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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Nathan Jones


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Character Name

Nathan Dominic Jones

Play By

Alexander Ludwig



Merit Level



Stuntman (and actor)




Lilibeth Roquefort-Miller



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GMT +1

OOC Limits

When in doubt, ask

Physical Description

Nathan is notable figure for various reasons, the first of which being the fact that he's 6'3. He's built with broad shoulders and a slightly narrowed waist, creating a V-shape to his upper body that is only further accentuated by his muscle mass. He's in excellent shape and sports both a large chest and toned arms, meaning it's noticeable even when he's fully clothed, though his abs don't get a chance to shine until he ditches the shirt.

He has a somewhat serious looking face with a sharp, square jaw, prominent brow and thin lips. He's very much at risk of appearing intimidating if not downright scary, but his features are softened by his bright blue eyes and the kind expression that he typically wears - however when this is absent and his face hardens, he definitely has the look of somebody you do not want to mess with.

He has ashy blond hair, but the style in which it is cut changes, typically between two different options. Either it's close to the same length all over, perhaps slightly longer on top, and generally sort of messy, or it's cut completely short on the sides while kept long on top, the long part strewn back and typically gathered with a hair tie. He personally prefers the second option, but he's been made aware that this style only serves to strengthen the intimidating look, so whenever he has to do something or be somewhere where this is undesirable, he grows his hair out. Luckily his hair grows quite fast, so it's not a big problem for him to alternate between the two options.

About a year ago he started growing a beard, and it has turned out pretty well, especially considering his age. He personally really likes it, but he can't decide what length to keep it at. Short is more professional and lean, while growing it out makes him look a little primal which he finds cool, but due to this indecisiveness the length changes constantly - also depending on what he's doing.

The collected impression of all his features sum up to a rather attractive young man, who most people find to look significantly older than his 19 years.


Aaron Jones, father
Lisbeth Jones, née Nevis, mother
Ian Jones, older brother
Sean Jones, older brother
Nolan Jones, older brother
Jackson Jones, older brother
Lincoln Jones, younger brother
Quentin Jones, younger brother
Two Alaskan Malamutes called Thor and Buffy, 4 and 2 years old respectively.

Three Best Traits


Three Worst Traits

Adrenalin junkie


Being physically active. It almost doesn't matter what it is; as long as he's moving, he's happy
Doing stupid, risky things
Math, which comes in handy at work. A small mathematical error can be the difference between a successful stunt and serious injury
Hanging out with his brothers
Confident, outspoken women
Children. He's basically an overgrown child himself, so he never passes up a chance to play with children - lots of ballgames and play wrestling.
Fantasy movies and TV-shows
Comic books and generally superheroes. He'd love to get to play one some day
Warm weather (any excuse to not wear a lot of clothes)
Goofing around with his dogs. They're all ridiculously energetic, so they can spend ages just being idiots in the back yard
Martial arts. He trains several different kinds and enjoys them all


Being called a "jock". He doesn't like being put in that box
People telling him to be careful. It happens constantly, and it bugs the crap out of him
Bell peppers
Brussels sprouts
Layers of clothing. They're restricting


No Information

Best Memory

His best memory is his first adrenaline rush. He got a mountain bike for his 13th birthday and spend ages on that thing. He drove it constantly, everywhere. At one point he was in the woods and came across the location of mud slide that had created a large height difference between two areas. Nathan jumped from the highest to the lowest on the bike, and it felt like he was flying. He's been chasing that rush ever since.

Worst Memory

Zeke screaming when he fell, and the sudden silence after he hit the ground. That is the most terrified Nathan has been in his entire life, thinking that he had caused the death of one of his best friends. He was so relieved when Zeke survived, but the way his friend looked at him when he stepped into the hospital room, like Nathan was the root of all evil, the cause of everything bad that had ever happened to anyone, that look will probably haunt him forever. Zeke didn't say anything, he just looked the other way and ignored him. He has ignored him ever since.

Your Biggest Fear

That he'll get seriously injured to the point where he can't do his job anymore. Lose a limb, get paralyzed, something along those lines. He'd rather die.

Your Life Goal

See all the places, do all the things. He wants to travel the world, experience everything life has to offer. He also has sort of a stunt bucket list that he wants to do.

Ideal Partner

Nathan will prefer a woman who can share in his active lifestyle, who'll enjoy adventures and spontaneity, and who isn't afraid to walk on the wild side. He would also like her to be kind and have a sense of humor, since he is often one to joke around.

He is not yet ready to be a parent, but he does want to have children some day in the future, and he hopes for a wife who agrees - both in wanting children one day, and in that day not being tomorrow.

Mini Quote

No Information


Nathan was born in Arizona in November of 2079, the fifth of seven sons to Aaron and Lisbeth Jones. He was only five years old when the family was relocated to Ridgeway, so while he does have a few vague memories of Arizona he has always considered Washington his home.

