Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Wyatt Wesley


Member Group


Character Name

Wyatt Owen (Boletto) Wesley

Play By

Shia Laboeuf



Merit Level



Complaint Department in Government


Nov. 3.


Ceres Foley



OOC Name

A Cee Creation

OOC Pronouns

Lady Person



OOC Limits

I live for the Drama


Physical Description

Wyatt has never followed the conventional path in life and as such he hasn't followed much of a conventional path with his looks either. The stuff he couldn't control still worked out in his favor, he grew to be tall, just an inch shy of being a full six feet. He normally wears his dark hair cropped short but there has been many an occasion over the years where he has let it grown. His hair is naturally curly in it's longer state. He's played around with letting it grow even longer than chin length, sporting a pony tail longer than most people though was necessary.

He looks just as good in a suit as he does in ripped jeans and a wife beater and just as he plays around with his physical appearance his wardrobe typically reflects the mindset or mood he is in.


Lewis Boletto - Father (removed)
Mary Boletto - Mother (Institutionalized)
Two Biological Older Siblings - (Removed)
One Biological Older Siblings - (Separated)
Five Biological Younger Siblings (Adopted Separately)
Wakeema (Hall) Wesley - wife (removed)
Champion Lewis Wesley (son) 10

Three Best Traits




Three Worst Traits



Energy drinks, his blog, performance art, people living up to their potential, puns, inspirational quotes, philosophy books, lucky charms( both the cereal and the objects), horoscopes, rare meat, weight training, long conversations about conspiracy theories.


Sleeping in, whiners, psychologist, news reporters, lawyers, 'the man'. Court rooms. The holidays. Complainers,police, flamingos.



Best Memory

Champ being born is up there of course. And then the first time Champ lead his soccer team to victory.

Worst Memory

Having to choose between his birth family, the best and only family he ever knew and the little family he was creating. The whole court room scene. It was tough.

Your Biggest Fear

Whooooo. Failure, obviously but more specifically getting to the point where he is satisfied with failure. He never wants to sink so low that he sees no way to overcome his missteps.

Your Life Goal

Going from poor merit to excellent merit. It's going to sell so many books.

Ideal Partner

Wyatt is attracted to women who are smaller than him, which probably isn't saying much since most women are shorter than him. He likes the way they fit against him. A woman who is interested in his work and what he's trying to do for the world, someone who is passionate and excited about not only life but their work too. Someone fierce and fire-y but who has a soft side and that can calm the beast in him. She doesn't really have to like children since he has gotten used to raising his son on his own, besides, Champ isn't really a typical child.

He needs someone a little eccentric or at least eccentric relatable so he doesn't end up driving her crazy. He could get along with a mousy, quiet girl but she'd bored him to death or he'd talk her ear off.

Mini Quote

Why try-it when you can DO IT?!


His father wasn’t an evil man.

Despite what came from the media outlets in the months after, Wyatt never wavered on that fact.

The third child born to Lewis and Mary his father’s devious routine was almost perfected by the time he was of age to help out. And help out he did. It was his normal and he was glad to be of help, using his cute face and gift for gab to lure his father’s newest playmates to their home.

Before long he was too old to be the unchipped cute face but he was still doing his part. He trained his younger siblings on the best methods, choosing where to hide and stalk their victims.

He liked when they had guest over. he liked talking with them and sneaking them extra snacks. It bothered him though that they never seemed to want to stay even when they were super nice to them. Eventually the guest went home-or a least that’s what his father informed him and he never thought to question the winds of keeping young women locked in the basement when everything else about his life was so normal-so boring. He went to school, he did well. He was a likable student, his penchant for taking normally the only complaint teachers had with him. As he got older he found that he had trouble focusing on topics for too long- he’d get super interested in a subject or topic to the point of obsession and then would just flit to another thing. His parents saw it as being well-rounded and didn’t seem to think there was an issue.

