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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Colton Magni


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Character Name

Colton Magni

Play By

Mitchiel Huisman



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24th of January, 2066


Callyn Moran



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GMT +1

OOC Limits

None really

Physical Description

Standing at 6'1, Colton can be perceived as somewhat intimidating. He's a bit above average height with a medium to broad build. Couple that with the beard he's typically spotting, and he can appear more menacing than he actually is.

As it is though, Colton tries to smile pleasantly to everyone he meets. It's not a real smile, and it doesn't reach his eyes, but he doesn't want to scare anyone off. He deals with a lot of people in his profession and has more than less perfected the art of being an authority without being scary - He can bark out instructions and orders when need be, with confidence.

He's muscled, in an effort to make his job easier, not for vanity. He's got a long upper body that's littered with small scars. Nicks in his skin, cigarette burns. He's got a scar running from his shoulder blade and 7 centimeters down from a time his father pushed him into a glasstable, and a shard managed to cut him.

He doesn't have any big, noticeable birthmarks.

Colton has a heart shaped face with a sharp jawline when clean shaven. He prefers to have a beard going on, but he tries to keep it trimmed as he isn't into the cave-man aesthetic. His features are a little crude, with his nose being on the wider side. It's not that noticeable unless you look at him face on. His facial hair matches with the hair on his head - A dark, rich brown, which goes almost black in the winter.

His eyes are listed as blue, but have more of a teal-tint to them. The color gets cloudy when he's tired or dehydrated.


Alysanne Magni, nee Petroshik. - Deceased.
Caspar Magni - Fate unknown.
Winston Magni - Deceased.

Three Best Traits

Responsible. Caring. Honest.

Three Worst Traits

Haunted. Struggles to let go with work related experiences. Distrustful.


Tomato soup.

Navy Blue

Sitcoms take his mind off of work.

He likes the atmosphere when people gather to watch sports, but doesn't actually like sports themselves.

The smell of coconut.


Alcohol. - His father drank from time to time. It only made him meaner. Colton won't touch the stuff Dislikes the color red. Big animals. His appearance, as he physically takes very much after his father.


Bees, peanuts, citrusfruits.

Best Memory

- First time he saw Vivienne.

- Occasionally remembers bits and pieces where his mother had a good day, or where he was watching Winston.

Worst Memory

It's a tie.

- Seeing his mother after her hanging.

- Finding Winston in his crib.

- Realizing Vivienne was involved in the accident he was called out to.

Your Biggest Fear

To end up as his father. The thought is constant in his head.

Your Life Goal

To help others.

Ideal Partner

Someone patient who can shoulder a little of his pain. Someone who is a little happier than Vivienne was. He doesn't have many expectations of a future match, since he doesn't think he has much to offer.

Mini Quote

So here's the thing with broken hearts. No matter how you try, the pieces never fit the way they did before.


If people ask Colton how his childhood was, he’ll often respond “Uneventful” or “Boring”. Perhaps he’ll even say it was “Peaceful”. All three of those words are blatant lies.

The truth is, Colton dislikes talking about his past. He has very few happy memories, and his relationship to his father is non-existent. His mother killed herself years ago as a result of years of abuse and toxicity. Colton blames her death on his father, yet he was never punished for that specifically.

Their marriage never worked. In honest, Caspar Magni could’ve been partnered with anyone, and he would’ve eventually ended up taking their life. He was a controlling person, a demanding person, who lived off of other peoples misery. He spent years picking apart his wife Alysanne, a woman who was fragile even before she met him.

She confided in two people, in the beginning of her marriage to him. She told them that her husband was violent, that he was temperamental, that he killed every little piece of happiness she had in her. They brushed her off as overly dramatic and sensitive, for Alysanne had a way with words. She wrote the sappy little romance novels in magazines. The ones you get in parts, and which are always so sappily sweet they make your teeth hurt.

Caspar Magni was a pillar in his neighborhood. He was truly valued and engaged in everything the local community might needs. Yard sales, barbecue, birthday parties… Many kids remember him fondly as the one guy who dressed up as a clown for everyone’s birthdays. The very idea that he wasn’t the most amazing guy was ridicules – And Alysanne lived half of her time in a fantasy. It was easier to believe that she was exaggerating than that he was the person she described.

She had Colton when she was 23 after her husband sabotaged her birth control. She suffered through the pregnancy, suffering through several major complications. The birth wasn’t much better and almost took her life. She was advised not to have more children, for her health’s sake.

