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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Blaine Abbott


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Character Name

Blaine Noelle Abbott

Play By

Melissa Benoist



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Music Student Teacher at Goodhue Elementary


September 25, 2075


Brayden Spurling



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Central US

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Just ask!


Physical Description

Blaine is tall for a girl at 5’8, with a slim build. She has long brown hair, that sometimes shows off lighter highlights when she spends time outside. She also dyes her hair blonde as well, depending on her mood. Blaine’s light bright blue eyes are her most attractive feature. She has a spark in them that is infectious. Because she is an elementary music teacher, Blaine sometimes dresses in outfits that people would call dowdy, conservative, or maybe even eccentric. She is blissfully ignorant of fashion trends, and mostly looks for comfort.


Father- Norman Jefferson Abbott, 63, history professor
Mother- Nancy Jane Abbott, nee Blaine, 58, school secretary and voice teacher

Three Best Traits

Compassionate: Blaine is always thinking of others, and often puts her own needs aside for her friends and family. She cares passionately for the people in her life, and she isn’t afraid to show affection toward them.

Detail: Oriented: Blaine pays very careful attention to detail. Her room is always neat and tidy, and her classroom is the same. Everything is organized in her life: her closet is even color-coordinated. She’s also one of those people that would remember your birthday or anniversary, even if you were just acquaintances.

Humble: Blaine is very humble. She is a very good singer and pianist, but she would never tell someone that or admit to it. Blaine is perfectly happy to make music with kids every day.

Three Worst Traits

Self-Conscious: Blaine is not too naïve to realize that her childhood was idyllic compared to that of most of the people she knows. Because of this, she was an easy target for bullies and doesn’t think very highly of herself. On the outside Blaine may seem chipper all the time, but inside she is full of all kinds of doubts and insecurities.

Obsessive: Blaine really wants everything to be perfect, to the point of obsession. She spends hours getting her lessons ready for her students. She was the girl who spent hours checking her homework and always turned in her exams last. More than just obsessing over things, she obsesses over herself. What she should have said and done. Or what she said to didn’t say…she’s always overthinking those types of things.

Easily Hurt: It is true, people who have a big heart are more likely to get it broken. Blaine opens up to people, trusting them without question…and then she gets hurt. Walked over. Blaine shrugs it off in the moment, but that doesn’t stop her from being devastated later. Even when those closest to her manage to hurt Blaine’s feelings they never hear about it.


Favorites in General: Her family, children, music, musicals, kittens, coffee, pianos, spring, and the hammock in the backyard.
Favorite food: Chinese
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite flower: Tulips


Blaine doesn’t like people who think she is a pushover, or people that are mean or rude. Snakes are definitely on her list of least favorite things. Other than that, she rolls with the punches so well that you wouldn’t know she disliked something. Blaine isn’t fond of raw seafood, although she likes cooked sushi. And she doesn’t like steak…it’s a texture thing.



Best Memory

Blaine’s best memory is also one of her earliest. She sat down at the piano with her mother, who was playing some old forgotten song and singing along. Blaine opened her mouth to sing with her mom, and the sound was something that was new and beautiful to both of them. The little girl felt so connected with her mom and knew that love truly existed.

Worst Memory

Her worst memory was singing at the fifth-grade talent show. Blaine was finally brave enough to sing in front of a crowd, but after the first few words some of the meaner girls started booing and giggling. After that Blaine refused to sing alone in public again…until she was in college. Even then it was rare, and she only did so in order to fulfill her requirements for her degree. If you don’t open yourself up, you can’t be hurt.

Your Biggest Fear

Blaine’s biggest fear is not finding love in her partnership. She wants what her parents have, and she wants to have children to carry on their family.

Your Life Goal

To be a wonderful wife and mother.

Ideal Partner

If there is one thing someone should know about Blaine, it is that she 100% believes in the partnership system as a way to match compatible people. Her parents grew to love each other, and that is the only example she has first hand knowledge of. The ideal partner for Blaine would be a man who is a true gentleman…one that would open car doors for her, bring her flowers, and pull her chair out. Blaine also wants an equal partnership…someone who would listen to her hopes and dreams, and her ideas and opinions. Ideally, the man Blaine marries would be someone she could let her guard down in front of; he would be someone she wouldn’t have to put on a brave face for.

