Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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 Q and A Master List
Mad Science
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 12:39 AM


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It's poetry in motion. She turned her tender eyes to me. As deep as any ocean, As sweet as any harmony. But she blinded me with science!


Family & Children
    Q: If a family has an excessive number of children, would they be upgraded to a different house?
    A: No. 4-5 bedroom houses for everyone, but it is possible to renovate in order to combine, or create new rooms. Perhaps even build onto the house and take some of the garden to convert into bedrooms.

    Q: How closely does the government keep tabs on family tries? Have they made mistakes in the past and partnered off distantly related family members?
    A: They probably would have paired off distantly related people, if their genomes would match up perfectly.

    Q: How distant is distant enough for partners?
    A: Second cousins could be matched.

    Q: How does honeymoons awork?
    A: It's up to the individuals if they want one or not. You can see HERE where they can go. They can also have one later than their actual wedding if they dont want to take off time immidiately. High merit people and excellent are more likely to go on a honeymoon, since they would be able to better afford it.

    Q: Can parents sign their children up for singing and dancing classes?
    A: Yes they can.

    Q: How about tutoring?
    A: If the kids really need it, yes - But remember that it's an expense if it's something that goes on for a long time, and not very common.

    Q: If my character is 17 and orphaned, could she live on her own and take care of her younger sister?
    A: She would stay at an institute like Liptons, and so would her sister. She is unlikely to be deemed a fit guardian on her own. If she became partnered, her sister could come and stay with them but would still technically be a ward of the state.
    Q: What age do women usually get check-ups?
    A: Typically around their first menstrual cycle, and in their early teens to make sure that everything works the way it's supposed to.

    Q: How does ADHD or ADD work in this universe?
    A: Diagnosed and treated as early as possible. There are mistakes and fallgroups like in the real world, so it really depends on how observant your doctor is.

    Q: Is it still possible for asthma to be a thing, or would it have been cured by 2099?
    A: It would be a lot less common, but allergies are still a thing so asthma would probably be too. Just keep in mind that it would likely be mild as the genetic predisposition would have been selectively weeded out through generations, and this is a world who focuses on clean energy. There's a lot less polution in the air to aggrevate it.

    Q: Would congenital hearing loss be a thing? Like, slowly going deaf?
    A: Uncommon, but yes it could still happen, for instance with loud noises or injuries. Hearing aids are widely available though, and very advanced.
    Q: At what age are children usually adopted?
    A: Young children are adopted within a few months of being orphaned. If a child is a teen, there is a chance that they will get adopted till they turn 16, but from there on and till they're 18, they simply age out of the system. They're adults at this point anyway. The younger the kid, the shorter the stay at an institute.

    Q: Can the next of kin, like an uncle or aunt take in their niece / nephew if both of their parents are deceased??
    A: Yes and no. The children are put up for adoption when their parents die, and it'll be up to luck if the uncle and aunt are granted the child. The government might be more willing to give them the children than others, depending on how their merit-records look, but it's not guaranteed.

    Q: Is it reasonable for an infertile couple to adopt several children to care for, over the years?
    A: It is not only reasonable, but encouraged.

    Q: How does the general public look at adoptions?
    A: It's really down to the individual characters, but it's a positive thing in society.

    Q: If two married people have an affair and produce a child, who is offered the child first?
    A: The husband of the biological mother is offered the child first, as he was there for the pregnancy and as under the belief that it was his. If he doesn't want the kid, the wife is then offered, and if she turns it down they are set to an institute. It is possible for the woman in this situation to contest it, but there would have to be proof of their inability to properly care for a child.

    Q: What last name would orphans go under?
    A: Their family's name, unless the are in some kind of witness protection program. Once adopted, it would be up to them if they would take their new family's surnames, though it would be expected.
Animals and Pets:
    Q: Are there any rules on pets?
    A: You probably can't have 22 dogs in one house, but aside from that, not really?
World Questions
    Q: How does Native Tribes work in the Something Blue Universe?
    A: They're still separate, and have their own land. They tend to keep to themselves, but the DOS is still their governing body. They are still partnered, though it is mostly among their own people. It is very controlled, and outsiders are typically only introduced to maintain genetic diversity. Their jobs would be chosen, and they would have the same houses as the general population, but wouldn't be included in experiments.

    Q: Is there still award shows for film and music?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Is cheerleading still a thing?
    A: Yes. And yes, even professionally.

    Q: Does pokemon still exists?
    A: Yes. They stopped at 1500 different pokemons, and from there on it has been remixes. Since then it has been story extensions, remakes, as well as one game that combined all of the regions into one. It now has a succesful MMORPG as well.

    Q: Is religion still a thing?
    A: Yes, but more so as a cultural institution. They don't have the social dominance they do in our world.