In the beginning, having a child somewhat softened her husband. While she was nursing, there was a period of time where he didn’t lay a hand on her and after what had already been years of abuse at that point, she was grateful for it. It was like falling in love again, with him not tearing her down every minute of the day anymore – Of course it didn’t last very long and he was back to slapping her around for minor infractions of his made up rules, and controlling every minute of her day.

Alysanne was a fragile woman before meeting Caspar. Coltons earliest memories is glimpses of her real personality, but they faded too soon for him to form a solid idea of how his mother was without his fathers looming presence. From an early age he tried to help her out to avoid his father getting angry, and thus hurting her. It didn’t help much, but he really did try his best.

He stood up to his father about his behavior when he was eight – With the result that some of it was directed towards him rather than his mother. Suddenly he was the one being watched, every little mistake being punished with a slap over the head. His grades should be impeccable. He couldn’t have any remarks on his behavior. He was meant to be perfect, on a level that no kid can ever be.

Alysanne had her second child when Colton was 9 – Just old enough to help around with him. She almost died during childbirth again, but managed to go home. She was on bedrest for a long time after in an effort to get her back to full health but Colton doesn’t believe she ever fully recovered. By that time she was little more than an empty shell and much of the chores in their home went to Colton. He’d already gotten used to being tossed around by his father when he had a fit, to the point where he didn’t even flinch anymore. He took care of his own injuries, of his mother, he took care of his brother and he went to school too. Needless to say, Coltons grades weren’t the best due to having to do everything on his own.

Colton adored his younger brother. He was there for him when he was a baby, he was there when he started hitting his milestones. He was there to try and take care of him every single time his mother couldn’t – And he was the one who found him dead in his crib, 10 months old without any apparent reason.

It was the last straw for Alysanne. Shortly after the funeral, he walked home from school to find emergency services going into his house, having been alerted from Alysanne’s microchip that she was suffocating. Dodging two of the servicemen, Colton managed to run inside to come face to face with his mother hanging from the ceiling.

Due to the recent loss of her child, and her being described as somewhat unstable by her neighbors, Caspar was ruled to be without fault in her death. She was buried on a rainy Saturday with her husband crying tears as the good husband he pretended to be. Colton remember removing the roses his father placed on the casket – His mother had always preferred daisy’s.

Colton’s teenage years went by with foggy memories. He mourned his mother and brother deeply and he blamed his father openly for it – Only leading to more fighting between the two. His father had always made sure there weren’t visible marks on both Colton or his mother, so if they went somewhere, his perfect reputation could save him. Who would believe a man so loved would abuse someone? Especially when there were no evidence.

It culminated with Colton finally getting him to beat him down completely when he was seventeen. He provoked him to the point where Caspar gave into his rage and gave Colton enough evidence of violence to get him removed from society. Colton testified at his trial, looking weathered with a busted lip and his arm in a sling. He hasn’t seen him since. He hasn’t cared enough to figure out what happened – All he cares is that Caspar can’t hurt anyone else.

Colton took his occupational assessment, fully expecting manual, low-class labor. His grades had never been high enough to date, and he expected to be dealt a hand according to what he’d achieved. He expected to be a sewage cleaner, or a bricklayer, or something similar. But instead, he got Paramedic. He was meant to take care of others – And it quickly became his life mission to help as many as he could. He wanted to be good at his job.

Colton was partnered to Vivienne Tucker in his college years – A woman who turned out to be insane. She was jealous to the point where it was sickly. She was dependent on him in a way that wasn’t healthy. And Colton, wanting to be the man his father never wore gave into that – He fell in love with her, as the only girl who’d ever taken an interest in him and him honestly being starved for affection.

He was there for every unreasonable demand, he was there to apologize for everything she accused him off, that he didn’t do. He took her tantrums, he took her frustrations, he wiped away her tears. He let her manipulate him for seven full years, trying desperately to keep her happy – Afraid that if he failed, he’d end up the same monster his father was.

Vivienne died in a car accident, seven years into their marriage. He was one of the people at the scene. Seeing his wife smeared onto the road hasn’t exactly helped him in later life.

Colton is haunted by the memory of his mother, the death of his brother, and the constant voice of his father telling him he’s not good enough.

Colton is haunted by the mental image of his mother’s hanging, his wife smeared onto the road, he’s haunted by Vivienne’s unhappiness and him never managing to satisfy her.

Colton is emotionally crippled, and honestly, after being married to Vivienne, a little scared of women. He’s learned to put on a mask of professionalism, in regard to his job, but the truth is that he’s a mess at the end of the day.

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