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Saga García


Member Group


Character Name

Saga Kaitlin García

Play By

Natassia Malthe



Merit Level



Autoshop and woodshop teacher


February 20th 2058


Dorian Pierce



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OOC Pronouns




OOC Limits

When in doubt, ask


Physical Description

Saga is a result of a Scandinavian and a Mexican, and both sides have had their influence on her look.

From her mother she has most of her facial features. She has a square jaw that is somewhat prominent and distinct cheekbones. Her eyes are almond-shaped and a little narrow, her nose dainty and straight, but her mouth slightly crooked. When she smiles little dimples appear in her cheeks.

From her father she's got a slightly darker complexion than what is normally contributed to the Nordic regions. She has dark brown hair that borders on black, and chocolate brown eyes in which it is difficult to distinguish pupil from iris. Her skin is also on the tan side, but really it just looks like she's been in the sun, as her skin tone is significantly lighter than her father's.

Saga is fairly tall for a woman, standing at exactly 6 feet, and on the rare occasion that she wears heels she tends to tower over people. This is not a problem to her, as she doesn't care if she is taller than her partner, but her first husband did find it uncomfortable to have to look up at her. Luckily for him she greatly favors flat shoes over heels, so it wasn't something he had to deal with often. Her dress sense is often described as "tomboyish" since she prefers to wear loose-fitting clothing that she can move around in, and she only wears skirts or dresses on special occasions - this does have a practical reason too, though, as the nature of her job requires her to have a large range not to mention being around machinery that flowy clothes could get caught on.


Mother: Eir García, née Larson, 65, of Scandinavian descent
Father: Ángel García, 68, of Mexican descent

Brother: Balder García, 39
Sister: Freja García, 35
Sister: Frigg García, 35
Brother: Njord García, 33

First husband: Morris Eaton, 43
Morris' new wife: Irma Oakley, 37 (see history for explanation)
Second husband: Finley Frost, deceased

Daughter: Idun García-Eaton, 22
Daughter: Sif García-Eaton, 19
Son: Vidar García-Eaton, 16
Daughter: Sigyn García-Frost, 4
Daughter: Hel García-Frost, 4

Three Best Traits


Three Worst Traits



An ice-cold beer
Loose-fitting pants that she can actually move around in
Getting dressed up from time to time - more specifically the surprised look on people's faces, because she cleans up nice
The beach
On summer nights, just when it starts to get colder and little goosebumps form on your arms
Great big fluffy blankets
Sunday night dinner with the whole García family


Having her ethnicity questioned. Yes, it's a Hispanic surname, no, my first name is Scandinavian, no, it's not my husband's name - you might not think I look Hispanic enough, but I am, so just stop it before you embarrass yourself.
People insisting on only drinking fancy drinks. It's pretentious
On that note, pretentiousness
And arrogance
Prejudice against young parents


No Information

Best Memory

When she was fourteen and ultimately ended the bullying she was being put through by punching a boy in the face. She has never felt more powerful than in that moment.
She doesn't exactly condone violence today, but she acknowledges that some things are best solved that way.

Worst Memory

The second she realized that she would be removed. Her whole life flashed before her eyes, and she totally panicked - something she had never done before. She was truly terrified. Of course things didn't turn out that way, but those few second of utter and unrestrained panic felt like years, and it's the worst thing she has ever experienced.

Your Biggest Fear

Losing her children. Whether to death or removal doesn't really matter, just the thought of never seeing them again and the knowledge that they will never have the life that they wanted.

Your Life Goal

Land a decent third partner and never have to worry about that again.
Raise happy children, become an amazing grandmother, the typical sappy stuff that mothers want.

Ideal Partner

She does want someone who'll be good to her children, but he doesn't exactly have to be a father to them. She feels it might just be weird if he stepped in and tried to raise them his way - which she would object to quite heavily anyway. So someone who will support them, be nice to them, but accept that she will continue to raise them the way she always has. In return she will do him the same favor if he has children of his own, unless he actually wants them to do it together, in which case she'll be happy to help out.
When that is said and done, what she wants is "a real man", as she would describe it herself. Someone a little rugged, who doesn't care too much about his own appearance. Vanity is a great big turnoff, and if he spends more time getting ready in the morning than she does, they're gonna have a problem. He has to be okay with bad language, cause she tends to swear a lot. How he looks specifically - regarding height, skin color, hairstyle, etc. - it really isn't that important to Saga. He just has to be casual.