    Q: Could someone devote themselves to the catholic church? Would they be allowed to do that and avoid being partnered?
    A: No. If they were older, and had kids already, and their partner had died or been removed then they might be able to apply for it but probably not as long as they can have / raise children.

    Q: Is cruises still a thing?
    A: Yes. We've even had an event tied to a cruise.

    Q: Is merit level secret?
    A: There are ways to look it up, but it's not advertised.

    Q: Are all private parties pretty much bring-your-own-booze?
    A: Yep. Pretty much. Everyone can share when they get there though.

    Q: What is the legal drinking age?
    A: 18.

    Q: Is there part-time jobs available for teenagers?
    A: Teenagers don't really work in this universe. They can do volunteer work, and earn a little bit of pocket money doing babysitting, but for the most part... They wouldn't be working.

    Q: Is there jobs available for college students?
    A: In general students are encouraged to focus on their education, but yes they could technically work and gain some experience that way. It wouldn't be a very good use of their time, but it's possible.
Marriage, Partnership & Rules.
    Q: If one person avoids the partnership twice, they get fined. But what if the groom bails the first time, and the bride the second time?
    A: Then it would count as the first offense for each of them. If neither shows up, it's an offense on both of them.

    Q: What is an acceptable reason not to show up?
    A: A family emergency, a car wreck, sudden death in the family, sudden injury. A sick child for instance wouldn't allow it to be rescheduled, the parent would be expected to find someone to look after the kid for the ceramony.

    Q: Would a person whose pregnant from a former partner, who then goes into labor, be punished for not showing up to a partnership appointment?
    A: That's a very specific question, but it would be an acceptable reason not to show up. They wouldn't typically put her partnership appointment around her due-date though, so the baby has to be late or early.
    Q: When would they get rescheduled an appointment then?
    A: Typically it would likely be the following week, but in the case of someone giving birth they would give her 2-3 weeks to a month, and allow her some recovery.

    Q: Do all 18-year olds get partnered right away?
    A: No. When you turn 18 years old, you're entered in the pool but you can be partnered at any time. It can take years, or it can literally be the day after you turn 18.

    Q: If a student turns 18 while still in school, would they be subjected to the pool or would they need to wait until they've graduated?
    A: They would have the possibility of being partnered at age 18, but it's not common for them to be partnered before they graduate. The government would like people to finish high school first.

    Q: What do people generally wear to appointments?
    A: Some dress it up, some doesn't. Usually your sundays best. No big white gowns. Not really a tuxedo. A suit would work, depending on the guy. Or girl.

    Q: Would there be consequenses if my character showed up in holey jeans and beat up sneakers?
    A: Other than some gossip? Nope!

    Q: What is the procedure like inside the courtroom?
    A: You go in, wait in an area and get called up and taken into a room with a judge. You recite some basic things, sign papers and are handed out to small standard, silver bands. Then you're married. Badabing badaboom!

    Q: If a spouse goes missing, will they be rematched?
    A: After a certain amount of time, yes. The missing person will likely be presumed dead.

    Q: Is military still a thing?
    A: Yes but it's a little different than it is today. You can find information about it HERE under Department of Defense. There is career military, where one wouldn't get out of it unless they got injured or traumatized.

    Q: What is the policy on cross-dressing?
    A: People would think you're weird and it would be cause for gossiping. It might even affect your merit since this is a world who largely focuses on heteronormative. But if you do it in your own home, you're fine.

    Q: How old is too old to get partnered?
    A: Around 65 or so, since that's retirement age. At least for biological purposes. Older people are occasionally repartnered but this is more for the sake of company and mental stability.

    Q: Is schools coed?
    A: Yes they are.
    Q: Is hairdye still a thing?
    A: Yes. It doesn't damage your hair as much, but would still a little if you continue to do it for a long time. There is a lot of options, and a variety in how long they last - Because we believe in letting people go crazy with their looks. Since it doesn't affect you having a baby. Might have to refrain if you're pregnant though, dont want those nasty chemicals to cause any damage.

    Q: Is tattoos still a thing?
    A: Yep. Go nuts.

    Q: How about piercings then?
    A: Yep. Go nuts. Just be aware that just like now, your appearance can affect how others view you, so excessive piercings and tattoos can be a little intimidating and may alter your promotion oppertunities at work.

    Q: How does prosthetic works?
    A: They're pretty advanced. Think Luke Skywalker / Winter Soldier sort of stuff, but they do not have pseudo skin. And who would want to cover that up anyway? LINK - An example of what you could expect.
Transport and relocation?
    Q: Would it be reasonable to say someone lived in Ridgeway but worked in Seattle?
    A: There is a really great train system, so that is totally reasonable. Bullet trains are very effective, or, if your character really just loves driving, they could just get up earlier in the morning.

