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Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Uinsean Malone


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Character Name

Uinsean Malone

Play By

Connor Dennis



Merit Level





February 13th, 2081.


Penelope Hasenkamp



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OOC Pronouns

She/Her/Crepepey/The Bridge Troll


GMT +1

OOC Limits

I don't have any. I follow the other players.


Physical Description

Standing at 5'8, Uinsean is a far cry from the tallest Malone.

Uinsean is of average height but generally considered lean and limber. At age seventeen, he's finally overcome the phase of his teenage years when the limbs seem too long for the body and every movement seems all kinda of awkward. He grows in spurts, and has hopes that he will add a couple of inches to his height - Maybe even grow as tall as Einri, whose rather intimidating physique is something he somewhat admires.

Uinsean is built for speed rather force. As he's grown into his limbs, he's become a rather graceful creature with an athleticism and a knack for sports. While he's not particularly muscular and can't be considered bulky even by the most optimistic of standards, he's got a little bit of definition and a real talent for soccer. It's been somewhat of his saving grace school wise for a long time.

He's Caucasian, pale skinned and has little in terms of freckles. He takes after Declan in appearance with a long, tall nose that's somewhat balanced out by the rest of his features. His jaw is sharp and square, his lips full but flat and his cheekbones are high and rather prominent. His general face shape is triangular with a square chin.

His eyebrows are rather delicate, and his forehead isn't very prominent. His eyes are bright blue, and stands out, especially when his natural hair color grows out. Like most of the Malone-clan, his hair is naturally rather dark and an absolute mess too. However, at age 16 he made a dumb decision that many kids do, and died his hair a very, very light blonde.

Needless to say, it looked idiotic. However, stubborn as he was he stuck with it, and mostly just lets it grow out. At this point in time, his hair is mostly dark with still very light tips and he's accepted that it's how it's gonna be for awhile yet.

Because there is no way he's cutting his hair. He likes it long, and unmanageable. He likes to wear hats too, for that hat-on-top-of-a-birds-nest look.


Declan Malone, father, 53
Antonia Malone nee Wells, aunt, deceased
Yvonne Malone nee Wells, mother, deceased.
Emlyn Malone nee Andrews, stepmother, 39
Einri Malone, half-brother, 32
half-brother, 30
half-sister, 27
Tadhg Malone, half-brother, 25
Conchabhar Malone, half-brother, 22
Cearbhall Malone, half-brother, 22
half-brother, 23
Theodore Malone, half-brother, 21
Dylan Malone, step-brother, 20
Rhiannon Malone, step-sister, 18
brother, 16
Iobhar Malone, half-brother, 14
Diarmuid Malone, half-brother, 11

Erin Maura Malone, niece, 14 months
Gabriela Malone, niece, 10.
Kalani Malone, niece, 8.
Paisley Malone, niece, 7.

Three Best Traits

--- Sure, Uinsean might not be the bookish type. He hates school, hates having to sit all day and dislikes being told what to do. This however, does not mean that he can't be cunning and rather intelligent in other ways. If there's something he wants bad enough, he'll get it. If he needs money, he'll figure out a way to scrounge up - Whether you call it cunning, adaptable, or resourceful, Uinsean has a natural knack for it. This also means that he is highly independent, and rarely has to ask others for help.

--- However shady his character can be at times, with little regard towards the actual law of the land... Uinsean does always keeps his words. He's very reluctant to make promises because he sticks to them religiously, and considers it one of the most important virtues of a man. If he, despite all efforts, fail to come through on a promise or a deal he doesn't run from the consequences. He expects this commitment to following through for everyone involved in a given situation, which sometimes comes with great disappointments.

--- Uinsean has never been in good enough standing to get a date in high school. Not that he's really that interested in being chaperoned and chastised for having fun, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like girls. He likes to flirt, and goes on date if he finds them interesting enough. A pretty face isn't enough though, and he gets bored of them pretty easily.

Three Worst Traits

Short fuse.
--- A wrong word, a slightly demeaning way of speaking, a wrong look. It doesn't take much to piss him off. What started out as a defense mechanism for a kid who struggled with a lot of bullies, has developed into a short fuse and a knack for getting into fights. He's somewhat fearless, and doesn't mind trying to tackle much bigger guys than himself - He lets his experience work in his favor, even if he's not the strongest guy around. He's also prone to get into arguments, and while he's not the most well-spoken person around, he, as most Malones, have a close relationship to the word 'Fuck'. Most people would say it's best to leave him (M)alone if he's already in a bad mood. If a situation doesn't evolve into a fight, he still reacts outwardly. Punching walls, smashing doors, and generally being very destructive. He doesn't handle anger well. He hasn't ever laid a hand on a girl though.

--- Uinsean doesn't like being told what to do. He doesn't like taking orders, doesn't like having to adhere to a strict set of rules. The minute someone tells him not to do something, he'll go out of his way to do it anyway - Cue, the tragic bleaching of his hair a year ago. It's part of the reason why he only shows up when he absolute has to in school. The teachers regularly piss him off by doing their jobs - Keeping him in line. When doing things out of his own will, or when he's manipulated into thinking it's his will, he can actually achieve a lot of things.

Prone to boredom.
--- Impulses is what rules a lot of his life. That's because when he does things too many times, or someone doesn't do something to keep his attention... Well, he gets bored. Rather quickly too. He gets bored of girls, or friends, he gets bored of whatever plans he's having. He got bored of school very quickly since it was the same kind of thing day in and day out. It's a thing that is likely going to make his future employer rather frustrated, but he doesn't spend too much time thinking about the future.


- The colors burgundy and purple.

- Most team sports.

- Beer.

- He appreciates a good burger.

