Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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 Gifs of life, Zyqoa's development thread
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 11:58 AM

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GMT+1 + She/her

A thread collecting gifs, pictures and one-shots for my characters

Ansel Sawyer
Calleigh Jeffries
Zamuel Malone
Aaliyah Kohl
Seth Hasenkamp
Emiko Attwater
Isidora Knox
Theo Malone
Kitty Windsor
Cami Calderon
Nathan Jones
Jasper Heavens
Maddox Alexander
Quiana Twilling
Saga García

Isidora Knox
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 08:18 AM


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Without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold. Until you find it there and lead it back home

GMT +1 + she/her

“Dr. Knox?”, a soft voice inquired as the door slid open. Isidora raised her head and blinked a few times, her eyes trying to get used to the harsh light in the hallway outside the hospital room. She hadn’t noticed the darkness that had crept in and overtaken her surroundings, not while she was in the middle of it, but she realized now. She also realized that she had no idea what time it was. Had she dozed off? It wouldn’t be the first time.
“Yes, I’m here”, she mumbled back as she straightened up in the chair that had become her second home. The person to whom the voice belonged was nothing but a dark silhouette against the light outside, but Isidora recognized the voice as one of Cay’s regular nurses. The woman turned on the light and revealed a concerned face. Her brows were gently gathered above worried eyes, her mouth twisted into an overbearing smile that Isidora had seen so much she had grown to resent it.
“Maybe it’s time to go home? It’s late… He’ll still -”
“Be here tomorrow”, Isidora interrupted her mid-sentence and finished it off for her. She had heard that line a lot, too. It was no less devastating every time they said it, though. They were right, he would still be here. No matter how badly she wished for it, he wouldn’t get up and go. If that was going to happen, it would have by now. He had been in that bed for 18 months, no change. Not even a flicker on any of their screens to indicate that anything would happen. Ever.
The nurse stood in the door, watching Isidora. She didn’t say anything about being interrupted. What was there to say that hadn’t already been said a hundred times? None of her colleagues had gotten anywhere with the stubborn woman, what hope did she have on making a breakthrough tonight?
With a soft nod Isidora got up from her chair. She gathered her coat and approached her husband’s bed. The nurse sent her another of her overbearing smiles before she left the room, leaving Isidora alone with Cayden. The young woman brushed the intensely dark hair away from her face and focused her eyes on her husband’s face. Quiet, peaceful. Unresponsive. Her slender fingers brushed against his hand. A hand that used to be so rough, hardened by years of manual labor, but was now left soft and fragile by months of passivity. She slipped her fingers into his hand and squeezed it gently like she had done so many times before, always with that tiny glimmer of hope that he would squeeze back. He didn’t this time, either.
And finally, that was it. That glimmer she had relied on for so long, it was gone. She felt it darken, evaporate into the air around her. Disappear. Her eyes welled up with tears for the 1000th time, but she didn’t bother to wipe them. There was no point, others would just join them in a second. She leaned down and planted a soft kiss on his forehead, her lips lingering for just a second against his skin, before she rested her own forehead against his.
“Honey… It’s time now, isn’t it? I can’t keep you here forever… No matter how much I want to”, she straightened up, brushed his cheek with her fingertips. “If religions are right, at least you won’t be alone. Your daughters are waiting for you. That’s all you ever really wanted, after all. To be with your girls. I can’t deny you that anymore.”
With heavy tears running down her cheeks she clutched her coat tight and let the door slide closed behind her. The nurse looked up as she approached the desk.
“Going home for the night, Dr. Knox?”, she asked, but the look on her face changed when her eyes met Isidora’s.
“I need the form, Jen”, her voice was dark, raspy, but there was a determined look in her eyes, behind the sorrow. “To unplug him. I need the form.”
“Isidora... “, the nurse stood up and reached out to grab the other woman’s hand. She had seen her in that room every night for a year and a half, and never before had she dared to use her first name. Nobody really did, not even the doctors that she had known before her husband’s accident. But this moment, it was too heavy for formalities. “Are you sure?”
“The form, Jen”, she repeated after taking a deep breath. The nurse squeezed her hand and then turned to locate the right papers. She placed them on the desk in front of Isidora, tentatively, as if she was just waiting for the woman to change her mind. But she didn’t. Instead she picked a pen from the cup to her right and, with slightly shaking hands, she signed her name on the dotted line.
“Tell the attending doctor he can do it as soon as he’s in. I don’t want to be here for it”, she pushed the forms back across the desk. The nurse was about to open her mouth, likely to ask if she was sure about that as well, but one look from Isidora was enough to tell her not to. She had made her decision, and she wanted it to be respected. The nurse nodded, a simply gesture and all it took for Isidora to know that her wishes were heard. So Isidora put on her coat, threw one last glance at Cayden’s hospital room, and then she walked down the hall. The only sound filling the ward in that moment being the clicking sound of her heels against the floor.
March 10th 2098
You used to captivate me
by your resonating light. Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 02:13 PM