    Q: Would people be transfered due to jobs / genetic reasons from other countries?
    A: We currently do not allow immigrants to be made on site, but may open for the oppertunity later on. Right now we are going to say no.

    Q: How about my characters parents? Could they be from another country?
    A: Any immigration would have had to be before 2020, but we prefer for parents to have been born in the country.

    Q: Can a character / their family come from different states and move to Ridgeway?
    A: Yep, they would be moved for their job or partnership. It's possible to apply for a move as well, if you just fall inlove with an area but it's not guaranteed that it will be approved.

    Q: Would they fly or take a train to Banff, Alberta?
    A: Fly. But they could do either, it's up to preference.

    Q: Is Uber still a thing?
    A: Technically yes but public transportation is vastly improved. So maybe use that instead you luxurious lay-around.

    Q: For older vehicles and motorcycles would there still be gas stations?
    A: No, everything would have been switched to charging stations and the vehicles had to have been modified. There isn't a need for gasoline anymore, really.
    Q: What does the number means in all of the directories? It's so confusing!
    A: We're sorry! Seriously, we've been meaning to put the information out there since we started, and kept getting distracted. Membergroup 1 is women, because ladies first. 2 is men, and 3 is teenagers.

    Q: Would an 18-year old senior in high school be considered a teen or an adult?
    A: Till graduation or they are partnered, they will stay in the teenagers membergroup.
    Q: Would actors go to school or just kind of apprentice?
    A: It would depend on the persons trackrecord and grades. Some career paths have different ways of getting from a to b. There is an acting school, and it is possible to get a 2-year degree, then continueing education afterwards. It's also possible to not get to college at all, and instead work with a coach, take lessons, and gain work that way rather than be formally educated.

    Q: To become a pediatrician, you need a 4 years college degree, 4 years of medical school and 3-4 yeras of an accredited residency program. Would this be the same?
    A: Roughly. Probably streamlined to 8-11 years of school, depending on their speciality and how much work they put in it. They would do a Bachelor of Science, then do a masters that's more specialized, and a PHD.

    Q: How long would it take for someone to become a librarian? Is the process streamlined, now into one program or still broken up into a BS and an MS?
    A: Just a bachelor's degree, it's a little streamlined.

    Q: Could you be assigned a religious position in a church?
    A: It would be assigned like any other job. They would probably be put in a lower position and have to work and educate themselves up to higher ones.

    Q: Would the government assign people to play in competetive sports?
    A: Yes, if your character has shown great promise in the past that's totally a possiblity. That can also be how they chose singers and actors. Be aware that once they can't play anymore though, they might have a problem. They can be gym teachers, or other connected jobs.

    Q: Does teachers get paid year-round, or do they have to find a summer job?
    A: They would still have their housing, utilities etc. paid for in the summer, as well as food credits. Teachers would be assigned some kind of summer work for the sake of not being idle, but you'll always have your basic needs met.
    Q: After a microchip is put into someones hand, what happens if their arm is cut off for whatever reason?
    A: Old ones would be deactivated and they would be fitted with a new one in the other hand. If they are unfortunate enough to lose both hands, it would be fitted somewhere else that's harder to cut off. The data is backed up.

    Q: Does Apartments have AI's?
    A: Yes, but they wouldn't be as advanced as in the houses. They also wouldn't have the same individual traits like the ones in the houses, rather a whole block of appartments are going to have one character trait that's the same. They still monitor stuff like food, alcohol, and more.

    Q: How monitored are the smart houses? Like, in terms of domestic crimes?
    A: Well, if your AI is a worrywart and anxious, they will likely call the police if any was to occur. But it depends a lot on that - It is entirely possible for it to occur, and some AI's are very faithful even to terrible people, so if they're told not to report something they might listen.

    Q: So technology is pretty advanced, yes?
    A: Yes.
    Q: How about sex robots?
    A: Someone is probably building and selling them, but they wouldn't be a common thing. And they wouldn't be fully functioning sci-fi robots. They wouldn't be illegal, but they wouldn't get government funding. It would be weird and frowned upon in society but that's how it is with plenty of other fetishes as well.

    Q: Is the AI like Alexa or Siri type things? What exactly do they do?
    A: They control all the smaller appliances, can be used to schedule things and keep track of your daily life. They monitor your habits, intake of different substances, and serve as locks on your doors and windows. They gather a bunch of information for the government. They're a fly on the wall, when they need to know something but the government uses this information for science, not for punishment. Some houses can be really friendly, and wants to help and keep your secrets. Some are there to make your life miserable.
Ridgeway Specifics:
    Q: Is Ridgeway closer to the west or east side of Washington?
    A: It's coastal. West. Weast? Geography is not our strong suit.

