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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Louis Schoell


Member Group


Character Name

Louis Allen Schoell

Play By

Benjamin Eidem



Merit Level



Radio host.


31st of December, 2076


Georgiana Swift



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns



GMT +1

OOC Limits

None really


Physical Description

Louis considers himself pretty tall at 5'9 barefoot. Despite his height he isn't particularly intimidating however, having a lanky build and a languid way of motion.

He's got a narrow bodytype, with thin shoulders. His arms are pretty average. He's not the type who goes out of his way to excersize or lift weights so there's not that much muscle on him. He's pretty average in terms of fitness level, not being able to showcase a rockhard set of abs or impressive biceps.

His face is that of an aristocrat. His features are sharp, angular and somewhat noble. His nose is on the bigger and longer side, but it's not very wide, and his lips are narrow and prone to smiling. With time it's clear that he's going to get a lot of crows feet, already showing them at age 22, as well as smile lines.

He's got deep-set eyes and a prominent brow bone. His eyes are a cool-toned blue, and one of his more prominent features. The stubble he's usually spotting is blonde, matching his hair but his eyebrows are darker in color. Growing out his beard will make it appear darker in color, while still mostly matching his hair color. There's a couple of reddish hairs in there, but he rarely grows it long enough for that to be noticable.

He keeps his hair short enough to not get in his eyes, but long enough to run his fingers through. He doesn't do much to it; It's just kind of there.

He favors sweaters, some of them are incredibly ugly. Given that his sister has picked out almost all of his clothing, it's safe to say that the occasionally horrifyingly ugly sweater he dons is her way of teasing her little brother.

Louis doesn't have a lot of big scars, his most prominent one being one on his chest. It's old and very faded, stemming from the surgery he underwent as a young child to correct his heart defect.

Louis also always wears hearing aids, due to being close to completely deaf on his right ear. His left ear also has hearing aids but is not quite as bad. When not wearing them, he can hear through his left ear if you're standing on the right side of his body and speak clearly to him. They're extremely small and not very noticeable.

And yes, if you're annoying enough, he will turn them off while talking to you.


[Mother] - Eloise Parks-Schoell. 59 years old.
[Father] - Matthew Schoell. 59 years old.
Toussaint Schoell, Oldest adoptive brother.
- Oldest adoptive sister.
- Older adoptive sister.
- Older adoptive brother.

Three Best Traits



Somewhat immature.

Three Worst Traits

Has a temperament.
Smart ass.
Rarely knows when he needs to shut up and doesn't back down.


Anything sweet. He carries sugar cubes around in his pockets. No it's not gross, shut up.

Books, relying on audio books.

Spicy food - Preferably as spicy as possible.

His brother's creations. He's always the first to experience them and give his opinion. It's an on-going joke between him and his brother.


They're not a lot of fun when he can't tell what's happening.
People who assume that he can't function normally because he's blind.
Coffee and the smell of it.
Generally bitter things.


Severely allergic to peanuts, shellfish.
He's mildly lactose intolerant and strong perfumes makes him sneeze.

Best Memory

He has a lot of happy memories, his fondest surrounding a family trip to a carnival when he was around eight years old. He remembers falling and twisting his ankle, but it meant that his oldest brother carried him around on his back for the rest of the night.

Worst Memory

The aftermath of the attempt to give him vision. The headaches he got from it are the most painful thing he's ever experienced and that alone makes it his worst memory. He suffered for weeks but it was an uphill battle to get the doctors to accept that it wasn't just a part of the adjustment period.

Your Biggest Fear


Your Life Goal

Happiness. To live to a ripe old age.

Ideal Partner

Someone whose accepting of him, and knows not to treat him like he's going to break. A smart girl would be fun, with a mouth like a sailor. He wouldn't mind a gossiper, considering his job but he doesn't honestly care that much about it.

If she has a smoking body to explore with his hands, that'd be awesome. But colors, and physique isn't the most important thing.

Mini Quote

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused.


Louis is a straggler, an afterthought – An addition to his family that no one expected would come. He’s born into a happy high-merit family, who had four adopted children before he was born. His family didn’t start the same way others did however – His parents were put together because their genes were undesirable. Placing them together ensured that they wouldn’t impact the general population. None of them were likely to have a biological child, but steps were still taken to ensure that they wouldn’t. When they wanted a family, they chose to adopt instead.

