Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Mary Windsor


Member Group


Character Name

Mary Sophia Windsor

Play By

Martina Dimitrova



Merit Level



Model / Actress.


22nd of July, 2072


Rafe Malone



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GMT +1

OOC Limits

None really

Physical Description

Mary looks like a Windsor, and with any prior knowledge about her family it's easy to see she's one of them.

She's a classic, timeless beauty in most peoples eyes - Which is why she was chosen for the profession she's currently in.

Barefoot, Mary stands at 5'5, however as she almost exclusively wears heels her height is almost always considerably taller. She no longer has any feelings in her little toes, and she's hardened by a life favoring fashion over comfort. Giving her a fashion edge, and a height boost, her choice of footwear also encourages her to keep her posture proper and upright. You won't see her slouching her shoulders, and she's an elegant creature.

Mary has clean, well-kept and pampered skin. She is considered somewhat pale by most people, and again this is a conscious choice as sun causes skindamage. She prefers to be on the side of cautious rather than walk around with a tan. Keeping her skin as undamaged as possible is also the reason why you rarely see Mary smile in a way that truly reaches her eyes. After all, crow's feet don't look good in a campaign.

Her face is heart shaped, with a little bit of a wide jaw. Her nose is soft, and a little wide, but generally on the smaller side. She has pouty lips, naturally light pink in color with a tendency to get bluish-purple when she feels cold. She rarely smiles with her mouth open, as her front teeth are just a little bigger than she would've liked. Her colors are like her skin; Light and delicate. Her hair is blonde, ranging from almost platinum blonde in the summers to a warmer golden hue.

She has a couple of freckles speckled across her shoulders. They're seasonal, almost disappearing in the wintertime but stands out when she gets some sun. It's one of few insecurities she has, and she typically use makeup to cover them up when they're prominent. Other than that, she doesn't have any significant birth marks or scars.

She has a slender physique, and makes a point of keeping herself taut and fit without getting too muscular. She's very aware that much of her value is in how she looks, and she maintains herself very well. She's not the type you'll see messed up - She's willing to get up early to make sure she looks immaculate before she leaves the house, more for her own sake than anyone else.

She's not what you'd consider busty, but she does have curves. She's got a very feminine silhouette, with a thin waist and wider hips. She has a softness to her look.

She carries herself with a lot of confidence.


Edward Windsor - Father
Beatrice Windsor nee Richards - Mother
Sisters: Eleanor Windsor, 31, CFO of Lipton.
Elizabeth Windsor, 31
Cathrine Windsor 28,
Anne Windsor 26, actress Jane Windsor, 24
-- Cleopatra "Cleo" Windsor, 5
-- Lucrezia "Lucy" Windsor, 5
Margaret Windsor. 21
Victoria Windsor, 20

Three Best Traits

--- Mary is ambitious, almost to a fault. It's also a very impressive trait, and gives her a certain drive that keeps her going even when faced with adversity. She's strong, and can handle the hit life gives her without bending beneath it. She'll adapt to anything, being a survivor at heart. Her ambition also makes her an incredibly hard worker, which shows both in her past school credentials, her professional life and effort to keep herself busy.

--- Mary can come off as a bitch. It's no secret that she is competitive, ambitious, and willing to go quite far in an effort to get what she wants. However, Mary has a warm core and while the constant struggle to be better than her sister leaves her relationship with them somewhat strained, she truly does care for each and everyone of them. Mary doesn't mind being called mean, bossy, or annoying by those around her. She won't flinch at the words. If they need to be kicked into gear, she's more than happy to be the villain who does it. Her warm center also shows when she, despite working hard in her profession, also devotes time and energy for community outreach and support programs. Many assume that it's solely to improve her social ranking and to make her look good in the eyes of the media, but her heart does truly bleed for those in trouble.