Nathan was a bit of a handful growing up. He was extremely energetic, and he grew bored very quickly, so whenever he was left doing something by himself he would lose interest and wander off - and shenanigans would usually ensue. This meant that he was rarely left alone as a kid, there was always someone older around to make sure that he didn't climb on the bookshelves or draw on the wallpaper. This surveillance seemed especially necessary after he, at the age of 7, toppled one of said bookshelves and got caught underneath it. He broke both a leg and an arm, and he fractured two ribs, and his parents didn't know if they should punish him for climbing or just be happy he didn't get himself killed. Either way, they decided to keep an eye on the boy from then on.

His tendency to put himself in dangerous situations and getting injured seemed like something he'd grow out of, but he didn't. Instead he just kept trying to one-up himself, causing quite a bit of distress for his family. Surprisingly, though, he developed knack for figuring out what was doable and what wasn't, so while his adventures got more risky, the injuries became less frequent, and the parents started relaxing a little bit. Not much, but just enough to not be worrying 24 hours a day that their son would get himself killed trying to jump off the roof.

Throughout elementary school Nathan had trouble focusing on his work. He would constantly get distracted, and he never managed to complete his assignments on time. His teachers were starting to wonder if he had a learning disability, and suggested to Aaron and Lisbeth that they should consult a shrink, but they were skeptical. He was a happy, resilient boy, they didn't see a need for labels. Their skepticism turned out to be perfectly reasonable, as one day Nathan was at the dinner table with some of his older brothers. They were doing their homework, and two of them were discussing a math problem. Nathan picked up on the conversation, and suddenly his attention was caught. He started asking questions, and before long he had solved all his brother's math homework for him. Aaron and Lisbeth were amazed, but it was nothing compared to his teachers. They started giving him advanced work, and it sucked him in completely - it turned out he had no problem learning, he was simply just bored because the stuff the other kids were struggling to grasp was perfectly simple to him.

At 14 he discovered that he enjoyed the company of children. he enjoyed playing with them, taking care of them, and he started babysitting for the family's neighbors. He was a natural at that too. His easy-going demeanor, his willingness to play rough made him very loved by the children, and the fact that he was always careful enough to keep everybody safe, responsible enough to make sure everybody was well fed and taken care of meant that also the parents adored him. He continued babysitting and tutoring throughout high school, and he was convinced that once he took his occupational assessment he would be assigned a career working with children, which he was perfectly content with.

Another thing he kept up was his risky behavior. Unfortunately that didn't turn out as well as the rest of his life had so far. When he was 16 he convinced one of his friends, Zeke, to go rock climbing. The weather wasn't great, it was grey and on the cold side, but it had been dry so far, so Nathan figured they'd be fine. He was wrong. After about an hour, it suddenly started raining. The rocks turned slippery faster than anybody could have anticipated, and when Zeke grabbed for one of them his hand slipped. His weight was shifted, and soon he completely lost his grip, resulting in a terrible fall that knocked him unconscious. Nathan scrambled to get down there, letting go sooner than he probably should have, but he managed to land safely. He got Zeke transported to a hospital where he was immediately sent into surgery. He had severe internal injuries, and his spine was damaged, but he survived. There was just one problem - he was paralyzed from the waist down. Nathan had been the reason he was out there in the first place, he would never have gone if not urged by his friend, so Zeke proceeded to blame Nathan for his misfortune. Zeke's parents blamed Nathan. Some of the other kids at school blamed Nathan. But, perhaps worst of all, Nathan himself blamed Nathan. Since that day he has felt incredibly guilty about what happened, and he's very unlikely to bring anybody along on his adventures unless he has done thorough prep-work - if it's just himself, that doesn't matter, but he is not risking anybody else's well being ever again. His conscious is riddled with guilt, it couldn't take another hit. He's already prone to blaming himself for everything bad that happens around him now, figuring he's just some sort of mad-stuff magnet. Even things that have nothing to do with him he secretly blames on himself.

After the accident, Nathan put all of his energy and self-loathing into working out, and he bulked up fast. He kept up with his academics and his babysitting duties, but more of his time started going into his workout regimen and his experiments with his own limitations. So when it became time for his occupational assessment, he didn't receive the result that he, and probably others, had been expecting. He wasn't going to be a preschool teacher or anything of the sort. No, he was headed towards a career as a stuntman and actor. He was surprised and honestly a little confused, as he had never once thought that this habit of his could be turned into a career. But there he was, and once he got over the first bump of accepting his new future, he grew incredibly fond of it. He's taking college classes in human anatomy, physics, and various mathematics to prepare him for the theoretical aspects of figuring out how to not die when doing dangerous things, while also being mentored by a veteran in the field of stunts whose job it is to pass on his knowledge. By now Nathan is actually quite skilled, he's even getting good at various types of martial arts that his mentor is teaching him, but it'll still be a few years before he's allowed to work unsupervised.

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