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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Quiana Twilling


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Character Name

Quiana Andalusia Twilling

Play By

Duckie Thot



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January 26th 2077


Bradford Hasenkamp



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When in doubt, ask


Physical Description

With flawless dark-brown skin, brown eyes so dark they’re basically black, and thick black hair flowing far down her back, Quiana Twilling is a highly recognizable figure on the streets of Ridgeway. She has soft facial features, but a pointed chin and nose, wide lips, and somewhat narrow eyes dominated by a prominent brow and a high hairline that gives her a rather large forehead. When she smiles and laughs, her cheeks become more plump and her face appears more youthful.
She’s 5’9 and a slender woman, yet somehow still manages to be curvy - much attributed to her narrow waist and slightly broader hips and shoulders, however she doesn’t have much in the department of breasts unless she specifically dresses to accentuate them. She has long arms and legs, and a prominent collarbone, all of which add to the perception of some that she might be a tad too skinny.
Quiana has been growing her hair out for years, and it has become very long, reaching far down her back when left loose. It’s naturally straight with a little texture to it, meaning it’s not completely smooth, however she does like to sometimes add a little wave to her look with a curling iron.
Anyone who's familiar with Quiana or her music will know that this young woman is a punk-rocker at heart, and her personal style very much resembles that. She has a fondness for black, leather, lace, corsets and very skimpy skirts. She likes to show off her form, and she loves to turn heads.


Father: Cassius Twilling, 52, executive in the Department of Transportation
Mother: Davina Twilling (née Jerome), 49, stewardess
Sisters: Xiomara, 26, and Yessenia, 24

Three Best Traits


Three Worst Traits



Heavy eyeshadows and bright lipsticks, generally eyecatching makeup
Gold jewelry
Music, especially the old rock classics, but she also has a fondness for something with a good dance beat
Being praised for her talent or her beauty
Dancing like nobody's watching, even if they are
Singing, both in public and when she's just by herself
Performing on a stage
Excited fans
Writing her own songs
Immature, dirty jokes
Playful flirting


Infidelity. She doesn't care what other couples do, but her partner better stay faithful or she'll be coming down on him like a ton of bricks
Having to justify her emotions. Not everything has a reason, sometimes things just are
Rain and heavy thunder
Drugs. She has no problem with cigarettes or alcohol, but she takes issue with hard drugs
Being ignored. She does not responds well to being ignored
Being called high maintenance. It's true, but she hates when people say it


Some mild seasonal allergies to pollen, easily kept in check with medication

Best Memory

The first time she sang on a stage, in front of an audience. She was 12 years old and the neighborhood was throwing a talent show in an attempt to create a sense of unity among the inhabitants. Quiana had always been a careful girl, never taking any chances, but her sisters Xiomara and Yessenia wanted to participate, and they wanted Quiana to join them. So the three girls formed a sweet little trio and practiced their song and dance for hours in the weeks up to the competition. Quiana was terrified, but once she set foot on the stage she felt a rush like nothing else she'd ever experienced in her young life. Her voice was drowned out by her sisters' for the first while, but she was singing the second verse by herself, and the crowd fell silent with awe. Jaws dropped to the floor and eyes widened, every single person in that room in disbelief that a voice like that could be coming from such a young girl. Deep, raspy, soulful in the most unbelievable way. The Twilling trio won the talent show, and Quiana's love of performing was born.

Worst Memory

The court room. To sit there, knowing that she was innocent but having to deal with the fact that she might not be believed, that was undoubtedly the worst experience of her life. When she was waiting for the judge to give his verdict it felt like somebody was wrapping a noose around her neck, and it's the most terrified she has ever been in her entire life. Once she was found innocent she could barely believe her ears, but the fear still lingers.
Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night with the same feeling of impending doom weighing down her limbs, and all she can do is stare at the ceiling and wait for the police to bust down her door and drag her away for good. It's completely illogical - she never did anything wrong, and she was found innocent of all charges, but still she can't help but feel like she's on borrowed time.

Your Biggest Fear

For now her greatest fear is that somehow the drug trial will come back to bite her. She was rightfully found innocent, but she's worried that she will struggle to land steady work in the future because she has been stamped as trouble waiting to happen

Your Life Goal

More than anything else Quiana wants to be famous. Among fans of the punk-rock genre she is already rather well known, especially for her raspy voice and intense look, but outside of this subgenre barely anybody knows her name. She wants to be famous across the board, she wants sold-out arenas and hordes of adoring fans. She won't rest until Quiana Twilling is a household name - and she's willing to do just about anything it takes.

Ideal Partner

Someone who doesn't take himself too seriously, who's young and vibrant and up for shenanigans. She wants a home full of humor and jokes, where she can feel comfortable enough to never have to censor herself no matter how twisted or dirty her mind is. She wants emotions, passion for one another.
But she also wants someone who can understand her struggles, or at least make an effort to, and support her. Who'll hold her in his arms and just be there for her when she's scared, who doesn't need reasons or answers for everything but can just accept that some things aren't logical.
He absolutely also needs to know that he is a very lucky man for being with her, and he should appreciate that. She wants him to be proud, to brag to his friends and show her off. She is a catch and he better know it.