- He has a great fondness for sequels, the worse the better. They get a new cast around the 5th one, and that's where the magic truly happens.

- A closet fan of 'She was a teenage medusa'. He's not proud of it.

- Girls.

- Anything sour.


- Sweets.

- Water. No one really knows when he last drank an actual glass of it.

- Films in foreign languages.

- School books and anything non-fiction.

- Rules.

- Stuck up people.

- Uptight people.



Best Memory

The first time he skipped school and went to Seattle during the day. He has fond memories of walking around the town, doing whatever he wanted rather than what anyone told him to do. It seems like a small thing, but to him it meant the world. It meant proper freedom.

Worst Memory

It's not as much a single memory, but the first few days he started in school. The looks, the bullying, people picking on him and eventually the fights. He remembers the first time he got his ass kicked pretty vividly too.

Your Biggest Fear

To be removed. The uncertainty of what it means runs cold down his back

Your Life Goal

Procreating, living his life on his terms.

Ideal Partner

The ideal partner would be no partner. He doesn't like the idea of being tied to anyone. Someone whose attractive would be great, then at least he'd have something pretty to look at. Someone who isn't too timid, and has a little bit of bite and fire in her. He likes girls with expressive eyes - Though, a nice rack hasn't hurt anyone.

Mini Quote

My family is temperamental. Half temper. Half mental.


Once upon a time, there were a person who worked with selecting partnerships. This person looked down on the papers of Yvonne Wells and Declan Malone and believed that they would become a functioning partnership. This person was later fired.

At best, the combination of the two can be described as questionable. At worst, disastrous. The partnership can be likened to pushing opposing magnets together – Nothing good would come out of it, and all those around them has likely suffered hardship one way or the other.

Yvonne was a hot headed woman, with very little in the terms of maternal instincts. She was beautiful, and passionate and that was what her and Declan had – Passion. That was also basically the only thing they had, in the brief time she was with the Malone family.

Declan being Declan only had to look at her funny for her to get pregnant, and in the short amount of time she was his wife, she gave birth to two children. Uinsean, and his younger brother. Since Uinsean was two years old when Yvonne died, he has no clear memory of her. In his head he’s build her up to somewhat of a saint – A mother that he can be proud of, even if he can’t always be so of his father.

Growing up in the Malone Household, has never been easy. Much of the care a child needs was left up to his older siblings, but it being the household it was, there was always a younger child who needed the attention. As a result, Uinsean learned independence at an early age and preferred to wander around outside of the house. It was overflowing with people before he joined the Horde, and at least outside, he could hear himself think. His half-siblings were people he never really got along with, and he always felt as if his oldest siblings looked down upon him for not being their full blooded brother. Mind you – That may be in his head, but his best friend as a young child was his younger brother.

Being a Malone comes with a certain stigma in Ridgeway and Uinsean learned that when he entered school. He was looked down upon because of his name, his clothes, his father, and a variety of things he couldn’t help. He began to hate his name and the spelling of it very quickly, because it was another point people could mock him with – In all of the years of schooling, he can count on a hand the teachers who learned to say it right and not rely on the spelling of it.

Uinsean never breathed a word of it at home. He didn’t want to bother his older siblings with his issues, they already had enough to deal with since Declan did so little. As a result, Uinsean was branded as a troublemaker who was quick to throw punches. He was quickly made out to be a bully and a slacker. In the beginning, that wasn’t true, but Uinsean learned through experience that fear made them shut up. If they were afraid of him, they didn’t dare mock him for his heritage or his unruly hair.

The image of a troublemaker, and a fighter was what got home to his family too. After all, someone needed to show up whenever he’d beaten someone up. His excuses for doing so ranged from “Because I wanted to” to the beautifully nuanced “Not your fucking business”, and no one has ever really dug that deeply into it.

It’s an instant of bullying, that later lead to his somewhat unfortunate idolization of his father. Because Uinsean doesn’t hate him, like most of the others do. He has a very clear memory of a couple of teens picking on him, and shoving him around for beating up their little brother, and Declan coming to his aid. It’s unlikely that Declan did it to protect him, and most likely he was just drunk and excited to get into a brawl, but Declan beat the teens up pretty badly. Uinsean saw it as an act of protection however – And because he was only a kid when it happened, it turned Shitbag Malone into a hero in his eyes.

Growing up, it also became more apparent that Uinsean might have a little more Declan in him that he should. How much is nurture vs. nature is debatable, but he has never been academically inclined, and his short temper has remained. He skipped a lot of classes from an early age, basically whenever he could. The only exception would be P.E, though there were a time where he would dutifully show up to Photography every time. His teacher had some really great cans, which, when he pointed it out, got him kicked out of the class.

Finally at seventeen, Uinsean’s grades have hit an all time low. He doesn’t even pretend to strive for academic excellence, and doesn’t really care that his merit might sink. He’s athletic, and he’s good at working with his hands like most Malone-boys are, but the classroom is rarely where he’ll be, even in the more basic classes. He fully believes that with his last name being what it is, he’s doomed to manual labor anyway, so why try to get good grades.

Somewhere while growing up, and getting known for his fighting spirit, another trait blossomed up. Uinsean has never liked anyone telling him what to do which means that the good influence from his siblings have gone wholly ignored whenever they’ve reprimanded him for skipping school, or fighting yet again. This has also soured his relationship to Emlyn, who has tried to reel him in – Only for him to do the exact opposite.

Starting in January of 2099, Uinsean began to work on improving his merit. While he still doesn't give a flying fuck about the meaning of it, it's his ticket out of the Malone household. He plans to move on his own as soon as possible - Finally achieving neutral merit, in May 2099.

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