Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Evan Heavens


Member Group


Character Name

Evan Ophelia Heavens

Play By

Amber Heard



Merit Level



High School Art Teacher


January 13rd, 2072


Melvin Casey



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Physical Description

She stands at 5'8", and has a slender figure, not that you'd really know it since she's almost always dressed in some sort of baggy sweatshirt or top, paired with jeans or leggings. Her dirty blonde hair is straight, long and has a mind of its own. She never tries to tame it and just tucks it behind her ear, or throws it over to one side when need be. Her eyes are blue and despite her best efforts, tend to hold a certain sadness that betrays her otherwise sunny and sarcastic demeanor. Also, it wouldn't be strange to see her splattered with paint behind her ear, or on her wrist either. She paints when the chaos gets too much sometimes.


Adam Heavens, dad, airline pilot, 49
Angel Heavens, mom, deceased

Teagan Heavens née Erlenmeyer, stepmom, deceased

Iris Heavens née Newcastle, stepmom, deceased

Alexandra Heavens, brother, 28
Stuart Heavens, sister, 25
Taylor Heavens, half-brother, 22
Ryan Heavens, half-sister, 19
Lindsay Heavens, half-brother, 18
Jasper Heavens, half-sister, 16
Valerie Heavens, brother, 10
Noah Heavens, sister, 5

Winston Whoever, late husband

Three Best Traits

Intelligent, Caring, Artistic

Three Worst Traits

Aloof, Sarcastic, Insecure


dumplings, shortbread cookies, hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows), the colors black and blue, drawing on herself and others with sharpie, a loud home, pineapple anything, the ocean, her tattoo, Melvin


cursing for the sake of cursing, heels, music without a good beat, flowers (mostly because they die so quickly when put into a vase), vinegar, flies, tomatoes



Best Memory

She was...seventeen? Eighteen? Somewhere around there and just sitting on her stool, staring at the blank canvas before her. The stark white was harsh on her eyes, so she closed them. She saw a face. She painted the feeling.

Worst Memory

The night she spent in the hospital waiting room, hoping, wishing, praying that her siblings were all going to be okay after having been in a car accident. She doesn't want to relive a moment like that. Ever.

Your Biggest Fear

Death. Not really her own, but those around her. She's afraid she's somehow going to be the death of her family because she shouldn't exist.

Your Life Goal

Honestly? The only goal that Evan has that matters much to her is making sure everyone in her family is happy. Their happiness comes before her own.

Ideal Partner

She's looking for someone that's adventurous, willing to try new things while also being able to appreciate that being a homebody can be exciting too. Evan thrives on just the right amount of chaos, so a man that likes having kids around the house, not necessarily theirs but her siblings, is a definite plus. Having a good head of hair, long enough to run her hands through, and get her fingers a little tangled is really attractive as well. Finally, a man with a sensitive soul is her ultimate dream, not that she's likely to disclose that fact.

Melvin Casey is a pretty good bid.

Mini Quote

One foot on the narrow way and one foot on the ledge. Sifting through the devil’s lies from what the good book says. If I’m goin’ any where I’ll probably go too far. Probably away from you, chances are.


Some people get to spend years with their mothers, create countless memories, moments that are kept and held dear once one of the most influential people in their life pass. Others lose their chance much too early, their mother gone in the blink of an eye, so fast that they forget to commit her laughter to memory, the way she danced in the kitchen with a spatula, or the stern look she gave complete with her hands on her hips. Evan was one of the ones that forgot, her mother more of a whisp, a quick flash like the glow of an individual streetlight as you whiz by. Being a bright figure in her life, too bright to almost stare at for too long, so full of energy and life, Evan struggles to recall more than the way her blonde hair swayed in her ponytail. She lost her mother at the age of three.

Her dad told her that she was an actual angel, aptly named, touching the hearts of a few with her angelic grace before returning to the heavens up above, not allowed to remain with the Heavens on earth. It was an explanation Evan took as fact, easier to swallow and understand, even if as she grew up, the truth reared its ugly head. Her mother had chosen to leave them, her. She didn't want to be there anymore, so she made sure she wasn't. She didn't belong.

It was a feeling Evan knew all too well. She can't remember a time when she felt as if she didn't belong on this earth too. There had been some sort of mistake and her very existence was wreaking havoc on the fabric of the universe. The longer she remained here, the longer the people that surrounded her, her family, would suffer. She came up with a variety of solutions, the first being the most innocent of them all.

She'd been in her room, staring up at the stars, wishing for Peter Pan to come and save her. She could be his Wendy and look after all the Lost Boys. It wasn't like she was a stranger to babies, already taking care of her younger sister. Her big brother too, even if he was older. But her wish wasn't granted, and she was stuck in her room on the quiet street in the quiet town of Ridgeway, stuck in a never-ending cycle she couldn't see a way out of.

Evan got a new stepmother when she turned four but Teagan Erlenmeyer didn't have a maternal bone in her body, not at all welcoming to the Heavens children. What did she have?A knack for getting pregnant, a quality that the government no doubt appreciated. She'd have four children over the next five years, two boys and two girls, all of which Evan gravitated towards. She fed them their bottles, changed their diapers because if she didn't, her stepmother wouldn't. Teagan was too concerned with having a life outside of being a mother, hanging out with her friends and not coming home for days on end when Adam, the man of the house, was gone for work.

