Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Matthew Roquefort-Miller


Member Group


Character Name

Matthew Roquefort-Miller

Play By

Nico Tortorella



Merit Level



Head Geneticist, Department of Science


9. April, 2066


Elizabeth Windsor



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GMT +1

OOC Limits

None come to mind


Physical Description

With his 6 feet, Matthew is certainly not the shortest straw among the bunch and stands out like a sore thumb in the shorter crowds. If you ask him, however, this is not the sole reason since he generally does consider himself a rather remarkable and important person - so why would he not? And on top of that there are the obvious advantages of always getting a good view of a parade or concert and with every shelf well within reach.

His brown hair and meticulously trimmed beard to match are always well-groomed. Not a single strand of hair is out of place once he leaves the door. This habit was implanted on him early on by his parents, though he obviously was not shaving back then.

His choice of clothing varies with the purpose, but one thing never fails; it is always stylish, high-quality and expensive fabrics. He has done well for himself and he likes to show it and enjoy the perks of the good life. When at the job he wears work clothes, while mingling with the higher-ups of society he wears the most exquisite outfits of his wardrobe while all the other situations he might find himself in will depend on circumstance and his mood. He does, however, tend to wear for esthetics rather than comfort.

His clear grey-blue eyes show no sign of the cunning schemer who lives beneath. They do, however, compliment the rehearsed smile well. Matthew is very aware of himself, from his stature, which is always upright and distinguished, right down to his facial expressions and assorted body language. Occasionally certain ticks or irregularities might slip through the cracks, but he makes a point of keeping it as controlled as possible.


Father: Richard Roquefort-Miller
Mother: Cynthia Elizabeth Jones
Sister: Alexis Jewell Roquefort-Miller
Sister: Lilibeth Roquefort-Miller
Former partner: Laurie Daughter: Callista Roquefort-Miller (Deceased)

Partner: Elizabeth Windsor

Three Best Traits

- Disciplined
Matthew always considered himself a rocket-ship bound for the stars, and he did not intend to let anything get in the way, particularly not himself. He was always good at keeping focused and not let himself get distracted while going for his goals, a skill he has meticulously honed since he discovered it and how useful it was.

- Organized
Whether keeping the home flawless or gunning for that promotion at work, Matthew always tries to keep a cool mind and a clear overview. He likes to keep things separated and in order to minimize effort and maximize outcome. To him, the basest of cost-benefit concepts.

- Family man
A true and tested family person, he values his family right up there along with rising to the top of the world. He will do just about anything to serve and protect his family, even at the price of outside people. Whether bound through blood or adopted into the family by marriage or other means, if you are a family relation, even distant (Although the closer, the better) you are all set. If you find yourself caught on the opposite side of a conflict with the family, however, you are out of luck.

This goes both ways, however, as he also expects a certain commitment from his family, so he still requires one to prove themselves worthy of the family-name, which he considers one of his most valued treasures, or he might eventually decide to disregard you as a valid family member. This, however, would require severe or repeated infractions against himself or the legacy.

Three Worst Traits

- Closet-adventurer Matthew is a stable, settled man set in his ways and his calm, eventless life. Sometimes, however, he is struck by a longing for something else. His guilty pleasure is secret thrills, which means he will occasionally take opportunities to go out and do reckless, irresponsible, unexpected things. He challenges himself in small ways, pushing the limits of himself and society. Normally a law-abiding citizen, he might in these instances do things considered risqué or possibly even slightly illegal. Anything from doing stupid risky things, challenging limits or restrictions, to flirting outside of partnerships. However, he makes a point of making sure to not be discovered, which he has yet to be, and not go over the top. He is less likely to do anything too wild or illegal that might gamble with the wellbeing of society or get him or his family in trouble. This behavior was most prominent when he was younger but still on occasion pops out and shows its face.