--- Mary is self-aware in every sense of the word. She's fully aware of how she can come across bitchy, frustrating, and as a uniquely challenging person to be around. She is fully aware that people assume the wrong things about her, and it's only in rare occasions she chooses to correct them. Mary knows she's an intense person to be around - And she knows of the issues that causes. She's also aware of her physical appearance at all times. You wont see a hair out of place, a button she's missed, or a missing earring without it being intentional. She's her own worst critic, but the critic also keeps her in check - A constant deadlock, that stops her from going completely overboard.

Three Worst Traits

Somewhat obsessive. --- Mary is immaculate. Her house looks immaculate, because she won't allow it to be any other ways. Her clothes are ironed, her food is presented as it would be at a restaurant. You won't find her spilling food on the edge of a plate and passing it on because it's no big deal - To her, it's a big deal. She wants the perfect life in every sense, and keeping things immaculate is a part of it. She's very focused on certain things in her life, which can be a little disturbing to others. She doesn't suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, despite having certain traits some people associate with the disorder. She can put it aside if it is to further her agenda but she dislikes doing so.

Guarded. --- While Mary is warm, and truly do care for almost all of the people in her life, she is also guarded. She has a hard time relaxing, and letting her guard down and very few people in her life has ever seen her when she is at her most vulnerable. She is a tense person, intense in many aspects and getting her to fully relax is a hard task. When her guard is fully down, she's a very lovable person - But she doesn't like people seeing past her perfect exterior. Not even her family.

Jealous. --- Mary is jealous of her sisters. In her early childhood, she tried to gain her parents favor by being the best at everything. She wanted her father especially to acknowledge her, but this never happened. He wanted sons, but his wives always gave him girls and somewhere in the army of blondes, Mary got lost. She's never quite forgiven her sisters, and while she loves them all, she personally considers everything a competition. It's exhausting in the long run - But she's still determined to win. Her jealousy has since childhood grown and evolved and covers other things. She doesn't want a husband to look after anyone else. She doesn't want rivals at work. She's a jealous person in a lot of things - And smart enough to work out a punishment, when slighted.


- Mary genuinely likes anything with a citrus taste. She even has a fondness of lemons, often eating them like others eat oranges.

- She loves grey colors. She finds them very calming and elegant.

- The smell of grass.

- She has a particular fondness for cats, but she likes almost all animals.

- She likes nicknames and finds them cute, but she hasn't really got any herself since her name is so short.


- Anyone involved with Occupational Assessment. A part of her died when she got hers.
- Unambitious, weak-minded people.
- The color brown.
- Greasy foods.


Mary doesn't have any allergies.

Best Memory

Getting her last grade in school. It's this brief moment between that and getting her occupational assessment, where she felt very accomplished due to her generally high grades and large amount of curricular activities.

Worst Memory

Her occupational assessment and wedding day. They're tied.

Your Biggest Fear

Failing in life.

Your Life Goal

When people think of the Windsor family, they think of her rather than the other way around. When people think of modelling as a profession, she wants them to think of her. She wants to gain fame, beyond her name, recognition in her field even though it wasn't what she wanted to work with.

Ideal Partner

Ambitious, driven, someone she can depend on and who can handle her when she's at her worst.

Mini Quote

She grew cold, cold with a frozen heart. Every season was winter to her, and it was her way of preventing another fall.


Mary could’ve been a painting come alive as a child. Cherub cheeks, bouncing curls, a soft tint to her cheeks and lips. She was picturesque perfect. The only problem was that so was all of her sisters. And amongst all those angelic blondes, Mary somewhat got lost. In any other situation she would’ve stood out – She was a pleasant child too, never being very difficult or particularly hard to control. But all of the sisters were so similar, that she was often mistaken for one of her sisters while growing up.

This tendency to blend in with the others, fueled Mary’s competitiveness. Her ambitions formed early in life, and it’s put somewhat of a strain on her relationship to her parents. She looked very much up to her father when she was a child, and she chased his approval. She never earned it however, no matter how hard she worked and even she realized that it was an impossible dream. Then it turned bigger. It wasn’t just his approval she wanted anymore. It was everyone’s.