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GMT+1 + She/her

Ansel Sawyer 32 years old High merit High school math teacher Partner: Kamala Sawyer née Vanthala Daughters: Lynn & Audrey, 10 Son: Taylor, 4 Joseph Morgan
No outfits to display
Calleigh Casey "Cal" Jefrries 20 years old Low merit Plumber's apprentice Partner: Vitullo Morrison Kathryn Newton
✔ Shotgun host

Black graffitti jeans, red turtleneck, leather jacket (image)

It's been a long day with nobody (open)

✔ Death for Apollo

Lightblue baggy jeans, black croptop, plaid jacket (image)

Beginning of the end with Vitullo Morrison

✔ Engines of stone

Black and white pants, black croptop, black coat (image)

Welcome to the puzzle palace with Vitullo Morrison

✔ Damaged barrier

Camouflage jeans, black turtleneck sweater (image)

Just get on board, will you? with Vitullo Morrison

✔ Top of the art

Black jeans, Ramones t-shirt, black cardigan (image)

Taking the neighborhood back with Wyatt Wesley

✔ Demon's junction

Black distresed shorts, red t-shirt, green jacket, black boots (image)

Forget for the night with Uinsean Malone

✔ Final covenant

Black denim shorts, pink camouflage-style top, black sneakers, black cap (image)

What a woman wants with Vitullo Morrison

✘ Pagan’s damsel

Black jeans, black long, sleeveless top, black boots (image)

thread with name

✘ Frightful cay

Black jeans, black and red shirt, leather jacket, black boots, cap (image)

thread with name

Zamuel Malone 21 years old High merit College student, music Partner: Caroline Malone née Parrish Iosu Martinez
✔ Shooting keys

Black distressed jeans, black and white dress shirt, black jacket, blue scarf (image)

If I could only let go with Anastasia Mikhailov

✔ Emerald's wedding

Black jeans, white dress shirt with flower sleeves, black felt hat (image)

The latte boy with Taylor Heavens

✔ Crossed signals

Light blue distressed jeans, white and darkred hooded t-shirt, black jacket (image)

At the end of the day with Caroline Malone

✔ Mountain of songs

Blue jeans, black and white short sleeve shirt (image)

Like a firestorm with Caroline Malone

✔ Brother's quest

Black suit, white dress shirt, lightblue brocade bowtie (image)

The bar with Taylor Heavens

✔ Constant sunlight

Black distressed jeans, black t-shirt, green jacket, sunglasses (image)

Flying over the Red Sea with Caroline Malone, Zadie Meadows, and Avery Meadows and Still pretending with Taylor Heavens

✔ The last hunter

Black jeans, black dress shirt with floral pattern, black sneakers (image)

You're gonna go far, kid with Zadie Meadows

✘ Runic prophecy

Black jeans, white dress shirt with flowers and birds, black sneakers (image)

thread with name

✘ Destiny tangle

Black jeans, grey t-shirt, white hoodie, black leather jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Tropical corner

Black jeans, black t-shirt, red leather jacket, white sunglasses (image)

thread with name

✘ Demands of myth

Ridiculous Minions underwear (image)

thread with name

✘ Admiral's land

Blue denim overalls, white sleeveless t-shirt (image)

thread with name

✘ Forged by desire

Black jeans, dark red t-shirt (image)

thread with name

✘ Scholar of change

Dark blue jeans, white dress-shirt, cream knitted cardigan, brown shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Taste of creation

