always supportive. There were very little pressure, especially for the wallflower. Macintosh never minded falling into the background, surrounded by more dramatic siblings.

She was typically the glue that held it all together in the background. The one who wrote apology-notes as a little kid, and who would urge her siblings to talk things through when they fought. She was the one who put back stolen items between them, and she quite liked her role in the family.

She was in her last year of high school when she gained a new best friend, that being Stella. She was a calf and new addition to the farm, and Mac knew she was something special from the very beginning. She always spend her time amongst the gentle creatures anyway, and the little calf would always seek her out. Gradually Stella became her personal pet, rather than a working animal. She was a confidant when things felt hard, one who didn’t look at her funny for stuttering or made her feel as if she was being put on the spot.

She graduated with honors from the nearby high school. Her occupational assessment was a surprise, and she wasn’t entirely certain how to feel about it. On one hand it allowed her to work with animals all of her life, and with Livestock being specified, she loved the idea of working with big farm animals. However, even three years after starting her career track, she can’t deal with the idea of actually putting an animal down.

Maybe if it’s really sick. But she would likely still take it hard.

Going off to college, to start the long studious journey to her job, she lived briefly in the apartments offered to students coming from afar. She lived with a designated roommate for company, but it didn't last very long. But big city life was never her thing, and she missed her family, and she missed her cow. She traveled an hour and a half everyday in an effort to be able to live at home. She hasn’t regretted it once.

She’s grown a little more into her own person as time has gone by, though she still needs a little time to ripen. She prefers to sit in the back of the class, but she was well-liked at her previous college. She doesn’t make much of a fuss, and doesn’t mind doing most of the work. Plus, she bakes really nice cakes, bringing them to a specific class every Friday.

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