Mary participated in everything. From she was around 8 and to her graduation at 18, she fought for everything she got. Reading her list of extra curriculars in school is enough to exhaust most people, her grades are as close to perfect as they can realistically be, and it sounds near impossible for one person to keep up with her schedule. Truthfully, Mary was stretched thin in her school years – But she was determined. She wanted to become a scientist, or something similar. She wanted so badly to gain a position that was prestigious, and once and for all show her sisters that she was the best Windsor. She wanted her parents to be proud of her. She wanted to be admired for her brain, and her ambitions. She wanted to be recognized.

Then came her occupational assessment, and it’s the first and only time in her life that Mary was truly shaken to her core. On those papers there were no science job, no career in biomedicine, none of the things she had fought so hard to be eligible for. Her school years had been a nightmare of too little sleep, stress, and incredible amounts of work. But none of it was recognized in her assessment.

Mary was to be a model. A work for which no one would acknowledge that she was actually a very bright young woman, with big plans for her future. She was supposed to live off of her appearance, and be the face for products that she didn’t care about. Mary, whom had always appeared to be the picture of dignity and held her head high even when ready to collapse from exhaustion had a meltdown. She trashed her and Annas room to beyond recognition. There wasn’t an unbroken object to find.

Almost immediately after that, Mary moved out. She was furious, and she struggled to fit in her new career. She didn’t have to go to school anymore, and in the beginning her jobs were very tame. She appeared in a dog food commercial, she was the face of a minor makeup company. Her Windsor looks came in handy and she got a reputation for being easy to work with, simply because at the time, Mary didn’t care. It took her almost six months to get out of her funk – Six months where she avoided her family as if they had the plague. She felt humiliated, and refused to face them, convinced that even if they wouldn’t say it to her face, they either felt sorry for her or mocked her. She didn’t need either.

At the six months mark however, her manager pointed out that if she didn’t start being more engaged in her career, she would be forced to take parts in things she wouldn’t want to. Soft-core porn was on the table as one of the options and it seemingly was what made Mary start to take herself seriously again – She wouldn’t sink that low.

As a phoenix from the ashes, Mary rose again. She worked for herself, approaching companies on her own for jobs. She made sure she got press for positive things. She began to create an image for herself that made companies want to use her face for more important things than what she had previously done.

Her breakthrough came when she was 20 years old. She had done increasingly bigger assignments and campaigns, but she wasn’t a household name yet. At 20, when she landed a spot in a campaign for jewelry collection that turned out to be a hit that year. It made her a name. It validated using her in campaigns that wasn’t just local, or for indie projects. It introduced her to a more glamourous world.

It was around this time, that she got married. Right as her hard work was paying off, and she was getting somewhere, she got Jimmy to weigh her down. He would’ve made many other people perfectly happy with his content attitude, and a generally relaxed state of mind. He worked with assigning and determining merit scores based on evaluations, but he wasn’t what you’d call ambitious.

Jimmy was happy where he was in life at 35. That simple fact made them incompatible.

Their marriage didn’t work. At all. Their sex life was hardly existent and when they did lay as husband and wife, Mary wasn’t thrilled of his advances. He never laid a hand on her, or forced himself on her, but she was never happy to sleep with her. The idea of getting pregnant by him and thus ruin her body for a man she despised didn’t work for her.

Jimmy died when Mary was 23. She woke up one morning with a dead body in her bed and a thousand speculations as to what cost a relatively healthy man his life, at such a young age. People close to Mary knew about her increasing frustrations with him, and some speculate that she found out that he had a weak heart, and took advantage of it. Some say she poisoned him. Some say even fouler thing.

But despite a brief investigation, no one ever found proof of her doing anything to him, and Mary publicly mourned him for a time. After all, despite their differences, Jimmy had never mistreated her.

Since then, Mary had dived back into her work. She’s done several adds, campaigns and since she was 25, has been the most prominent model for a large makeup brand.

Mary’s last career check allowed her to branch into acting. She hasn’t landed any big roles yet, but she has starred as a background character in a couple of things. Her primary focus is still on modelling, but she’s very well aware that age is working against her, in that field.

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