Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Rosewood Hahn


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Character Name

Rosewood Hahn

Play By

Raphael Balzer



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Leah Hasenkamp



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Physical Description

Rose typically always looks like he is deep in thought, full lips in a straight line, heavy brows narrowed against and endless, imaginary sun. He is a perfect mixture of both his parents, the unmistakable almond shaped eyes from his father's Asian heritage mixed with his mother's bronzed complexion. He has an angular face with a light dusting of freckles across his cheekbones. His lips are full-another gift from his mother and it usually takes much work to get them to uplift in a smile. His style is relaxed but neat even so, he likes to be in clothes he doesn't mind getting dirty.


Carlwood Hahn-father(deceased)
Korrina Hahn-mother (deceased)
Grandparents Hahn

-*Oak-Girl sibling
-*Pine-Girl Sibling
-*Teak-Boy sibling

**Not their actual names. Their parents weren't that crazy. Or WERE they....?

Three Best Traits


Three Worst Traits



Art, indie movies, large books, sleeping, fuzzy blankets, being indoors, plants


Eggs, people who cough without covering their mouth


Tells people he's allergic to eggs but he's not, he just really hates them.

Best Memory

His grandmother teaching him how to garden. There was a peaceful tranquility in nurturing something so small into something large and bountiful. Also, the year when his younger siblings' adoptive parents let them spend a holiday together for the first time in years.

Worst Memory

The week when his parents were missing.

Your Biggest Fear

Being found out for his illegal medicinal activities.

Your Life Goal

Honestly, he wants to be left alone to his own devices. He thinks he'd like to open up a flower shop, or maybe actually some type of arboretum where people can just come to relax and chill.

Ideal Partner

Beauty. He's attracted to beauty but understands it comes in several different forms.

Mini Quote

Legacy. What is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.


Carlwood Hahn came from a long line of mediocre men. They weren’t bad people, just never seemed to possess the skills or perseverance to rise higher than neutral merit. There were a few who sunk the other way- finding notoriety in becoming infamous but for the most part the Hahn were law abiding, plain folk. So when Carlwood came along, third child of his parents he was expected to follow suit; get a stable career, get partnered to a nice enough girl and pop out a few kids to carry on the name.

But Carlwood was different. He didn’t see the point in passing along a name if it didn’t mean anything, if it had no merit. From the time he was old enough to understand the importance of merits and credits the boy strove to make his name something to be proud of. A literal rags to riches story Carlwood pulls himself up by his bootstraps. He was partnered. he didn’t concern himself with children because he was too busy working, advancing, achieving. He got doled out extra credits and extra accolades for his work ethic. he lost a wife….got another one.

Korrina Hall was older and childless. She wanted children desperately though and was some way able to convince her workaholic husband that children would help his image. Children were born, four in total, a perfect symmetry of two boys and two girls.

As the oldest son Rose remembers a happy childhood. His father was not around much but when he was he tried to make up for it by buying his children’s love with his hefty credit account. Korrina was more nurturing and in no way was concerned about shoving merit level rhetoric down the throats of children which became a constant clash in the home.

Despite that, if asked, Rose still remembers his childhood fondly. He was 13 when his parents got into an accident while vacationing on their yacht. It took several weeks for the bodies to be found and in that time, staying in between relatives Rose discovered that it is the unknown that is far more terrifying than anything else. His aging grandparents put in the request to care for the children and she was granted he and his older sister. The other two were still young and cute enough to have a chance and eventually they were adopted together by a nice couple in a neighboring town. They kept in touch as much as they could.

Old Mr. and Mrs Hahn were still holding onto their neutral status. They were happy with their place in life and knew all too well that grieving children should be left to sort out their emotions with no pressures. So with no one forcing Rose to succeed he followed in the old Hahn tradition of doing just enough to get by. He didn’t really see any point in the higher merit-his father had been excellent and some good it did him in the end. He made friends with other outcast, edgy kids. Dated only when it seemed like it would be a group outing. Found out about the underworld of self medication.

He took his assessment, got the job of pharmacist and before he knew it was on his way to getting the necessary education needed for the job. but he didn’t really care for the field or what he was learning. he missed classes, failed exams. Graduation got pushed back, merit levels faltered.

It wasn’t until Old Mr and Mrs Hahn passed that the truth they had been sitting on was revealed. While a thirst and passion for life couldn’t be handed down fro generation to generation credits could be and Carlwood Hahn had saved quite a nest egg. He wasn’t just going to dole it out, however, he wanted his children to work for it and left a will with a set of ironclad instructions. Suddenly all the Hahn children had motivation to succeed.

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