- Ruthlessly ambitious Success is not the only important thing in Matthews life, maybe not even the most important - but it is up there. Raised in a highly competitive environment which encouraged advancement and excellence over all else, he was early on embedded with a desire to succeed in all aspects of life. When it hits him and if his position is on the line, he will do mostly anything in his power, and at that moment morality, ethics, even friendship, comes second. This can be an issue in relationships if one feels cast aside in favor of his personal advancement. This ambition stretches to include himself, his family and whoever else he might decide to take under his wings atop his rumbling freight train of success.

- Domineering Whether he is subtly influencing strangers in town or the workplace, sneaking ideas and thoughts into the minds of friends and foes or whether he is directly lording over a poor individual who has either discovered his crude, selfish nature or invoked his wrath and wandered into his web, he simply must have control. This means controlling everything from the simplicities such as his bladder and household and stretches all the way to control of the workplace and, preferably, the world around him. While he would settle for considerably less than world-dominion, he will take a chance to accumulate influence wherever he finds it. And while he will generally choose the more discrete manners of controlling his surroundings and only rarely resorts to openly dominating people, it is not the slightest above him if he feels the need. The last time he did this, however, was late in his last marriage, once he acknowledged that the subtlety of his usual ways was no longer working. Therefore, if he is influencing your lunch choices or ruling your life, you will usually not notice it. This innate desire to grasp and control everything is partly what makes him a qualified leader and what catalysts his ambitions, but it is also a source of great frustration when he fails to feed this need.


- Autumn
- The colors red and purple, particularly dark purple
- Family
- Power, success and all the perks it comes with
- Wool
- Successful, ambitious and hardworking people
- Almonds


- Rude or disrespectful people
- Stupid, lazy or unambitious people
- Brown clothes
- The smell of oranges
- Cheap fabrics



Best Memory

The birth of his daughter and getting the promotion to Head Geneticist

Worst Memory

Getting the phone call about his daughter’s death

Your Biggest Fear

Reaching a low merit level and letting down his family legacy (In his mind they often happen to coincide)

Your Life Goal

Matthew’s biggest life goal is simple, yet overly ambitious and unlikely. He seeks to excel; no more, no less. This goes for both in the world, or at the job, and at home. Getting that perfect job where he will ultimately find that he has nowhere else to rise, nothing else to accomplish. Getting the dream family, with a perfect spouse and a set of respectable children who will grow up to be successful, contributing member of society. Even though, however, he also in a way fears what will happen if he ever reaches his goals. When he has nowhere else to go, nothing else to reach, what will he do? And how will he satiate his bottomless ambitions?

Ideal Partner

If he had to pick or design his perfect partner, she would be intelligent, successful and prime mother material. One who wants something with her life, has what it takes to get it and wants to start a family with him and can do it well. Obviously in this dream scenario she is also exquisitely stunning - who would imagine a potato-looking trash-person?

Mini Quote

He who always plays for power will often stand on the neck of one person to reach his arms around the neck of another.


The Roquefort-bloodline stretches far and wide, both back in time and to a myriad of far-off cities. Way back they even have family in England, from where they are believed to originate, but they lost contact with those branches generations ago when the borders closed.

Jeremy Miller had never been a man of particular ambition until he met Erika. However, the desire to impress her stoic father soon got him infected by the infamous desire to find themselves at the peak of society that was an inherent trademark of the Roquefort family. This mentality would then be transferred to his son Richard and eventually further to his grandson Matthew.

Matthew’s father was a renowned heart surgeon and his mother a judge, so the expectations were understandably high for Matthew and his sisters to follow in their footsteps.

Matthew was groomed to take up the family name, and the remarkably large shoes to fill which followed, from infancy. The parents would continue to seek new ways to make sure their children got ahead as early as humanly possible, and they received lessons at home until they reached school age. Even after this, they would continue certain curriculars with a tutor paralleling their regular school. This left little time for extracurriculars and Matthew made sure, at the firm suggestion of his parents, that those he did participate in were aiding in furthering his academic advances or raising his merit level. Few children by themselves thought about merit and realized its importance, so Richard and Cynthia made sure that their offspring were among the exceptions, so they would never fall behind until they, too late, would realize their mistake and play catch-up for perpetuity.