Dark blue jeans, white-blue dress-shirt (image)

thread with name

✘ Memory's honor

Black jeans, black-grey-white striped sweater, white sunglasses (image)

thread with name

✘ Athena's trail

Black jeans, lightblue sweater, black coat (image)

thread with name

✘ Lunatic proposal

Black jeans, cream fringed sweater, black felt hat (image)

thread with name

✘ Cursed emerald

Blue jeans, teal and orange jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Heart of the empire

Darkblue jeans, white t-shirt, grey jacket, sunglasses (image)

thread with name

✘ Spirit citadel

Dark green jeans, grey sweater, beige hat (image)

thread with name

✘ Desert of destiny

Lightblue distressed jeans, green t-shirt, white backpack (image)

thread with name

Aaliyah "Ally" Kohl née Griffin 28 years old neutral merit yoga instructor partner: Calvin Kohl Nathalie Emmanuel
✔ Angel's hoard

Flared black skirt, black and white leggins with geometric pattern, blue sweater, black boots (image)

She drives me crazy with Nicholas Cooper

✔ Game of doom

Black striped semiformal dress, black clutch, large pearl necklage (image)

The Hasenkamp soiree with Calvin Kohl + invited guests

✘ The twin of prey

Blue pants, white tank top, white sandals, black embroidered bag (image)

thread with name

✘ Conquest of the ruby

Black leather skirt, black and white checkered crop top, black and white wedges (image)

thread with name

✘ Songs of healing

Sparkly dress in two blue tone (image)

thread with name

✘ Grass passions

Dark blue dress, pink heels, and a bag (image)

thread with name

✘ Earth showers

Black croptop, leggins with intricate, geometric pattern (image)

thread with name

✘ Angel's gem

Black jeans, white dress shirt, union jack pullover, darkblue winter jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Splitting chains

Highwaisted jean-shorts, low cut black top, sunglasses (image)

thread with name

✘ Heirs of dance

Black and white semiformal dress (image)

thread with name

✘ Boss of doubt

Yellow dress with stomach cutout, black clutch (image)

thread with name

✘ Contact pink

Short dress w. black top and colorful graffitti-style skirt, black shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Sins of mist

Nude dress with black lace, black shoes and clutch (image)

thread with name

✘ Silent ballet

Darkblue dress with red pattern and black lace, black shoes and clutch (image)

thread with name

✘ Temptation wheel

Short black skirt, black, white and yellow long sleeved shirt (image)

thread with name

✘ Enchanter's wager

Calf-long orange skirt, pale blue top, silver shoes, black clutch (image)

thread with name

✘ Mistress of pride

Mint green pants, white top, white, blue, and pink high heeled sandals (image)

thread with name

Seth Elijah Hasenkamp 35 years old Excellent merit Criminal prosecutor Partner: Eleanor Windsor-Hasenkamp Daughters: Evelyn, 16 & Rachel, 8 Sons: Bradford, 21, Langdon, 17, & Aaron, 6 Henry Cavill
✔ River's widow

Black suit, lavender shirt, dark purple tie (image)

The tin man and his heart with Bellamy Kingston

✔ Way of the queen

Blue suit, purple patterned tie, brown coat (image)

The Hasenkamp soiree with Eleanor Windsor-Hasenkamp + invited guests

✘ Hand of passage

Lightblue tartan suit, darkred dotted tie (image)

thread with name

✘ Barrow straight

Lightgrey suit, black tie (image)

thread with name

✘ Tangled fancy

Black suit, black dotted tie (image)

thread with name

✘ Tsar's dragon

Black jeans, blue v-neck sweater (image)

thread with name

✘ Air pride

Blue jeans, beige turtleneck sweater, brown jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Madness of faith

Blue jeans, dark green sweater, dotted scarf (image)

thread with name

✘ Invisible contract

Black jeans, black coat (image)

thread with name

✘ Vengeful vacation

Blue suit, red tie, brown pocket-square (image)

thread with name

✘ Sword of correction

Blue jeans, dark green zip-up shirt (image)

thread with name

Archived character Emiko Miranda Nakayama Attwater 26 years old poor merit waitress Partner: Brayden Spurling Kimiko Glenn
✔ Tainted illusions