His habit of flitting from one thing to another persisted in high school with him being equally involved with sports and the dating scene. He never got bored of any dates because whenever it seemed likely he’d be issued a new person. He took his occupational exams and thanks to high merit and a stellar moral background he was placed in a government position, handling merit level.

He was partnered to Wakeema Hall at 21, the same year the floor fell from under him and the entire Boletto family. He had been spending less time at his parental home, having his own family now so when the police arrived at his door, questioning the behavior of his father it came as a complete surprise.

Things happened quickly after that. It was a complete media shit storm. Serial killers had become rare in their world so the entire world was focused on their family. He had been a child, he was blameless in his father’s doings the police goaded. He loved his family, of course. He would do anything for them. But the evidence against his father was massive. And after his two older siblings were removed for their refusal to testify Wyatt had no choice but to reveal his knowledge of the crimes. He was going to be a father and there was no way he was going to leave them alone.

The family was split up; the younger children divided among other families. The older children were thrown to different corners of the country. He changed his name. Things went back to relative normalcy.

Until he noticed some troubling alerts in his wife’s file. It was strictly by accident-he shouldn’t even have had access to it but it seemed his wife had been stacking up quite the numerous warnings…for jaywalking. White crime, they called it and his wife was famous for it; she rolled to a stop at stop signs, she ate grapes she didn’t pay for in the grocery store, she put soda in the water cup at diners. “Harmless!” she’d say and never think twice about it. Apparently, her habit of being too busy to find a crosswalk was catching up with her and she was well on her way to actually getting a merit hit. For jaywalking. Well Wyatt couldn’t have that. It was bad enough his own excellent merit had taken a hit after his father’s arrest. So….he falsified the records. Didn’t do the mandatory paperwork to lower her merit.

A few months passed, his slight of hand undetected when a brilliant idea came to him. He could help other people. Merit was so important nowadays, It literally could affect a person’s livelihood for something as insignificant as jaywalking. He began to gather clients on the side, offering to help people raise their merit scores with easy steps. For some people it actually worked. With his insider knowledge on how the merit system worked, when people actually changed their habits they got results. There began to be issues with the people who were consistent screw ups. And their failures reflected negatively on him.

He had been gaining a small following of people who swore by him and he wanted to take that momentum and grow with it. So he began using his actual day job to falsify records. He made a blog. He wrote articles . He was on the radio. Things were looking up.

Until the day when he floor fell out from under him again. What’s done in the dark always comes to the light and eventually a savvy police office began to suspect something wasn’t right. Digging proved that Mrs. Wakeema Wesley had accrued quite the number of jaywalking warnings over the years and that she actually should have been removed years ago, per the law. As typical for her, she hadn’t been paying much attention to the law and hadn’t realized the harsh punishment that awaited her. From there it was a domino effect. They found about the other people he had helped, including himself. His merit was stripped, tumbling all the way to poor. He lost his influential job. He had to spend time in re-education classes. News outlets got a hold of the story, found out the true origin of his childhood.

It was a rough time and he was now alone with a child.

It would have been perfect torture for the government to leave him in his town where he could be publicly shamed for his wrong doings. But the public response was divided. Half the town despised him as a criminal, believing the sour apple didn’t fall far from the tainted tree. The other half saw him as some type of modern day 'Robin Hood'. After all, he wasn’t hiding dangerous crimes like murder and unsanctioned births (not that he could, anyway) he was saving people from petty crimes that threatened to destroy their merits and marriages. One couple, whose secret infidelity he’d helped hide proclaimed him a hero to the news reporters as they were hauled off for removal.

But. The exposure was too great, the distraction of daily life too profound. After months of the media circus with no clear end in sight, he and Champion were packed up in the middle of the night and moved to the quiet little town of Ridgeway. It was sudden and hectic but even he had to admit that one the rumor of him being a cannibal surfaced things were bettering toward the insane.

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