Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Consisting of two streets of store fronts, it is considered a historic downtown despite its many, many remodels and updates.
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A combination Coffee and Cheese shop. This specialty shop has existed at least as long as Ridgeway, and nobody's really sure how exactly it stays in business.
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never enough
Vitullo Morrison  //  Jul 2 2018, 09:01 PM
A local Mexican American restaurant. Pretty decent tacos, mean margaritas if you haven’t hit your alcohol quota for the day.
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Rough and Tumble
Ada Mills  //  Jul 12 2018, 10:29 AM
Dane's Diner is the home to Dane's Danger Burger, a burger that transports you into the Danger Zone. The fries are crisp, the milkshakes absolutely to die for but you'll only find one salad on the menu. It won't be winning any prizes.
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A bakery that serves coffee too. What kind of bakery would they be if they didn’t? But their primary focus is their baked goods, which are to die for. Makes especially good pumpkin muffins in the fall.
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Teachers have lives?
Sean Jones  //  Jul 12 2018, 04:32 PM
An overcrowded used bookstore, seemingly stacked floor to ceiling with books in various states of repair. The Book Nook is also home to at least three cats.
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The sort of place one goes to drink their sorrows, as much is legally allowed. Was probably once a well populated bar, but limits on alcohol in 2000 made it live up to his formerly ironic name.
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