Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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 Let's Get Down to Business..., defeat the Hahns/2 f, 1m
Rosewood Hahn
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 05:05 PM


Age // 24

Posts // 14

Merit // Neutral

Alias // Cee

Occupation // Pharmacist

Partner // Leah Hasenkamp

Mini Quote

Legacy. What is a legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

Eastern + Woman

[attachmentid=149]Carlwood Hahn was a real pull 'em by the bootstrap kind of guy. He worked hard, he schmoozed with the right people,got plenty of promotions and extra credits and then died tragically. There was a will, one that his parents woefully decided not to reveal on the youngest child's eighteenth birthday as they were instructed to. Instead, the contents of the will were not revealed until the elderly Hanhs themselves passed away. The contents were short, but clear; Carlwood's extra credits had been saved, intended to be rolled over to the child who fully was living up to their potential.

Essentially, the child would need to obtain excellent merit, and the money was theirs. Simple, right?
With four children competing for the same prize nothing is cut and dry. Each child has their own motivations for wanting the money but they should also have a flaw that would hinder them as well. Don't forget that each child is also more than likely going to be sabotaging each other. Alliances could rise, rumors will flow. What will each child do to get the prize?

Looks like she will stab you…and probably will stab you.
user posted image

The oldest girl (25-29) and Hahn child overall **Oak has a severe case of resting bitch face. She wears her attitude on her sleeve and is outspoken, in your face and fierce. She and Rosewood went to their Grandparents when their mother and father met their early demise so they are a bit closer. I see her as being artistic. I'd like her to have a job as a tattoo artist. Suggested playby is Adesuwa Aighewi but open to other suggestions.

Looks like he will stab you…is actually a cinnamon roll.

Rosewood Hahn Second born, oldest boy at 24. A bit socially awkward wants to use the money to delve into his chosen hobby more.

Looks like a cinnamon roll…is a cinnamon roll
user posted image

The youngest girl(20-23) , was adopted into another family when her mother and father passed away. Her childhood after the parent’s death is up to you but I see her as more of an easygoing, sweet nature (the sweet nature can be a front if you'd like). However, I’d love if she had some secret dirt on her. Perhaps she wants the money for a needed abortion or to run off with a lover. Suggested playby, Ashley Moore, Cassie

Looks like a cinnamon roll…will probably stab you
user posted image
user posted image

The youngest (19-20). Don’t let the dimples and curls fool you. Despite being cute, young and having a boy next door charm **Teak has the potential to be manipulative and is a viable contender in the scheme. Was adopted along with his sister to a family and his childhood is up to you. Probably pretty close with the youngest sister. Suggested play by Roshon Fegan or Keiynan Lonsdale

*The children of Carlwood and Korrina are of mixed race; Asian and African. I have included suggested face claims for each but am willing to consider other faces that could fit.

**Names can be discussed but I do like when families have some type of theme to their names. 'Rosewood' is the name of a tree. In previous incarnations, his family all had unique 'R' names; Remington, Roan, Roswell, Roanoke etc. I was also given the idea from Swampie of the remaining names being one of the elements i.e. Rosewood would be Earth and then Air, Water and Fire would be remaining. Would like to discuss with anyone who thinks they are interested in this plot.
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