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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Anastasia Mikhailov


Member Group


Character Name

Anastasia Olga Mikhailov

Play By

Alexandria Morgan



Merit Level



Architecture Student


1st of May, 2079


Lindsay Heavens



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns



GMT +1

OOC Limits

Intense violence, rape.


Physical Description

Coming from a family where everyone is slim and tall, she is proud to say that she stands at 6'1" - not including the heels, which she loves to wear. Ever since she was a little girl, she was slim, causing people around her to worry about her weight, or her being anorexic, as she entered puberty. She is quite fond of her long blonde hair that compliment her features; the firm, steady jawbone and piercing blue eyes. As it comes with the slim, tall figure, she has almost nonexistent curves - but she doesn't worry about that too much, since she never saw an advantage nor a drawback in it.

She is certain that she looks her best in nude, calm, even professional clothes, so her wardrobe mostly consists of shirts, dresses and professional attire in beige, white and primarily soft colors.

Some might describe her as a quite confident, assertive woman, considering that she carries herself as one.


Sevastian Mikhailov - Father
Rosalin Mikhailov - Mother

Three Best Traits

Patient, hard working and loyal.

Three Worst Traits

Naive, easily persuaded and reliant.


Learning, art (adores music and literature), cooking, sunny mornings, snow.


Sudden changes, rude and unpolite people, the fact that she is so reliant and often almost incapable.


Dog fur.

Best Memory

Anastasia's best memory was getting accepted into the university of her liking - it was her first feel of her dependantcy slowly slipping away.

Worst Memory

Her worst memory was from back when she was 16, even more naive than she is now, and she fancied a boy in her school. He was considered a low fall, not as nearly successful as she was, a bit rebellious and from a family that wasn't placed as high as Mikhailovs were. So they set up a date and she planned to sneak out; it seemed tempting to her to be a bit rebellious, too. Her parents quickly found out and stopped her from going, which caused a major fight in the family. It was the first and the last time she spoke up to her parents and they were devastated, their little girl rebelling like that. Her mother cried for days and her dad refused to speak to her for a few days. After that, she never tried anything like that again.

Your Biggest Fear

Losing her family (losing all the support and love they are giving to her), staying alone, being incapable.

Your Life Goal

She strives to be the best - very successful in her field of work and in her relationships.

Ideal Partner

She quietly wishes for a partner who would be sensual, put her first, who would support and cherish her without sheltering her like her parents did. She, of course, wouldn't mind in her partner would be as smart and hard working as her, since she would probably hate if she had a slacker in the house, making her do all the work.

Mini Quote

lights gone out but have no fear, you're closer now than stars appear.


Anastasia was, by mere luck, born into a family of a russian origin - well, if we could say so, since this was a distant line of Mikhailov family that migrated from Russia to the United States centuries ago; and although mixing with Americans, they kept the surname, Mikhailov, and always considered themselves as one of the higher, more respectable families. Well, they were - usually well taken care of, wealthy, with offspring that ended up in high positions or well married.

She cried into the world on the 1th of May in 2097, nineteen years ago. Her parents, Sevastian and Rosalin Mikhailov, both 33 at the time, have been hopelessly trying for a baby since they were partnered in their twenties, almost to the point they both thought they were infertile. But their concern and unease faded as they discovered a small girl was growing in Rosalin. And after a long labour, they had her, and they felt like they finally had everything they ever wished for - a baby that they could put all their hopes and dreams in. Since they doubted they could produce any more healthy children at their age, they thought it off and put all of their focus on Anastasia, pampering her at every step, trying to shelter her from the world. So that's how she grew up; surrounded by family who always made her feel like she was the centre of the universe, family who always spoiled her to death. They were there for her in every single step of the way, motivating her, pushing her to reach for the stars, teaching her to always do more, strive for more, do her best. To never give up. And while quite a lot of children in her neighbourhood grew up neglected, often hungry and in toxic families, she had the best she could've hoped for.

Her family's efforts were fruitful - through elementary, middle and high school she was always on the top of her class, always studying hard and making effort, always trying to show kindness to others. But the more successful she became, the more her parents locked her in - and the more she started dreaming of an independent life where she could make more of her decisions on her own. Although their intentions were good - they didn't want her to see, to realise the painful reality of the world outside - it didn't bring her much good.

As she turned 18, she had the luck to be sorted to university to continue her learning. She had even more luck - she was sorted into a university outside her hometown; she was given a chance to prove to herself that she is capable of taking care of herself. Her parents were, of course, sad to see her go, even a bit scared because they didn't know how she'd do in a world - the reality, not the version that they have introduced her to, the version where everything was covered in flowers and where she didn't have to worry about anything.

So even after she moved out and is still slowly learning to do things by herself, she remains as positive as naive as she was, only slowly learning about the reality.

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