Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Vincent Declout


Member Group


Character Name

Vincent Hector DeClout

Play By

Roger Garth



Merit Level



Surgeon / Freelance dressmaker and tailor


September 5th


Adolfina Erikson



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns




OOC Limits

Nothing extremely NSFW, Vincent is Asexual and is not comfortable with Sexual
 situations. (The player is also uncomfortable with sexual situations.) Gore is okay, just not anything too extreme, Vincent is super chill with gore (but extreme gore makes me uncomfortable ;w;)
 Advisory for Alcohol and drugs- Player has a small phobia of alcohol, Drugs, (and hypnotism) I’m usually alright with Rping in these sorts of situations since it is relatively controlled, but hope you will forgive me if I become uncomfortable.


Physical Description

Physical Description: Average height, slim build, androgynous, blond hair blue eyes, so many freckles all over. Always walking at a quick pace, a bit bouncy and always seems to be going somewhere, always seems to have his head in the clouds, when he isn’t in his lab coat and scrubs he prefers wearing warm sweaters and cardigans, loose fitting pants and does not like shoes and will just wear his work shoes everywhere cause they’re comfortable. (Vincent also wears skirts and dresses but only the ones he makes, and only in his home, not wanting his merit to fall any more.)


Rebecca (mother) Garin(father) Potato (cat)

Three Best Traits

curiosity, determination, creativity

Three Worst Traits

Apathy, eccentric, he likes animals more than people.


Cats, books about the human body, sewing, watching surgeries, performing surgeries, Mystery novels, any place he can hang out and people watch, any place where he can meet animals, the Book Nook.


house parties, having to go to the doctor, locked doors, know-it-alls, dramatics, romance films (Especially romantic comedy, you gotta do the thing with the kissing and also be unfunny while you do it? not a fan). anything spicy.



Best Memory

His best memory was the day He completed his first dress. hand stitching small designs into the skirt, he had pricked his fingers many times that day. the red of his blood sat starkly against the clean material of the dress.

Worst Memory

When his mother had parties or just was sick of his face, she would punish him by putting him in the hall closet that had a door that locked, he was never in there for long but the dark enclosed space made him paranoid.

Your Biggest Fear

getting in trouble, losing merit, being ignored by anyone from the DOS

Your Life Goal

be recognized and and become a part of the DOS

Ideal Partner

his cat is his Ideal partner. he is not interested in humans that much.

Mini Quote

There's no great genius without some touch of madness


Vincent was born to Rebbeca and Garin DeClout. The parents had their own share of problems but stayed married for obvious reasons. Vincent’s dad worked hard for them, and his mother threw many parties for the ladies around town. Vincent hated the parties, so much gossip and masked faces. He found solitude in his room, where he would sew articles of clothing; either for one of his mother’s friends or just for himself. Or he would steal away to the Book Nook, if he was able, enjoying the solitude, nothing be the silent company of books (and the cats). There he came across books about science and became fascinated with biology and physiology. He ate up the information, studying everything he could get his hands on.
He became fascinated with the DOS. At first he thought it would be an honor to be experimented on. But He realized he could do better. Be more. HE could do the experiments, he could be a scientist. Couldn’t he? He started doubling down, working harder in school than he ever had, making his parents very proud. Not that he cared about that, He didn’t care about much human contact in general. Friends were fun playthings at the very least, Little guinea pigs for his own little experiments; Mostly he just liked to watch people interact, see what would happen depending on how he or other’s acted. He observed. the most his fellow students were was fodder for the scientific machine.
At 18 years of age he took the Occupational Assessment, excited for the outcome. Yet he was not exactly placed where he would have wanted to be. being a doctor was the second best choice, of course, and he supposed a simple test wouldn’t be able to place you in the rank of Scientist, he’d have to be above average; show them what he was made of, that he was worth seeing and considering, that he was good, and intelligent, and hungry. He did his best to stay in good graces, following the law was important if he wanted to be taken seriously. But then it came time to be partnered. The girl was pretty, and rather friendly, perhaps a bit dull, but all humans were, in some respect. He had fully intended to go through with the ceremony, keep his record spotless, despite his aversion to human relations. but every day it drew closer, the more Vincent dreaded it, the thought of being chained to another human, expected to make love to her, procreate with her. it made him sick. when the time came, he didn’t appear as he had been instructed. Vincent knew the consequences of his actions, He knew his merit would fall, but he couldn’t go through with it… perhaps in the next pass he could be brave enough to face it; No. on the next pass, he knows he doesn’t have a choice, he can’t let his merit fall any lower.
But Vincent can not stand the thought of being held back. and human contact was never something he had craved, success was his fickle lover, and that’s all he wanted. He was quite content living alone with his sewing, his books, and his cat, success was his goal and nothing would be in his way.
For now he works at the Ridgeway General Hospital, as a surgeon, biding his time. Waiting for his moment.

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