White dress w. flowers, long black coat, brown boots and belt (image)

So... Here we are with Brayden Spurling

✔ Ember's thought

Flowy white dress, silver neckpiece, silver shoes (image)

The Hasenkamp soiree with Brayden Spurling + invited guests

✘ Queen's road

Teal sleeveless dress, white belt, brown shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Saved from Rome

Darkblue leggins, white croptop, nude heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Infinity hall

Blue jeans, red sweater, white heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Eve of the moon

Orange dress, sparkly belt, green heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Brood of autumn

Blue dress w. red accents, nude heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Merchant's revenge

Black jeans, black chiffon shirt, black suit jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Puppet sheets

Striped pants, black flowered top, red shirt (image)

thread with name

✘ Piece of honor

Black pants, beige top, white flowered satin cardigan (image)

thread with name

✘ Spite of betrayal

Jean shorts, white dotted croptop (image)

thread with name

Isidora Knox née King/Gordon 35 years old neutral merit coroner partner: Dallas Clark Amy Lee
✔ Gothic spectre

Black pants, black shirt with lace, black boots, bead earrings (image)

Lurking in the dark with Dallas Clark

✘ Viking bride

Black and red tight dress, black boots, black leather jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Demon songs

Flowy dress with black, blue, red and yellow patterning (image)

thread with name

✘ Indulgence in black

Dress with black corset, skirt of black and darkpink (image)

thread with name

✘ Harm's sword

Lolita style black dress over cream top with flared sleeves (image)

thread with name

✘ Let the hunter

Dress with black top, white skirt, black chiffon ribbon (image)

thread with name

✘ Birthday visitor

Black top, black tutu skirt, black boots (image)

thread with name

✘ Silent ballet

Flowy black tunic w. blue panels, purple leggins, black boots (image)

thread with name

✘ Minute for disaster

Black top, layered white skirt, no shoes (image)

thread with name

Theodore "Theo" Malone, born Eriksen 21 years old low merit house prepareman Partner: Daphne Lightwood Elliot Fletcher
✔ Time of rain

Blue jeans, white and darkred hooded t-shirt, red plaid jacket (image)

There's a fine line between cute and creepy with Daphne Lightwood

✔ Magic hall

Black jeans, dark red hoodie, black cap (image)

Behind the badge with Kalliope Caetano

✘ Vision of hope

Black jeans, red hoodie, red tartan shirt, blue jean jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Tortured ship

Black jeans, black hoodie, yellow tartan shirt (image)

thread with name

✘ Liar's house

Blue jeans, lightgrey hoodie, camoflage jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Wolf's crusade

Black jeans, black turtleneck sweater, brown shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Shadow thieves

Black jeans, blue patterned short-sleeve shirt (image)

thread with name

✘ Killer's stowaway

Black jeans, black hoodie, light blue jean jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Depths of command

Blue distressed jeans, black hoodie w. print (image)

thread with name

✘ Village violence

Black jeans, black hoodie w. red armband (image)

thread with name

✘ Privilege of chain

Black suit, dark red shirt (image)

thread with name

Catherine "Kitty" Windsor 28 years old excellent merit genetic analyst and partnership assessor Partner: Sean Jones Claire Holt
✔ Jupiter gifts

White flowered jumpsuit, nude pointed heels (image)

When you feel like a damn queen with the twisted sisters

✔ Duchess of danger

Darkblue dress with lace, black heels, pearl jewelry (image)

The Hasenkamp soiree with Sean Jones + invited guests

✔ Star in the chronicle

Lightblue jeans, pink camisole with black lace, pink flats (image)

