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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Luc Cloutier


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Character Name

Luc Cloutier

Play By

Froy Gutierrez



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High school student




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GMT +1

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None come to mind


Physical Description

Luc is by no means a fighter and will not lift a car off of anyone. He simply lacks the technique and body strength. Still, he is in a decent shape and spends a modest time maintaining it, just whatever needed to keep up.

He keeps a pretty casual look, usually dressing for comfort as much as aesthetics. The family never lacked as far as credits were concerned, so he had never had to wear old scrappy clothes. He was also more than able to keep up with any fashion trends should he want to.

His wavy hair has a natural dark brown color which can appear almost black in dim lighting and tends to curl up when wet. He thinks himself that his blue eyes give a nice contrast to the darker hair. His skin, meanwhile, is fairly normal in color but does tend to appear a bit paler during the winter months.


Mother: Nanette Cloutier (Born: Nannette Crawford) Father: Arsène Clouutier Older brother: Célestin Cloutier Older brother: Gabriel Cloutier Younger brother: Dominique Cloutier

Three Best Traits

- Luc is very creatively and artistically inclined. He loves nothing more than expressing himself creatively, whether in pictures and words. As he often finds time to draw or write he has over the years attained quite the affinity for both. He is often found with a sketchpad and a pencil in his hands or backpack and will usually make small sketches of everything and anything whenever the mood strikes him or he is lacking things to do. His writing, however, he tends to keep more to himself. He usually restricts this to when he is alone and not likely to be disturbed or observed. When he does write, he balances a mix between original stories and fanfiction of other stories he falls in love with. Despite being very private about his written work, he has distributed some to online channels and even gotten some positive feedback and popularity on a number of his stories, though no-one knows who he is. This side of him is one he finds unlikely he will share with anyone in the foreseeable future.

- It may seem to match poorly with his very free and artistic spirit, but Luc does have a certain flair for organizing himself and his work and he has a healthy sense of logic thinking, even if this is not his forte. One might say he had gotten the best of both worlds. Still though, anyone who really knew him would also know that the creative side still outweighed the logical one, as this was also the one which received more attention and stimulation.

People person
- Luc does not feel codependent, and in the end, he is probably not, since he does just as well alone or with small groups, but he is very comfortable around people and get along with mostly everyone. He can find himself in most crowds and still feel comfortable in his own skin, even if he does need some alone-time on occasion.

Luc has an aura of harmony about him and tends to naturally bring out the good qualities in those around him. He likes to inspire and encourage people, as he feels this is the best tool to live up to your potential. He is good and empathetic and as a general rule tolerates all kinds of people. He does, however, not like bitches. We all know the type, those stuck-up, unpleasant types who seem to thrive off of other people’s misery. For all he is concerned, they can all go suck a lemon. He will rarely start a conflict even with them unless they begin, but he will stick up for himself or those around him if they do.

Three Worst Traits

Easily distracted - As great an inspired mind can be, and it is if you ask Luc, it is also a quick-fix source for scatterbrain. Luc gets ideas as albinos get sunburn in Hawaii, and he tends to skip from one idea to the next as it strikes, which means he often starts things without finishing them. He might then just abandon the old project unfinished or return to it later when he feels inspired again. It can also come to show in conversations or similar situations when he suddenly loses track or goes off tangent, or he might simply get caught in a train of thought and forget what he was doing the moment before. This can give him a reputation as unfocused with some people even if he does not feel that way; he just focuses on a lot at the same time, a bit like sniping with a shotgun.

Insecure and deflective - At the end of the day, Luc is a nice, pleasant and warm-hearted; the calm guy who will be the first to welcome you when you arrive in a strange place and the first to jump up and comfort you if you are feeling down. Even so, he has some unfortunate traits some of which become apparent when he is feeling stressed out, pressured or insecure, which seems to happen easier at some times than others. He then tends to put up a wall for the world to bounce off of and appears cocky and seeks to shroud his insecurities behind a veil of irony or sarcasm. If this is the first sight one is met with, it may well taint your impression of him, but if you already know him and how he usually is it will likely not be much more of a bump on the road, as it will in this case also be easier to dig through the barricades. He has great leadership potential and is capable of making good, independent decisions and stand by them, but this is unfortunately often challenged by his insecurities and fears of being judged or condemned for his decisions. For this reason, he rarely actively chooses to be in charge, unless the role is forced upon him. Ironically, he is not the born follower either as he is unable to simply blindly follow someone and it is in his nature to question things and challenge assumptions. One could thus say he falls somewhere in the middle and fluctuates between the two roles, doing well in both but excelling in neither.

Pathological protector - Standing up for good and for the people around you is a proud and noble quality. Unfortunately, though, in the case of Luc he is better at standing up for his fellow students, people or whoever than he is at determining WHEN it is a good idea. He tends to get himself into trouble this way when he gets himself in over his head, whether picking a fight with a group of more people heckling another or someone much stronger than himself. To their dismay, his two older brothers have on more than one occasion felt obligated to come to his rescue when he once again jumped to the defense of some random person only to discover he himself did not fare much better.