Mini Quote

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.


Blaine Noelle Abbott was born on September 25, 2075 to Norman Jefferson Abbott, a college history professor, and Nancy Jane Abbott, nee Blaine, a school secretary and voice teacher. Both Norman and Nancy were only children, which was rare, and for a very long time they were certain that their partnership would produce no children at all.

Norman and Nancy Abbott were partnered in 2059, when Nancy was just 18 and Norman was 23. While it was Nancy’s first partnership, Norman had been stood up at the partnership appointment three times. He had been all alone in the world since his parents died in a car accident when he was 18, and it seemed that the mild-mannered history major was a little too dull for most women. But then along came Nancy Blaine. She was the only daughter of two very hard-working parents (both of whom had science degrees). Nancy was a simple girl with the voice of an angel, who was preparing for college. She never dreamed she would be partnered so soon but was more than enthusiastic about it. She was nervous, however, and couldn’t bring herself to contact Norman before their wedding day. He too was nervous, for obvious reasons. But it seemed to both of them that love was possible as they met, married and began their lives together. Indeed, it was.

Early on in their marriage both had busy lives, he as a history teacher and she as a student, so they delayed starting their family until Nancy graduated college. Nancy was placed in a school as a secretary, and she began to take on private voice and piano students in her home on the side, something she would continue until the present day. The Abbotts were eager to start their family, having fallen in love early in their marriage. They believed in the government’s system of partnership and would often tell others that they were “made for each other.”

The Abbotts would see their fair share of heartache in the next five years of their marriage. Nancy became pregnant after a year of trying, but she miscarried early on. Then, after another year of trying, both of Nancy’s parents died. After her father died in a car accident, she mother was diagnosed with cancer. Mrs. Blaine really didn’t have a will to live without her husband and passed within three months. These events rocked Norman and Nancy to their cores, leaving them essentially alone in the universe. It was them versus the world.

One year later Nancy suffered another miscarriage, and the Abbotts thought that parenthood was something they would never experience. This was a difficult time in their marriage, but after a few years they came to accept the fact. Norman was assigned to a professor position at the university, and Nancy continued to work and teach lessons in their home. It was early Spring in 2059 that 34-year-old Nancy began experiencing some weird symptoms and was greeted with the news that she was pregnant. Both Nancy and Norman were elated, but cautious. Fate was on their side this time, and in September they welcomed their pride and joy into the world. Blaine was a namesake…her first name was her mother’s maiden name, and her middle name, Noelle, was her paternal grandmother’s name. She was the answer to her mother’s prayers…the missing piece of their idyllic family.

Blaine had a storybook childhood, being raised by parents who loved each other and loved her. She wasn’t spoiled, but instead was given every opportunity to work to earn things for herself. Blaine did chores without being asked, kept her room clean, and earned good grades. Most of all, her mother noticed that Blaine had a beautiful, clear voice. Nancy dreamed that one day that voice would carry her daughter far…but she never would have expected that a fifth-grade talent show could go so wrong. From that moment on Blaine was scared to sing in public, and only those closest to her were lucky enough to enjoy her talent.

Throughout high school and college Blaine never really had any interest in dating. She believed strongly in he partnership system, and just knew that her perfect match would come to her in that way. So, when Blaine turned 18 and was poised to enter college, she was ready. Every day for the first year she checked the mail in anticipation, only to be let down. Slowly, most of her friends and acquaintances were partnered, and she was happy for them. Really. It was when some were getting their second partnerships that she started to wonder…. What’s wrong with me?

This year, Blaine graduated with her Master’s degree in Music Education. She was assigned to student teach Goodhue Elementary with Mrs. Hamburg. She still lived with her parents and knew that at some point she would be partnered. The poor girl had all but given up on hoping, instead she threw herself into preparing to student teach. Blaine adored children, and she loved bringing the love of music to them. For now, this was her passion. If a husband came soon, then fine. If not, she would wait it out. If Blaine had learned anything from her parents, it was this: Good things come to those who wait.

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