Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Morgan Alexander


Member Group


Character Name

Morgan Analise Stirling

Play By

Rose Byrne



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31 March, 2075


Maddox Alexander



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns

She, her, etc.



OOC Limits

I have no problems writing smut, but I won't do rape or any sort of non-con situation unless there's a very good reason and it's plot relevant. Infanticide and underage scenes are a no-go too, along with vore, scat, anything outlandish like that. If you want to discuss something, just ask. I'm always open to ideas.


Physical Description

Morgan is a dainty woman who stands barely above five feet tall, with a delicate bone structure and the resulting nearly aristocratic features that entails. Her skin is fair, not quite pale but not tanned either, with a sprinkling of freckles visible across her cheekbones and nose. Her hair is a rich mahogany color and long, falling to her waist and usually kept braided or pinned up. Her eyes are a dark brown, though they will occasionally change color with her mood, ranging from golden to hazel to green. Little about her physical appearance is remarkable, as she bears no markings that truly set her apart, aside from a rarely-seen scar on her stomach, just to the left of and slightly below her navel. She tends to dress modestly, favoring delicate tops often half-hidden by sweaters, comfortable pants or long skirts, and equally comfortable shoes. She tends not to wear much jewelry aside from earrings and occasionally a necklace.


Her parents are her only living relatives.

Three Best Traits

Morgan is meticulous when it comes to organization, firmly believing that everything has a place and it needs to be in that place. She has a big heart and is always willing to help someone in need, if it's within her capabilities. She is an excellent cook and can often be found fiddling about in the kitchen.

Three Worst Traits

She tends to judge others quickly and is often rather harsh in her impressions. Because of this, she also doesn't let people get close to her, which makes her come across as either stiff and prudish, or a shrinking violet. Sometimes her attention to detail makes her obsessed with everything being perfect to the point of it being unhealthy.


Above all, Morgan loves books, but that's far from her only pleasure in life. She likes animals, especially the cute and fuzzy sort, and most especially her pet cat, Rasputin. She enjoys cooking and learning new recipes. She also has a green thumb and looks forward to having her own garden again one day. Perhaps surprisingly to most, she enjoys playing video games in her downtime, although she does have rather a soft spot for the old classics instead of the newer ones. She loves the water, particularly the ocean, and whenever she gets chance likes to go hunting for shells and sea glass.


At the top of her list of dislikes is all manner of reptiles and amphibians, excluding turtles, to the point that this dislike could almost be considered a phobia. She dislikes things that are not neat and tidy and can't stand to see people leave a mess without cleaning up after themselves. She dislikes foods that are sour or particularly spicy. And creamy peanut butter, because it's just not worth it unless it's crunchy.


Mild seasonal allergies to pollen.

Best Memory

Her best memory is of a vacation her family took when she was younger, before the accidental death of her older sister, Madeleine. The family of four went to Hawaii and spent a week there, where Morgan struggled to learn to surf. The first time she managed to ride a wave all the way back to shore was the most amazing thing she's ever experienced, and it has stuck with her throughout the years.

Worst Memory

Her worst memory is waking up in the hospital following her husband's breakdown and the resultant physical assault, only to be told that she'd lost the baby she'd been carrying. The utter despair and sorrow of that moment is something she'll never forget.

Your Biggest Fear

Morgan's biggest fear is one that she didn't even realize she had until it happened to her: Losing a child.

Your Life Goal

To see as much of the world as she can. To learn all she can possibly retain. To help foster a new generation of book-lovers.

Ideal Partner

Someone tall, but not too tall. Preferably dark-haired. Unconventionally handsome, perhaps with a bit of a bad boy air to him. Someone with a sense of humor who likes to laugh and have fun, and likes to show his affection physically. Tattoos are alright but piercings are strange. Someone who will challenge her intellectually, but will also be supportive.

Mini Quote

Falling feels like flying, until you hit the ground.


Uneventful, normal lives are far more prevalent than the abnormal ones. Morgan was born second to William and Angela York, natives of Ridgeway, with a sister named Madeleine who was four years older than her. Madeleine was outgoing and boisterous, quite a difference from Morgan who was quiet and liked to keep to herself. Even from a young age, she preferred to sit somewhere and read rather than playing with other children, and never balked at helping her mother in the kitchen.

Everything changed when Morgan was twelve. Tragedy struck for the first time, taking her sister in an unfortunate field trip accident. She didn't know how to take the news of her sister's untimely demise, and her parents took it even harder. Perhaps because of this loss, or maybe it was because of her reclusive nature, Morgan abstained from dating in high school, and even afterwards.

After graduating, it only made sense that her fondness for books would result in an education and career path focused upon them. She began working to get her Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature, commuting to Seattle and living in her own apartment in Ridgeway. She was 21 when she was finally matched with James Stirling, a sandy-haired member of the military who was stationed at the border of Mexico, in Texas.

Their courtship was somewhat rocky in the beginning, but the two eventually learned to care for each other, somewhat. When they married, they both agreed to wait a while to have children, so that Morgan could finish her education before worrying about children. But of course, as with most situations, the birth control failed, after a time. She was 22 when she got pregnant, and at first, she was displeased. But the first time she saw their baby on an ultrasound, her mindset changed.

For a time, it seemed everything was going to turn out wonderfully for her. But tragedy sought her out once more. This time, in a way she never could've anticipated: Science failed her. Even in a world where science is everything, unforeseen consequences can still arise. James went in for a routine doctors appointment, where he was given an injection, one that had unforeseen consequences that not even the scientists had anticipated, a side effect that was entirely unexpected, and thus was not prepared for. Not the first time, but it would be the last. The contents of the experimental injection activated latent genetic tendencies for mental instability, resulting in rapidly mounting paranoia, schizophrenic behaviors, and eventually, violence.

Morgan was five months pregnant when James attacked her, shooting her once in the abdomen, and then himself in the head. While Morgan barely survived, her child did not. Perhaps it was out of respect for her loss, perhaps out of fear that the injuries to her body would prevent her from conceiving again, but she was not partnered again. She finished achieving her Bachelor's degree and gained her Master's degree in Library and Information Sciences, and then chose to move back home to be closer to her parents.

Her application to return to Ridgeway was approve, and she has just returned. Well aware of the gossip that will be hanging over her head, she's nonetheless determined to move on with her life.

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