Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Sean Jones


Member Group


Character Name

Sean Emrys Jones

Play By

Chris Evans



Merit Level



High school teacher - history and literature


24 September 2070


Catherine Windsor



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OOC Pronouns




OOC Limits

tba if necessary


Physical Description

Sean is 6’0 tall, within a couple of inches in either direction from all of his brothers. His hair has been called both dirty blond and light brown and his eyes are blue. He has broad shoulders and narrow hips, giving him somewhat of a swimmer’s body, though he’s a casual fan of most sports and happy to participate in just about anyone’s pickup game. He’s attractive enough that a number of his students have crushes on him--as do their moms. Sean is most comfortable in a well-worn pair of jeans--worn with a shirt and tie if he’s at work or a t-shirt or sweater if he’s on his own time.


Aaron Jones - father
Lisbeth Jones, nee Nevis- mother
Ian Jones - twin brother
Nolan Jones - younger brother
Jackson Jones - younger brother
Nathan Jones - younger brother
Lincoln Jones - younger brother
Quentin Jones - younger brother

Jennifer White - first wife (removed)
Kai Albion Jones - son (deceased)

Three Best Traits


Three Worst Traits



Grilling. Roasted corn on the cob. Tacos. Hanging out with his brothers. When his students have “ah-ha!” moments. His dog.


Canned vegetables. Pretty much any food that’s been steamed. Manipulative women. Dishonesty and disloyalty. Being unable to help his students when shit happens in their lives.



Best Memory

He doesn’t have a single standout, but he has plenty of good moments to reflect on, most of them with his brothers or Lance.

Worst Memory

The entire period from when Kai was born to when he died was a nightmare.

Your Biggest Fear

He has two: failing the people he loves and betrayal.

Your Life Goal

Be a good influence on his students. Get back to feeling like himself.

Ideal Partner

Trust is Sean’s absolute top priority. He has no tolerance for lies, deceit, or any sort of manipulation of the truth. He naturally believes the best in people and has incredibly high standards for himself, so betrayal hits him particularly hard. Someone who shares his desire for a family but understands that he’s a way off from being ready to try for one again.

Mini Quote

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Sean Jones was born eighteen minutes after his twin brother Ian. Their parents, Aaron and Lisbeth Jones, were both academics--Aaron studying literature and Lisbeth studying history. They fell in love over their mutual interest in the medieval period and raised their sons in a house full of stories both true and fantastical. Having twin boys, being new parents, and completing graduate studies all at the same time was a lot of work, so they waited until the boys were in preschool before getting pregnant again. The twins were followed by five more boys over the next decade or so and proved to be great big brothers.

The Jones family moved from Arizona to Washington just before the twins started high school so Aaron and Lisbeth could take positions at the University of Washington. Sean made friends with a boy named Lancelot in the first few days of school and they soon became inseparable. They were reasonably popular boys, both athletically and academically-inclined, and Lance often acted as another big brother for the younger Jones boys. But life separated them once their occupational assessment results came in: while Sean was to attend college like his brother Ian, Lance was assigned to the military. Sean saw Lance a few times during his college years, but they eventually lost touch completely.

Sean’s assessment revealed that he would be an educator, so he took after his parents in studying history and literature as he prepared to become a high school teacher. His grades and his student teaching evaluations were so good that he was offered a chance to get a Masters in Education so he could be a principal one day, but he declined, preferring the face-to-face nature of the classroom. After getting his bachelor’s degree and his teaching certificate, Sean began teaching at Ridgeway High School.

The summer after his first year teaching, Sean was partnered to Jennifer White. She was beautiful and sweet and supportive, so they quickly became friends, and eventually became more. All in all, Sean had a pretty good life. He was well-liked by both his students and his fellow teachers, he had five younger brothers to watch out for while Ian was super busy with medical school, and he had a wife he was compatible with.

Sean was 27 when they found out they were pregnant; it hadn’t been intentional, but they were both tentatively glad about being parents. Or at least that’s what Sean thought. Everything fell apart after their son was born. Kai was addicted to narcotics at birth because Jennifer was a longtime user; she’d been bribing her doctor to keep the results of her semi-annual checkups clean. It was likely she would never have been found out if not for the baby, and the discovery quickly led to her arrest and several others.

Despite all the advances in science, Kai died when he was two months old. His body just couldn’t handle all the damage that had been done to it while he was developing and then withdrawal and attempts to wean him off the drugs after he was born. Sean buried his son, and Jennifer was removed. In the eight months or so since, Sean has unofficially moved back in with his parents and his youngest brothers so he doesn’t have to be alone in the house he lived in with Jennifer and all her lies.

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