Eloise never even thought that pregnancy was something she would experience. She was 37 when she became pregnant with Louis, and that in itself was against all odds. Her age, her habits, and the fact that she had always been told it would be almost impossible to get pregnant all spoke against the fact that she could have a child. She was on strong birth control as well, just to make absolutely sure – Because a pregnancy for her, would mean risk for both her and the child.

She suffered for months with discomfort and symptoms, but she didn’t look pregnant. It didn’t even cross her mind that she was, and it was discovered by accident at her half-annual check-up. At the time she was already 5 months pregnant and thus terminating it wasn’t an option – Despite the risks it carried towards the both of them.

She suffered from complications and issues during her pregnancy, and childbirth wasn’t easy for her. It was a time filled with anxiety for everyone in their family. They’d been warned that the child would most likely have issues, though none had been specified for them because they couldn’t see some of them till the child was born.

And Louis did have issues.

While his parents are unaware, his birth was prompted prematurely by doctors, in an attempt to kill off the child that didn't fit the perfect human mold. He survived. He was small and frail. He was born with a heart defect, completely blind and hearing impaired. As he grew up, Louis suffered from a weak immune system, asthma, and as a person with disabilities in an almost perfect society, he was a frequent target to be made fun of. To him, his blindness has never been a problem. He’s never been able to see and likes to joke with the fact that he can’t miss what he never had – His hearing is somewhat more of an issue for him, but it was taken care off early on with hearing aids.

His family always supported him, and partly due to his dependence on his siblings, he’s very close to all of them. They’ve always done their best to help him, but Louis never liked the idea of being so dependent on others. He tried to be more independent from an early age, even if it didn’t always work out in his favor, leaving him vulnerable to bullies or accidents.

Prior to starting school, Louis underwent surgery to correct the heart defect he was born with. It made him a more active kid, and gave him more energy and he actually did well in school. He was a positive child, and a magnet for people who felt a little outside of the norm. His merry band of misfits were big frustrations for his teachers but his behavior straightened up as he grew older.

Louis went to the same school as everyone else. He had an extra teacher assigned to help him, as well as some tech that allowed him to progress in the same tempo as everyone else. Despite this, he still graduated a year later than the class he started in, due to taking a full year off from school. He was enrolled in a program that might allow him to gain sight. It included brain surgery, microchips, and a time trying to learn how to work it but it ultimately failed. All Louis got from it was a couple of sharp flashes of lights, and headaches that felt as if his cranium was being broken in two. The recovery time afterwards was significant, and he needed the full year off before he was himself again.

Louis returned to school, getting back on track. He achieved decent to high grades in school, and when allowed to date he did. A total of three times. The first girl he went out with was far too careful, scared to say the wrong thing and treated him as if he would break if she touched him too hard. The second girl felt he was a burden, and it didn’t work out well either.

The last girl he went out with was actually great. He felt they really hit it off, had great chemistry and he greatly enjoyed their date. His positive feelings about it disappeared however, when he heard through friends that she felt the exact opposite way. It ultimately stopped him from dating again, not feeling as if it was worth the emotional turmoil.

Instead, he focused on his homework, his family and his friends – Feeling rootless, with little direction as to what he wanted to be in life. He enjoyed books and reading… Maybe a literary teacher? Maybe an author? That could be interesting.

When he received his occupational assessment, Louis was surprised but amused. Working in the media, like his older brother wasn't what he envisioned for himself, but it turned out to be a good call on behalf of the government. Louis began an apprenticeship, rather than going to school for his trade and working himself up from the job of an assistant to being trusted with his own segment. It airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and is a rather cynical account of the gossip going around town, filled with the sarcastic quips makes people tune into his show.

It's a local thing, and he feels pretty good about it.

On the off-days, he helps manage and plan other content for the station.

As of 22, Louis has not been partnered. He’s not in a rush, and is honestly a little worried about how his potential partner will react to him, and while he hasn’t spoken to a doctor about it yet he fears that he’s inherited his parents trouble with reproducing. That's a shame, because Louis enjoys being around kids, his nieces being near and dear to his heart.

He lives at home with his parents for convenience, because he knows the neighborhood, the people and his home like the back of his pocket. That and his parents are old, and he tries to help around at the house as much as he can. He retains a close relationship with his adoptive siblings despite none of them living at home anymore.

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