Even with all the chaos that surrounded her, Evan's childish fantasies grew darker with every passing year. She knew she was needed, that her siblings depended on her to be the backbone of the family, the mother that kept it together because of her dad's frequent absences, but death felt like it would be a reprieve, the only thing that was going to give her any kind of solace or happiness from the darkness in her mind, the swirling nightmares that plagued her sleep. It was the only solution that was real, unlike anything else she'd come up with but she could never decide how to do it, and that's what kept her alive.

She made lunches for her siblings in advance on Sundays once they were of school age, going as far as to label them all Monday-Friday. She took charge of the cooking every night too but gave tasks to whoever wanted to help. She kept that household running, even in her absence from home on the few rare nights she gave to herself. Her phone was always buzzing with a text from one of her siblings, and she'd brokered peace more times than she could count in a 3-way conversation on instant messenger. The business of all the Heavens kept her busy, very busy, and it was in those times that she was able to smile through the chaos.

But she was alone at night. Always. Her sister may have been only a few feet away, the four bedroom house becoming increasingly crowded, resulting in all the Heavens children sharing a room with at least one other sibling, but Evan still sank deep into the depths of her psyche, dreaming of all the ways she'd meet her end. Not even the presence of one of the younger ones in her bed did anything to quell the sleeping darkness.

A nightmare became a reality a few days after Evan's thirteenth birthday, receiving a call that her stepmother was in a car accident. But it wasn't just Teagan, no. Some of her siblings had been in the car too. The roads were icy but that didn't stop Evan from riding her bicycle at full speed, slipping and slidding, barely making it to the hospital. Her dad had been away, gone on a cross country flight and wasn't due back for another day, which left her and Alex as the oldest family members but they were both still underage.

Ev remembers that night clearly, while also not remembering it all, everything having gone by so fast and slow at the same time that certain moments became a blur while others were starkly present. Teagan didn't make it but her siblings did, albeit bruised and battered.

Then she met someone, a boy, a teenager, really, later in the year. He was new to Ridgeway, her brother's age, and Alex sort of took him under his wing, providing the new kid with a new friend. But without realizing it, Evan stole him away from her brother and the two of them became the best of friends instead. They seemed to understand each other, more than anyone else did, or at least it felt that way. It didn't take long for her to be comfortable around him, be herself and not the awkward duck she usually unleashed.

Things seemed better, brighter and she began to question her earlier conclusions, thinking that perhaps she did have a place here, and maybe her existence wasn't as troublesome as she once believed. But the arrival of another stepmother squashed that line of thought.

Her name was Iris and unlike Teagan, she actually wanted to be a mother, wanted to be around the children and be considered a friend, not an enemy. She started encroaching on what had been Evan's domain, insisting she would cook dinner, run the errands, take the kids to the park. She kept trying to get Ev to go out on dates, which weren't her strong suit. Suddenly and without any real warning, she'd spout a random fact or pose an awkward question. Did you know that each person eats about three bottles of ketchup a year? Or have you ever wondered what happens when you die? So she veered away from dating as much as possible.

The two of them butt heads, especially with the arrival of her baby brother, Valerie. Evan had been so used to being in charge, of looking after her siblings in their infancy and beyond that it was hard to break the habit of prying herself from bed when she heard Val squawk in the night. Iris was actually attentive, actually cared and it made Evan feel useless.

The time then came for her to take the test that all teens did, the one that would help decide her future career, which would happen to be in Education. Ev gained a bachelor's degree in the field with a minor in art, followed by an art education Masters over the course of five years. She spent two semesters under the student teacher banner before being placed in her own classroom around twenty-four at Goodhue Elementary after the unfortunate passing of her husband. But getting there was a bumpy road, especially when she was married halfway through her sophomore year in college.

His name was Winston and he lived in Seattle, not far from Ridgeway. She hated the thought of leaving her family, but at the same time, maybe it would be better to not be around them. It'd be an escape, not the one she wanted, but an escape all the same. But from the moment the nineteen-year-old had said 'I do', she was never able to make Winston happy. She was always doing something wrong, something not to his taste, only further proving that she wasn't meant to be here. Evan didn't think she'd fail so spectacularly and couldn't fathom why it hurt so much, to be a horrible wife to Winn. After all, she still had her education, her drive to spread the wonder of art to the masses, starting with the youngest ones. But the fact remained that without her family there to balance everything out with the tasks that needed doing, the corralling, the constant noise, there was nothing to distract her. Not even her painting filled her with enough joy and happy thoughts to last the day.

Her gaze began to linger on the bath, how easy it would be to sink into the water and let everything go. She took too long slicing the carrots, thinking that if she just slipped, the guilt and suffering of her existence would be no more. The rope from the tire swing in the neighbor's yard might do nicely too.

Winston found her in the tub, the tap left on causing the water to spill out into the bedroom and the hall. She'd nearly drifted off to sleep when he shook her violently awake. In a shocking act of kindness, he'd scooped her up, wrapped her in a robe, and made hot chocolate complete with marshmallows.

He died that evening. She doesn't talk about how.

Death followed her back to Ridgeway, creeping into the main Heavens household and taking Iris on a spring afternoon, leaving the younger brood motherless. Evan stepped back into her previous role, which was easy to do since she lived across the street. All the hustle and bustle around her kept her on track, kept her from acting on her thoughts. Though since her return more than two years ago, she's gotten a tattoo on her upper back and shoulder. If only she too could be a bird, fly away.

Evan knows her next partnership is coming up, but unlike her first marriage, she won't be moving to another city or town. He's here in Ridgeway too, but he has no idea what kind of damaged bride he's getting.

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