As these firm values had been implanted in his mind right from the off-set Matthew naturally adopted them as his own and never really felt the transition as it happened in his formative years. It was no surprise then that it continued this way as he got older, and once he started school he would focus extensively on his education to an extent that he would neglect personal social relations for a good while before learning to balance these things. Once he got settled in and learned that it was indeed possible to combine academic achievements and a limited social life he would however begin to engage his peers. He would have only a few friends, who he held close, but also had a broader loose social circle around these core relations. Those he became closest with, whether in pre- or elementary school or through high school and college, were typically those he deemed most likely to succeed and be valued contacts later on or those who had done considerable personal services to him. He was very practical this way.

He dated some in high school, although he oftentimes found the chaperoned dates to not be his thing, unless he had an interest in adding the date chosen for him to his growing network. It was, however, after one of these assigned dates that he discovered a certain docile part of his personality which had been slumbering deep below. One of the girls he had been assigned as a date sought him out afterwards and they snuck out to the lighthouse after dark. This was the first time he had done anything unseemly and the thrill was unlike anything he had ever felt. He tried to replicate the sensation, but never found anything to replace the feeling of doing something scandalous or dangerous. He would carefully find these opportunities without risking the life he had spent his entire upbringing building for himself. It was a careful balance that took much planning and thought. He saw the girl a few times afterwards, but they eventually grew apart and went their separate ways, in time getting matched to their respective partners.

When the time came to take the occupational assessment, Matthew was not surprised to receive his results. It had apparently been clear that he was destined for a life in the Department of Science and to rise high, and so he was shipped off to college to study Genetics with a focus on Advanced Human Genetics. He continued his streak of success throughout his time at college, getting great marks and eventually finishing off his education with a PhD in Genetic Manipulation. As a part of his PhD studies he was attached to a research project working on the manipulation and alteration of human genetics, a precursor for possible later experiments involving genetic design in humans both before and after birth. It was just before he started on his PhD, at age 24, that he was matched to his first partner Laurie. She was a free spirit; eager, enthusiastic and adventurous, but not very ambitious nor very captivated by the government or their vision. The marriage had a rough start and was frankly never that functional. They were, however, a great genetic match, and that was the priority. Whether it was the lacking sex life due to personal incompatibilities, steps taken by Laurie or maybe just plain bad luck was uncertain, but they only got one child, a girl they would name Callista. The pregnancy helped a little on the partnership, but ultimately it was only like applying a plaster to a stab wound; eventually it would not hold up.

Fresh out of college, Matthew was inducted into the Department of Science as a geneticist. He worked here for a while, working hard on accumulating results as well as contacts. It was at this job his marriage finally broke down after they lost their daughter. One day, Matthew received a phone call at work to learn that his three-year old daughter had died. Allegedly, she had fallen victim of an unidentifiable disease, despite not having had any visual symptoms leading up to the end beside a slight fever lasting only a few days just over a week prior. Despite the official story, Matthew always suspected Laurie might have had something to do with it, but he could never prove it or find a likely explanation. Following Callista’s death, Matthew buried himself in work as he usually would in times of distress. Meanwhile, Laurie had trouble dealing while also feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage. A few weeks after the incident, she snuck some orange juice into Matthew’s food and ran off while he was at the hospital receiving treatment. He was still mourning the loss of his daughter, but felt mostly anger and resent towards his runaway wife. Whatever happened to her since he never really bothered to keep track of. Once he was reentered into the partner pool as she had been missing for a while, clearly not to return, he simply wanted her out of his life and mind. They had never shared much, but lately he had lost everything he might have felt for her, even if it was just acceptance. If there was any justice, however, she was dead or incarcerated somewhere.

Matthew was happy with his work. He loved what they were doing and got along with the coworkers. He was not content with staying here though, and someone further up had clearly agreed, since he began climbing the ranks and by 32 attained the position of Head Geneticist. He had now secured a solid position in the community but continued searching for opportunities to advance further.

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