Nice people
Stories - both reading and writing them
Colors - all of them
Anything unique


confined spaces
Being far from his family
Lemony foods


Scented candles

Best Memory

It is a tie:

When he was 12 years old Luc made a painting for his father which he put up in his office. This felt like an acceptance of one of his biggest interests which was amazing to Luc since his father had never expressed an interest in the artistic side of things. This one simple moment made him feel closer to his father than he had before at that time.

One night after a town festival when Luc was 10, his then 15 years old older brother Cèlestin snuck him and his brothers out of the house and together they lit up some fireworks Cèlestin had somehow acquired at the outskirts of town. This is one of the greatest moment between the four brothers Luc remembers.

Worst Memory

Moving to Ridgeway. Whether this will remain true or not will come to show, but initially the move felt so overwhelming that he is still, a few months later, trying to adapt. The place seems nice enough and the people appear polite, but going from living in his own little world surrounded by the many branches of family on all street corners to living alone in this strange new world with only a handful of family members was difficult.

Your Biggest Fear

Invoking his parents’ disappointment and getting matched to someone but being rejected or realizing they will never be able to create a life together. He cannot imagine how he would possibly resolve this conflict and it terrifies him. Those and small enclosed spaces. He is deeply claustrophobic.

Your Life Goal

When imagining his future, Luc finds himself conflicted. On one hand, he always really wanted to live up to the expectations of his family. As a Cloutier in Kaleno people would always expect certain things from his hands. But on the other, he could never really help himself but wanting to live his dream. However much he strives to please his parents, he also hopes to be assigned a work where he can use his artistic skills. Now, however, he feels further conflicted and also dreams a little about moving back home.

Ideal Partner

If he had to pick all by himself, Luc would definitely go for a nice girl. A free spirit, the kind of person who does not take herself and the world too seriously and knows how to have fun - and wants to do it with him. She should treat people well and enjoy life. Be happy and healthy, isn’t that the gist?

If he could just be with a person who would want to go on crazy adventures with him and enjoy life to its fullest, but then also want to just sit with him and home and be lazy afterwards; then he would be happy. And preferably one who does not want to fill her house with scented candles.

Mini Quote

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.


Luc grew up in the tiny, sleepy town of Kaleno, Montana. Had he ever said that out loud, he would have felt like the main character in the most tired cliché of a thriller novel. Still, it was the truth. Kaleno was a great way to raise a child in a safe, wholesome environment, but that was about where it ended. Aside from the bare essentials and a few minor local quirks, there is not much to do in Kaleno. It did have a mild growth spurt about a decade ago, which did bring a little new business and community activities to the town, but as the population counter started rapidly degrading, so did these. A few of the things and people that came along ten years ago still remain, but much has closed down again as the people moved away. What exactly caused the population to decrease from just shy of 1600 people to the measly 250 it houses now is unclear, but it seems unlikely to reverse again anytime soon.

Luc liked life in Kaleno despite the lesser variety of things to do. After all, just of his favorite activities required very little and nothing not found in even the smallest of towns. He grew up with his nose in the history books, not because he was particularly obsessed with local history, but because his family had lived there almost literally forever. At least since they moved from France back who-even-remembers-how-long-ago. The early days of the town are a little cloudy, but it is very apparent that his family was one of the first to live there, at least of those families who are still around today. His family, partially due to their ties to the town, always have had a strong tradition of being involved in the local community. They host a lot of local activities and festivities, they participate on local government, like his grandfather who was a town councilmember. Luc too followed in these ancient footsteps and was often among the volunteers to help with the traditional activities hosted throughout the year.

He was the third child of four siblings, all boys. The birth itself was a boringly uneventful with not the slightest complication or interesting story to tell. As a middle child with a few years to the oldest and youngest brother, Luc would usually spend most of his time alternately with Gabriel or Dominique -however mostly with the latter as Gabriel would often rather be with the older brother or friends of his age.

Luc’s childhood was likewise fairly normal, as much as is possible being a member of a decently influential local family. He had a healthy amount of friends, as he never had trouble getting along with anyone and did well in school. He was never at the top, but kept a solid grade level and thus did not get into any trouble in this regard.

About halfway through the school year before moving on to high school Luc briefly played for the Kaleno Middle School football team. Since he likes to keep somewhat in shape by the way of a run a few times a week, he landed the role of running back. He was never the classic “jock type” and performed semi-admirably on a good day. Luckily though, as it was a fairly small town, the standards were not that high. After a while, however, he found that his heart really was not in it so he eventually quit. Since he has only played sports leisurely when the mood strikes him, such as during recess or after school with his schoolmates.

When Cèlestin and subsequently Gabriel eventually left for college, Luc was left as the oldest brother still living at home. That also meant he would have to take care of Dominique as his own older brothers had always taken care of the two. On one side, Luc had always had this small dream about traveling out into the world to see what else there was, as he had never left Kaleno. Still, he knew leaving his life and family behind would be difficult, even temporarily, as he felt dutybound to both the family and the town. In the end, he might not even really want it when it came down to it. This mystery was eventually solved when the family was sent to Ridgeway, Washington for his father’s promotion. When faced with the reality of actually moving, now no longer only a fantasy, it seemed overwhelming. It has now been about six months, but he has still not quite gotten to terms with it, despite somewhat warming up to his new home.

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