Mini Quote

Well-behaved women seldom make history


For most intents and purposes the García family is average. They have an average house in an average neighborhood, average jobs, average grades, average merit. Really the only reason anybody would remember them at all is their peculiar, sometimes tongue-twisting names.

The family members’ given names are derived from Eir’s long family tradition of naming their children after figures from Norse Mythology. Her family stems from Scandinavia, many generations back, and was one of the few who held onto the old Norse belief system far into even the 20th century - and one way to honor these beliefs was by giving their children names of gods or goddesses whose traits and values they wanted the children to embody. Today the religious aspect has long been abandoned, and names are mostly chosen based on the parents’ liking rather than traits of the original figures, but still the tradition stands, and Saga, for one, decided to pass it onto her children, too. It is not unusual for these names to foster odd looks, especially not when they are paired with the Hispanic surname of Eir’s husband, Ángel, but the fact that it is unique was part of the allure in the first place, and Saga does really like her name though she sometimes gets very annoyed having to explain it.

Saga’s early childhood was mostly uneventful. She climbed trees, played hide and seek, broke her arm, joined the scouts, went to school. Perfectly normal child stuff. It wasn’t until she started high school that things got dicey. Saga didn’t exactly match the picture of the “typical teenage girl” - she didn’t care much about the way she looked, she spoke her mind without restriction and never played herself down for a boy, and she’d would rather fix cars with her father than go to the mall with her friends. According to most of her peers, she was all wrong simply for not being stereotypical, and of course that led to friction. Her classmates started picking on her, and for a while she didn’t do anything about it. She tried taking the high road like her mother had taught her, she tried to be better, but no matter how much she ignored people they just kept going. So eventually she had enough, and she started pushing back. Her bullies quickly realized that she could throw insults back at them faster than they could think of new ones, and that no matter how creative they got she was better. In one episode of particular frustration a boy from Saga’s class resorted to violence. He physically pushed her to the ground and she scraped her hands and knees, ruining the pants she was wearing. But the young girl immediately got back on her feet and punched him in the face, firmly cementing that nobody messed with Saga - and from then on she was left alone.

The peace continued for her freshman and sophomore year of high school, but once Saga started her junior year the next García in line, Balder, started his freshman year. And Balder was a sweet, soft boy who could be spooked by his own shadow, and that made him an easy target, but unfortunately he didn’t have the same pushback as his older sister. For six months he tried handling his problems on his own since their parents had always been firm on independence, but once he came home with a black eye it was clear that something was wrong. He refused to tell Eir and Ángel what had happened, but the following day Saga started asking questions around school and discovered that a group of seniors had been giving him a hard time without anybody telling her. She was furious, and like any older sister knew she had to help her brother. So she confronted the bullies. At first she tried reasoning, tried to convince them to just leave Balder alone, but they weren’t having it. So what was there to do but throw punches? And she did. She busted a few lips, broke a nose, and once again made it perfectly clear that she was not to be messed with - this time with the ad-on that any of her siblings were off limits too.

Saga's occupational assessment had the ability to be both obvious and surprising at the same time. It was always sort of a given that she'd be doing something practical, something with her hands rather than her head, but the part of high school teacher was not one anybody saw coming, even if it was in autoshop and woodshop. She was skeptical at first, but she enjoyed her college classes very much, and once she was given a student teaching position she also discovered that she thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the high schoolers. They were amusing an unpredictable, and she had the added ability to keep an eye on the outcasts and make sure they were doing okay, continuing the protector role she had taken on when she was in high school herself - though of course with the addition of authority and removal of violence.

A mere month after finishing high school Saga received her partnership notice, pairing her off to 20-year-old Morris Eaton. Morris was a down to earth, practical man, and the couple got along very well. They welcomed their first child in 2077, when Saga was only 19, and followed up with another two over the next six years, naming them all according to the Norse mythology tradition of Eir’s family.