Simply animated with Posey Gwin

✘ Intimate widow

Black jumpsuit, black and white striped jacket, black pumps (image)

thread with name

✘ Queen of the void

White jumpsuit with pink flowers, pink sandals, gold flower-based jewelry (image)

thread with name

✘ Lady liaison

Leather skirt, white shirt with lightblue pattern, black boots (image)

thread with name

✘ Liar's siren

Bloodred dress, black sparkly clutch (image)

thread with name

✘ Miami sickness

White shorts, paneled blue shirt, darkblue cardigan (image)

thread with name

✘ Ritual sunset

White dress, long printed cardigan (image)

thread with name

✘ Bones of magnolia

Black bead-ornamented formal dress (image)

thread with name

✘ Cheating exile

Striped skirt, white top, sparkly black cardigan, large jewelry (image)

thread with name

✘ Sleeping wall

Navy blue top, red skirt, black gloves, sunglasses (image)

thread with name

✘ Unbroken light

White jumpsuit, white jacket, pointy heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Native domain

Leather pants, black top, white jacket, black pointed heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Tangle of sun

Leather skirt, white shirt, black and white flowered jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Soldier's door

Nude dress, ruffled jacket, white scarf, gladiator sandals (image)

thread with name

Cameron "Cami" Castillo née Rayne 30 years old neutral merit props maker partner: Gabriel Castillo Son: Arturo, 8 daughter: Marisol, 3 Karen Gillan
✔ Summer tempest

Knee-length formal dress with golden scales, gold shoes (image)

The Hasenkamp soiree with Gabriel Castillo + invited guests

✔ Seventh destiny

Light blue distressed overalls, yellow and white striped top, pink sneakers, hair band, green jacket (image)

All work and no play? with Jamison Davies

✘ Crown of the nightingale

Blue and grey geometric dress, brown sandals, floppy grey hat (image)

thread with name

✘ Maidens and mist

Blue overalls with short legs, white and orange bikini top, red, white, and orange sandals (image)

thread with name

✘ Amber claws

Lightblue jean shorts, white flowered croptop, orange and red striped sandals (image)

thread with name

✘ Captain's game

Blue jeans, white striped shirt, beige jacket, brown bag (image)

thread with name

✘ Feminine steel

Black shorts, white dress shirt, darkblue suit jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Burning diaries

Darkgreen semiformal dress, light brown bag (image)

thread with name

✘ Lies of pride

Red long sleeve shirt, black skirt and leggins, blue shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Gun for gravity

Dark green velour skirt, white shirt, grey bag, brown shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Stormy masks

Black jeans, sweater w. red buses and yellow stripes, white bag (image)

thread with name

✘ Saint's promise

Darkblue shorts, cream slightly see-through shirt, black shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Captive tricks

Long black and yellow sweater, black leggins, black shoes (image)

thread with name

✘ Pool of illusion

Blue dress, black suit jacket, brown bag, black flats (image)

thread with name

✘ Scorched raven

Semi-formal red lacy dress, black suit jacket, black boots (image)

thread with name

✘ Prisoner's star

Black skirt, patterned top, tartan shirt-jacket (image)

thread with name

Nathan Dominic Jones 19 years old high merit stuntman partner: Lilibeth Roquefort-Miller Alexander Ludwig
✔ The sacred citadel

Grey jeans, black t-shirt with white print, red sneakers (image)

Stuffing face w/ yummy goodness with Lilibeth Roquefort-Miller

✘ Hunter and realm

Lightblue distressed jeans, black tank with geometric pattern, red sneakers (image)

thread with name

Jasper Alicia Heavens 17 years old neutral merit high school student Ginny Gardner
✔ Sunset circle

Flowy cream skirt, red top, black boots, black hat, brown bag (image)

Seven stars of Heavens with the Heavens family and Teenage dirtbags with the Ridgeway teens

✘ Lady in training

Blue jean-shorts, red top, red flats, black and white hat, sunglasses (image)

thread with name

✘ God's garden

Teal, flowered jumpsuit, teal flats, beige hat (image)

thread with name

✘ Master of demons

Lightblue jeans, white top with classic car print, pink jacket (image)

thread with name

✘ Sisters of the sun

Lightblue playsuit with short legs, light grey flats (image)

thread with name

✘ The land in heaven

Purple and mint geometric dress, matching striped flats, mint phone bag (image)

thread with name

Maddox Alexander 29 years old high merit Pediatric nurse Partner: Morgan Stirling Daughter: Alexis "Lexi", 6 Josh Mario John
✔ Essential trail

Black jeans, lightblue denim vest, black boots (image)

