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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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 Fancy Meeting You Here, Keegan Malone | Lady
Blaine Abbott
 Posted: Jul 8 2018, 12:29 PM

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Blaine really didn’t like hospitals. Like…she really hated them. The only time she had spent any time in one of her own accord is when she broke her arm at school in the second grade. Still, she hated them. The smell, the unpredictably. Blaine had never lost someone close to her, but just seeing people with tear-filled eyes in waiting rooms or in the halls made her sad. She had rarely visited the maternity ward, but she guessed it was probably the only mostly-happy spot in the whole place.

Today she was here to visit a friend from high school while she waited for her mom to get out of surgery. Blaine hadn’t been especially close to Kelly, but close enough that she wanted to comfort the girl in her time of need. It wasn’t like she had much else to do this summer. Maggie and Kamala were busy with their lives, and their partners. Partners…ugh. Soon she too would be partnered, but Blaine honestly didn’t know what to expect.

It had been five days since she got the notice, and Keegan hadn’t reached out. She wondered if maybe he was busy, with work, or family obligations. Deep down, she wondered if he was disappointed. Maybe he wouldn’t show to their appointment? Blaine pressed the elevator button as she thought. Despite her hesitation in being paired up with a Malone, Blaine would still be devastated. She hadn’t gotten up the nerve to text him just yet, but if she didn’t hear from him soon, she would have to. The suspense was killing her.

So lost was Blaine in her own thoughts that when the doors opened she didn’t even look up. She stepped into the elevator, and only then realized that someone else was in there too. “Sixth floor, please.” She said, but when she looked up she nearly fainted.

Standing in front of her was her future husband…Keegan Malone.

Keegan Malone
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