For years the García-Eaton family was happy. Both Morris and Saga were doing well at their jobs, and the children were thriving at school. Everything was good. But it didn’t stay that way. In 2092 Morris and Saga decided to go on a roadtrip over a weekend, just the two of them, to get a little breather from family life. The kids were dropped off with Ángel and Eir, and the couple drove off into the sunset. For about two hours before they realized they had forgotten something and had to turn back. Once they arrived at the house they were surprised to see lights in the master bedroom, and of course they assumed the worst. Armed with a baseball bat and a frying pan they headed upstairs, but they were not prepared for what they found. Idun, their oldest daughter who was 15 at the time, was on the bed in her mother’s lingerie, and seconds later a man emerged from the bathroom. A man that Saga knew to be at least in his late 20s. And she saw red. Without hesitation she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, kneed him in the stomach and gave him an elbow to the face before proceeding to toss him out the bedroom window. Aside from a fractured rib and a broken nose he was fine, but the immediate aftermath was chaotic to say the least. Saga knew she was in trouble. She had priors, and this would definitely be considered aggravated assault. They were going to remove her. She was protecting her daughter and now she was never going to see her children again. She was panicking until Morris took a firm hold of her and presented a solution. He was going to take the rap. He had no priors and high merit, he would be facing incarcerated reeducation, yes, but unlike his wife he wouldn’t be gone forever. He’d come back. Saga protested, but he didn’t give her a choice. This was the way it was going down, and there was no questioning it. He also got to the victim of her outburst who was still on their lawn, feeling very sorry for himself, and Morris managed to convince him to go along with the story - he didn’t tell that it was actually Saga, and in return the family didn’t reveal that he was in the house to see a 15 year old girl. They agreed to pretend he had broken in, and that when the couple came home Morris was the only one to go upstairs. He tossed him out, and Saga wasn’t even there to see it. The story stuck, and like Morris had predicted he was sentenced to incarcerated reeducation; 2 and a half years of it. Saga was plagued by guilt, she still is, but she held her tongue like she had promised she would, and to this day nobody else knows the true story.

Because of the length of the punishment Saga and Morris’ partnership was dissolved, and approximately a year later she was repartnered. Despite the fact that she was 35 years old she was given a very young partner, 23-year-old Finley Frost. She was very skeptical about this pairing, seeing as he was closer in age to her oldest daughter than to her, but Finley proved to be a wonderful man. He was kind, but firm, and had a deep understanding for the difficult situation he was walking in to. He was great with his new stepchildren, and he got along very well with Saga, so in early 2095 the two of them had a set of twins together, Sigyn and Hel.

Not long thereafter Morris was released from incarceration, and the situation got tense. Saga’s guilt had dwindled over the years, but seeing her first partner again meant it came back - with a vengeance. She felt terrible not only for getting him incarcerated, but also for moving on with her life while he was gone. The relationship between Morris and Finley was very cold. The two men both cared very deeply for Saga, and for the children she’s had with Morris, after all Finley had been their father for almost two years and had invested everything he had in putting the family back together. They would argue constantly, Morris accusing Finley of trying to steal his family and Finley telling Morris that he was stuck in the past. At one point it almost came to blows, but Saga put herself between them to stop the situation from escalating out of control, after which she insisted that they consult a psychologist to figure out how to co-exist.

Life was still difficult for a while - until Morris was repartnered to Irma Oakley. She was exactly what he needed and had a wonderful effect on him. He was finally in a position where he could be happy too, so he no longer held it against Saga that she was, and the two of them managed to form a close friendship that still stands. The relationship between him and Finley continued to be cold, but they were civil.

One would think that was the end of the trouble, that the family had survived everything life could want to throw at them, but sadly that wasn’t the case. In February of 2098, not long before Saga´s 40th birthday, Finley was the victim of a hit and run. He was severely wounded, and even though he survived the initial impact he died three days later of internal injuries. Once again Saga found herself without a spouse, only this time it wasn’t actually her fault.

She cared very deeply about Finley and mourned him for months, but since she has two small children she is ready to be repartnered. She wants somebody to help and support her, and she hopes that her next will be the last. She really does not want a fourth husband.

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