The night is young with Zarja Harlow-Malone

✔ Stone empire

Black jeans, black, grey and white tank, black boots, sunglasses (image)

Black smoke rising with Morgan Stirling

✔ Freedom of time

Black jeans with writing, dark grey sleeveless hoodie, black and white shoes (image)

Bring me good news with Kay Ward-Alexander

✘ Eternal bone

Black jeans, black sleeveless top with grey print, black boots, black hat (image)

thread with name

✘ Breath of chance

Black jeans, white t-shirt with black text, black suspenders, boots, sunglasses (image)

thread title with name

✘ Tangled piece

Black jeans, black dress-shirt, dark grey wool coat, rings (image)

thread title with name

✘ Patient edge

Black trousers, white dress-shirt, suspenders, grey wool jacket, sunglasses (image)

thread title with name

✘ Three strikes

Black jeans with knee patches, black distressed t-shirt, shiny black boots (image)

thread title with name

✘ Maze of cavalier

Black jeans, black t-shirt with yellow print, beige hat (image)

thread title with name

✘ Ashes of fantasy

Black jeans, grey hoodie with black print, sleeves, and hood (image)

thread title with name

✘ Lot's wing

Black jeans, dark grey shirt, black leather jacket, sunglasses (image)

thread title with name

✘ Knight of waves

Black jeans, black shirt, black leather jacket, shiny black boots (image)

thread title with name

✘ Attack of the warrior

Blue tartan pants, blue striped dress-shirt, grey wool jacket (image)

thread title with name

✘ Patriot's tale

Grey pants, yellow sweater, grey-green raincoat, glasses (image)

thread title with name

✘ Ritual coffin

Grey jeans, black t-shirt with white "Lost boys" print (image)

thread title with name

Quiana Andalusia Twilling 22 years old neutral merit Singer songwriter Partner: Bradford Hasenkamp Duckie Thot
✔ Moon madness

Black and tartan asymmetrical skirt, black crop top, black skull pumps (image)

Laban. with Caroline Malone

✔ Under the crossroad

Black and purple galaxy shorts, black crop top, black studded heels. (image)

One step forward, two steps back with Bradford Hasenkamp and Seth Hasenkamp

✘ The kingmaker

Black tight t-shirt dress with white print, black skull pumps, blue lipstick (image)

thread with name

✘ Eye of coins

Black tight t-shirt dress w/ drum set print, black heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Bringer of summer

Black and red shorts, red top, black leather jacket, black heels (image)

thread with name

✘ Emerald darkness

Black and camo dress, black heels, bullshead necklace (image)

thread with name

✘ Journeyman of treason

Black lace skirt, black and red lace top, black and gold heels (image)

thread with name

Saga Kaitlin García 41 years old neutral merit Woodshop and autoshop teacher partner: Dorian Pierce Daughters: Idun, 22, Sif, 19, & Sigyn and Hel, 4 Son: Vidar, 16 Natassia Malthe
✔ Signs of midnight

Camo pants, black tank top, black sneakers (image)

Here’s to the heartache with open thread

✘ Trader´s knight

Camo pants with large pockets, black and grey tank top, black sneakers (image)

thread with name

Ansel Sawyer
 Posted: Jun 19 2018, 11:20 AM

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Age // 32

Posts // 30

Merit // High

Alias // Zyqoa

Occupation // High School Teacher, maths

Partner // Kamala Vanthala-Sawyer

Mini Quote

“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.”

