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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Bradford Hasenkamp


Member Group


Character Name

Bradford Scott Hasenkamp

Play By

Cody Christian



Merit Level



College Student - medical field




Quiana Twilling



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OOC Limits

None (:


Physical Description

hair is a light brown, though some might argue that it was simply a dark blonde color. He usually has it kept in a longish manner on top and brushed over to the right with the sides buzzed fairly short. He has two fierce looking eyes that have the wonderful hue of a dark blue/green mix. Bradford stands strong at what he'd consider to be slightly above average at 6'1''. Bradford is in reasonably good shape despite not really being active in the gym. He enjoys wearing more of the nicer clothes when it comes to his everyday wear due to him caring greatly about his appearance. If you want the part you need to look the part. Right?


Father: Alex Simms, deceased
Mom: Irene Hasenkamp (née Simms), deceased
Stepmother: Eleanor Windsor-Hasenkamp, 31
Stepfather: Seth Hasenkamp, 35
Brother: Langdon Hasenkamp (Simms until age 5), 17
Sister: Evelyn Hasenkamp (Simms until age 3), 15
Half-sister: Rachel Hasenkamp, 8
Half-brother: Aaron Hasenkamp, 6

Three Best Traits

Hardworking - His original parents drilled this into him until the very end, always making sure that he put 100% into anything and everything he did.

Quick learner - Along with putting 100% into everything he did, he seemed more apt to grasping various concepts quicker than his peers.

Reliable - It's just a part of who he is, he'd always follow through on his word.. just pay attention to how he words things.

Three Worst Traits

Condescending - Growing up Bradford gave everything his all and has no tolerance for those that don't do the same.

Reckless - Still slightly mourning the death of his mother, he doesn't really care about anything really anymore which has caused him to push his boundaries more than usual.

Procrastinator - For whatever reason, Bradford gets about 99% of his work done within the last day. He knows it's a bad habit but he doesn't really understand why. Some people chose to do things immediately and get them over with, he preferred to take his time and.. learn as much as possible.. before attempting the task.


Warm Showers


Loud music
Unreliable people



Best Memory

His best memory was the last time his mother told him she was proud of him. He didn't hear those words all that often and when time was so limited as the cancer was running its course, those were the words his mother chose to say to him.

Worst Memory

The day his mother passed away from cancer. He was fairly close to his mother, despite her always being super hard on him and her passing was really rough on him mentally.

Your Biggest Fear

Both his parents dying.. for a second time.

Your Life Goal

Along with being one of the best doctors out there, Bradford wants to find the cure for cancer or at least be a part of the creation.

Ideal Partner

While he's never really given this a whole lot of thought, he figures he'd want someone who had similar views in life. Someone who also gave their all to be the best. Maybe even someone to help round out his edges.

Mini Quote

Is this love, or, just sexual desire, we're gonna start a fire!


Bradford was the first born into a fairly happy marriage. He grew up a happy and healthy baby and it didn't take long for his parents to have two more children. At the time he didn't really understand his new responsibilities as the older brother of two but his parents made it clear that only perfection would be allowed. Some might have found this daunting but it fueled Bradford more than anything. He wasn't all that old when his father passed away but he was old enough to have a real connection to both his parents.

His first few years of school were extremely dull. A father's boy forced to become a mama's boy. He didn't have anything against his mother, but his father being gone was extremely lonely for him. He never really had an adult male figure in his life during this time and it caused his to really throw everything he had into his schoolwork, always ending up in top few of his class. Things would be this way for 2 years and he was finally getting used to how life was. It was certainly different, but it was manageable. After the two years was up the unthinkable happened. His mother was re-partnered. Loving his mother dearly, there was no way this was her fault which lead to the hate of his new 'father'. Not on his watch.

Seth Hasenkamp. It wasn't uncommon for Bradford write Simms after his name on papers.. even though it had been several months after the partnership. He refused to accept this person as his dad. After a year or so, Bradford cracked on the last name, mostly due to teachers growing irritated more than anything but that wouldn't stop him from showing Seth his distaste. Of course, it was nothing extremely serious. No foul words, no hitting or crying. Bradford was more for calling his dad by his name Seth, instead of father, or ignoring him if Seth tried calling him son. Even just not listening to Seth from time to time usually using the excuse of 'you're not my dad you can't tell me what to do.'

It would take roughly 2 years for Bradford to finally accept Seth as his dad. The last few months of those 2 years it was clear that Bradford was beginning to mature and understand that it wasn't Seth's fault for taking his old dad's position. That along with the fact of how hard Seth had worked to be accepted as a father, it seemed like it was about time to move on. After Seth rescued Brad from a friends house extremely late into the night and they had a real heart to heart in the car, Seth became his 'dad' and from then on life went fairly well.

A few years after that, his mom and new dad went on to have 2 more kids and suddenly Bradford was beginning to feel the responsibilities of being a big brother. While he wasn't a huge fan of helping out around the house with his brothers and sisters, he understood that that was what was needed of him and thus, he gave his word to his mother that he would help when called upon. Life was steady and quiet and Bradford was growing happier.

Life had other plans though and shortly after graduating and receiving his career path of becoming a doctor, Bradford's mother fell ill. This was a major blow to him, but surely it wouldn't happen twice. It just couldn't. But it did. After only a few months, he had lost another parent with his mother falling to cancer. Bradford moved back home (he was jut living on his own) and fully immersed himself in chores and learning everything he could about medicines and being a doctor. He did his best to help Seth keep things orderly and in check, helping with whatever was asked of him. It wasn't really to be helpful though. Free time was a burden and brought more distress and enjoyment to Bradford. He found that the busier he was, the less time he had to spend on thinking about losing two parents.

When Bradford turned 20 he moved out once more. It had been 2 years since his mother had passed and things were stabilizing. Seth was more used to running things and didn't require Bradford as much and Bradford had come to terms with it just being him and Seth. It wasn't the worst possible scenario out there. Not much more than a year after him moving out was Seth re-partnered. Bradford was older now and took Eleanor in much quicker than he had with Seth but at the same time he doubted he'd be as close with her as he had grown to be with Seth.

With the re-partnering, Bradford found himself at being called home quite often again. The situation always made Bradford chuckle a bit. His youngest sister, 8-year-old Rachel, doesn't like Eleanor all that much and similar to how Bradford was with Seth, is constantly trying to make her life harder. With that in mind, and Seth being a very busy man, Bradford does his best to stop by often and help out Eleanor with whatever he can.

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