    Q: Is there a zoo in Ridgeway?
    A: No. But there would be one in Seattle.

    Q: Are we allowed to make the offspring of city officials? Like, county sheriff, chief of ridgeway police department...
    A: To an extent. We'll add it to the important people of Ridgeway section. If we haven't done it automatically, please poke us! It's important. It's really first comes, first served.

    Q: Are there school uniforms?
    A: Not in Ridgeway, and not in general.

    Q: How many periods are in a class schedule for high schoolers?
    A: 7 with 4 being split into A and B, one of which would be a students lunch and the other their forth period class.

    Q: Do they only get partnership letters if they are in Ridgeway?
    A: No, it's a national thing.

    Q: Is there a fried chicken festival?
    A: Not currently. But we do have fairs and carnivals.

    Q: Would it be alright to say that a characters family literally helped build the town?
    A: Sort of. The Hasenkamps was, and they're a part of the board so yes - As long as you're aware that not all in a family gets the same type of job necessarily. But you can totally have a grandparent be an old architect behind something, or similarly. Maybe stick to saying that they designed or build some important structure in town, such as the town hall?

    Q: So it couldn't be a family business?
    A: Sort of? The thing with family businesses are that they rely on a lot of luck. Some might have certain talents that run in the family, but that doesnt mean they will get assigned a job that could work for a family business. If you extend so it's including cousins and not just the core family, then it might work but it'd still be pretty risky to have.

    Q: Is there pre-K/nursery school? For children who are 2-4?
    A: Yes there are daycares, and they are determined by neighborhoods. Preschools have to be available as both parents work.

    Q: What if I want to keep the kids at home?
    A: If your character has a job with a flexible schedule, then that could work, but otherwise... Well. No dice. Preschools are also recommended for their development, it's free, so why wouldn't you use it?
Board functions:
    Q: How do I respond to the partnership notice?
    A: We strongly encourage gifs, but really just saying 'Yo!' in a reply to it will do!

    Q: Do I need to respond to the private message regarding my house and stuff?
    A: No, it's just information.

    Q: Is there any rules about the playby and their age in relation to the character?
    A: A character over 18, must have a play by over 18. That's it. If a character's playby looks way older than they are, we might step in and ask for a change but we try not to limit people.

    Q: What does being removed mean?
    A: You wont be apart of society anymore. You're literally a human experiment, a guniea pig. It can be gruesome. It can be pleasant. Who knows? It's surrounded by a lot of mystery for the general public.

    Q: Do I need to repost the app form if I want to bring back an old character in the future?
    A: Yes, yes you do.
    Q: A pregnancy outside of the marriage is cause for removal. But what if it was rape?
    A: If the rapist is named and found out, he will be prosecuted and likely removed. The woman would keep the baby if it's healthy, but it would be up to her if she would put it up for adoption afterwards. There wouldn't be any repurcussions for her as it is not the victims fault that they got raped.

    Q: If a person does jaywalking, then mail fraud one after the other then how does that count in terms of offenses?
    A: That would be a separate first offense for each. They are different things, so it wouldn't count as a second offense, even if they did it right after the other.

    Q: Can you get away with murder?
    A: You have to be smart about it, but yes. Attempted murder could get you incarcerated re-education, or removal, but there's plenty of ways to kill someone and not have it be discovered. We judge it on a case to case basis - But feel free to ask questions about it as you're writing your little homicidal maniac.

    Q: Can you bribe the government to give you a specific match?
    A: If you are influental enough and get the right kind of shady person... Yes? But it is very risky. This would also have to be a premarriage.

    Q: Would it be possible for someone to get away with having a child, and change the DNA-test results?
    A: If you've got the connections and credits to make it happen, sure. But it's very, very risky and chances are that later on, with all of the medical check-ups, it would get discovered. Then the parents would get removed, along with the person who doctored the results.

    Q: Drugs are illegal, but does that mean they are hard to get ahold of or non-existent?
    A: It's possible to get ahold of them, but it would be kind of difficult. You need to know the shady people.

    Q: So getting a child outside of your marriage is a removable offense. But what if you aren't even partnered? Or one person is, and the other is not?
    A: Same deal. There is no chill to be had, the parents are both removed.

    Q: What if my character is due to be partnered but gets pregnant in the month leading up to the courtdate?
    A: It's frowned upon, because you're supposed to keep it in your pants. But they wouldn't punish them for it.

    Q: If my character's partner was incarcerated for more than a year, and their partnership is dissolved, what would happen to the kids?
    A: The remaining parent gets full custody, and it is up to their mercy if they will allow the other parent to see their kids. If they have significantly changed their ways and can prove that they are a well-rounded and law-abiding citizen, they may be able to go to family court and apply for an official custody schedule.
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