Mini Quote

She wears strength and darkness equally well. The girl has always been half goddess, half hell


Quiana was born in January of 2077, the third of three daughters to Cassius and Davina Twilling. The two preceding pregnancies had been smooth and uneventful, but when Davina approached her due date with her third child she started experiencing complications. About two months before Quiana was supposed to arrive, Cassius woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of blood with an unconscious wife by his side. An ambulance was called and he managed to get a neighbor to look after the two older girls while he went to the hospital with Davina, terrified that he was going to lose her. And he almost did. She had lost a large amount of blood and was barely breathing by the time they reached the hospital. She was rushed to surgery where the residing surgeon determined that the only way to save her life was to remove the child by c-section. They weren’t sure if the girl would be able to survive on her own, but at this point it was her or Davina, and the surgeon made a split-second decision. The baby was removed and the mother was patched back up. That night both Quiana and Davina were on the verge of death, Davina in her hospital bed tied to a respirator, and Quiana in an incubator. It was the longest night of Cassius’ life, with both girls going into cardiac arrest more than once. But, as if by a stroke of magic, they both got to see the light of day. Davina recovered quickly, but Quiana continued to have to fight for her life. She was small and fragile, anything a risk to her poorly developed immune system. For Cassius and Davina every day was a struggle for several months, but they were persistent. They never gave up hope that their little girl would pull through. And after about six months of uncertainty she did. She was declared healthy enough to finally go home with her parents, and finally their lives could start again.

Quiana’s tough entry into the world had its effects on her throughout her childhood. Physically she was fine, growing like any little girl should, but her parents were terrified of losing her - so they coddled her obsessively. She was never allowed to go anywhere by herself, and they refused to let her out of their sight. This resulted in them raising an extreme careful and sometimes downright scared girl. She was convinced that the world was out to get her, that if she didn’t pay constant attention she would get hurt. And thus she never took any chances. She was always the one sitting inside during recess, the one to watch from the safety of the shadows while the other kids played in the sun. And she was lonely and miserable.

Until she took her very first chance at the age of 12. Her older sisters, Xiomara and Yessenia, convinced her to join them for an act in a talent show. They were going to sing and dance, do a whole number, and though Quiana was skeptical she let herself be convinced. And once she took the stage, she was hooked. The crowd was blown away by her talent, and the most amazing feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction coursed through the young girl’s veins. That was the turning point of her life, causing her to do a complete 180. She went from being careful and quiet, a wallflower if ever there was one, to diving head first into any obstacle. She grabbed at any chance to be the center of attention, she would sing and dance constantly, and after a few positive experiences she developed an unyielding tenacity. She would set incredible goals for herself and do anything to achieve them. Suddenly Quiana was a force to be reckoned with.

High school was a wonderful time for Quiana. With her newfound talent and confidence, nothing could stop her - add to that the fact that she developed into a very beautiful young woman, and she rose to the top of the food chain very fast. She was a popular girl with more friends than she could really keep track of, and she loved every moment of it. She would go on as many dates as she could get away with, and from time to time she’d even find her ways to arrange unchaperoned meet-ups. She got very used to getting her way, whether it was given to her or she had to find methods of taking care of it herself - something she also became very adept at. To this day she has a manipulating way about her, often pulling strings while doing her very best to not give away that that’s what she’s doing. Sometimes to achieve things, and sometimes just to amuse herself. She has a rebellious attitude and doesn’t like to play by other people’s rules, but she does have a moral code. It’s slightly askew and sometimes completely upside down, but it’s there and she never betrays it. A big part of this is to support and protect her family, and to be there for her friends. The real friends, that is. The close ones. She has a large circle, but only very few people she will actually call her friends - and those she’ll move Heaven and Earth to help out.

At the age of 18, like any other teenager Quiana received her career assessment, and once again the young woman was given exactly what she wanted. This time it was a music career. She was quickly approached by an agent and became the leading lady of a punk-rock band called The Void. The two other members, Kirk Jinks and Dawson Herald, were both slightly older than their new bandmate and had a lot more experience to draw on, but they acknowledged that the addition of Quiana would be beneficial, and she quickly found her place with them and was relocated to Los Angeles.

For three years everything was perfect in Quiana’s life. The band was doing great and she was happier than ever. But that was ruined when all three members of The Void were arrested in a drug operation by the Los Angeles Police Department and charged with several counts of possession and distribution. Quiana, however, had always taken a strong stand against drug use and was completely innocent of the charges put against her, so she demanded a trial rather than plead guilty and take the incarcerated reeducation they had lined up for her. Once she had opened the door Kirk and Dawson both followed suit, demanding their own trials despite the fact that both of them were as guilty as they come. For months Quiana’s life was all about courtrooms and lawyers, about tabloids making up wild accusations and calling her a liar when she refuted them. She was watching her entire life fall apart over ill deeds she hadn’t done, and it was her worst nightmare. There was nothing she could do put repeat herself over and over and over again, even if nobody would listen. By the end she was convinced that she was done for, that this was the end of her, but the judge managed to see past the slander and the tough-girl attitude, and he found her innocent. All charges were stricken and her merit score was restored. She was free. But her life certainly wasn’t the same anymore. Both of the other members of The Void had rightfully been found guilty and sent to incarceration, so Quiana’s rising career was put to a very abrupt halt.

Her manager started looking for work for her the minute the judge had slammed the gavel, but he was coming up short. The trial was still too young, the tabloids too preoccupied with her downfall, so it was proving difficult to find anywhere for her to go on a more permanent basis. He did manage to land her small gigs, mostly as a featuring voice on the singles of other bands in her genre, but nothing big enough to last. When this became too much for her to handle by herself, she put in a request to be relocated back to Ridgeway to be with her family, and because she landed a freelance job writing songs for various music labels, the main of which had its headquarters in Seattle, this application was approved. She hasn’t been back for very long, but she’s starting to feel better. Her confidence took a serious hit, but she’s already building herself back up. She does, however, have lingering demons that she is struggling to deal with. She is living in a more or less permanent state of fear that the police will be busting through her door to drag her off once more - and this time for good. She’ll wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night with a racing heart and just have no idea what to do with herself. She has taken up running whenever she has trouble sleeping, so it’s not unusual to see her jogging down the street at 2 in the morning.

For now she is biding her time, waiting for a new chance to present itself and trying to put herself back together in the meantime.

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