+ She/Her

NPCs for Ansel Sawyer
> Madeleine Burke
Madeleine was Ansel's first wife. The pair were partnered in 2088 when Ansel was 21 and Madeleine was 19. The partnership is what brought Ansel to Ridgeway, having grown up in a similar small town in the area.
Madeleine herself was born and raised in Ridgeway, oldest daughter of Marvin and Fawn Burke. Her younger sister Isabelle was born three years after Madeleine, and the two girls grew up close.
Following her graduation from high school Madeleine was assigned a career as a nurse. She went to college to obtain her degree and proceeded to work at Ridgeway General Hospital.
Madeleine was a passionate woman who sought thrills wherever she could find them. She was outspoken, provocative, and argumentative, and she quickly grew frustrated with her mild-mannered husband. She would push his buttons every chance she had just to get a rise out of him, and as time progressed the two of them went from arguing to barely speaking to one another.
Despite their differences, Madeleine and Ansel did have children. Three of them to be precise. The first family addition came less than a year after the partnership in the form of identical twins Audrey and Lynn, six years later followed by little brother Taylor.
After Taylor's birth Madeleine and Ansel's relationship worsened, and they decided to sleep in seperate bedrooms so they wouldn't have to argue every night. This resulted in the distance between them growing, and suddenly they were barely involved in each other's lives. Ansel divided his time between his work and his children, leaving very little time for himself or Madeleine. Meanwhile she found another way to deal - drugs. Through her job she had access to presciption drugs and the knowledge of how to circumvent the regular tests, so she managed to keep her abuse hidden for years.
In 2098 everything became too much for Madeleine. She was miserable and saw no other way out than suicide. While the children were at their grandparent's, Madeleine took and overdose and died on the kitchen floor, where Ansel came home to find her. It wasn't clear whether her death was intentional or accidental, not until Ansel finally found her suicide note. However he has never told anybody, and simply accepts the blame for his death which her family has been quick to place on his shoulders.

> Audrey Sawyer
Audrey is the firstborn of Ansel's 10-year-old twin daughters, who were born in November of 2088. She is a very happy and cheerful girl, always with a smile on her face. She's very positive and outgoing, and definitely the more stereotypically girly one of the two. She loves frilly dresses, nailpolish and elaborate hairstyles. She was quick to accept Kamala, Ansel's second wife - really she was just happy to have somebody to girl out with, something her father or sister never quite figured out how to do.

> Lynn Sawyer
Lynn is the secondborn of the twins, about 10 minutes younger than her sister. In many ways Lynn takes after her father - she's calm and restrained, not much of a talker and not quick to crack a smile. She's more likely to be found reading a book in the shade than playing with her peers, and even when convinced to join in she's more of an observer than a participator. She's a sweet girl, but she can be difficult to read, which is part of why Kamala had a little more trouble cracking this nut. Lynn doesn't dislike her in any way, but she also doesn't seek her out the way her sister does. Ansel was worried at first, but little signs have made him feel confident that Lynn is softening up - she answers any questions Kamala asks, and doesn't avoid being around her. That might not sound like much, but knowing Lynn Ansel is certain they're positive signs.

> Taylor Sawyer
4-year-old Taylor was born in August of 2094 and like most toddlers he's energetic and excitable. He's extremely talkative and simply lights up when somebody asks him a question. Sometimes he can be tiring, especially to a man like Ansel who's more of a quiet type, but luckily he's a heavy sleeper, so once he calms down there'll be peace and quiet for a while. His bubbly personality and the fact that he has no real memories of his biological mother has made it fairly easy for Kamala to connect with him - all she really has to do to make him happy is let him talk her ears off.

Quiana Twilling
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 06:01 PM


Age // 22

Posts // 28

Merit // Neutral

Alias // Zyqoa

Occupation // Singer/songwriter

Partner // Bradford Hasenkamp

Mini Quote

She wears strength and darkness equally well. The girl has always been half goddess, half hell

GMT+1 + She/her

My development will now also include examples of Quiana's poetry/song writing, recognizable by the use of this particular code

Paper ashes
You’re king in a paper castle
That you think is made of stone
With perfection by your side
Upon a paper throne
The queen is but a lonely shadow
In the night a quiet moan
And with every breath she knows
That she is all alone

You don’t realize the damage
That a single spark could do
Oh, to strike a match
- and watch it burn
This castle made for two

You look at her and see a problem
The devil’s daughter in your way
But in this paper castle
It is a sin to stray
You know she has her eye on you
And if you even sway
It will barely take a second
for her to make you pay

You don’t realize the damage
That a single spark could do
Oh, to strike a match
- and watch it burn
This castle made for two

From servants to the queen of hearts
Everybody plays their role
But one day they’ll realize
They’re paying with their soul
And this castle stands on fragile ground
When it begins to roll
You, my paper castle king,
Will no longer have control

You start to realize the danger
It comes to you in flashes
So now I’ll strike a match
- I’ll watch you burn
And leave you in the ashes
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