Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Eleanor Windsor-Hasenkamp


Member Group


Character Name

Eleanor Grace Windsor-Hasenkamp

Play By

Dianna Agron



Merit Level



CFO of Lipton Institute


16th of September, 2067


Seth Hasenkamp



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns



No Information

OOC Limits

Rape, incest, abuse.


Physical Description

Eleanor looks taller than she is because she's long-limbed and slender and wears heels most of the time. She's 5'6" when she stands flat on the ground, so she's not short, but a combination of her build and the elegant, poised way she carries herself give the impression that she's at least 5'10". She is built very long and slender, but she still carries just enough extra weight around her hips and rear to look banging in a pencil skirt. She enjoys subtle florals, clean lines, classic silhouettes, and pearls. She never leaves the house looking anything less than 100% put together.


Edward Windsor - Father
-Beatrice Richards, mother
--Elizabeth Windsor, 31
--Catherine Windsor, 28
--Mary Windsor, 26
--Anne Windsor, 26
--Jane Windsor, 24
--Margaret Windsor, 22
--Victoria Windsor, 20

Three Best Traits

Driven, organized, determined

Three Worst Traits

Perfectionistic, constantly stressed, closed off.


The colors emerald and ivory, tea, her planner, being in control, being appreciated, being left alone, cats, gray rainy days


Being taken for granted, feeling messy, talking about feelings, admitting that she needs help, things not going according to plan


mold, diary

Best Memory

The first quarterly report after she started her job, when it showed how much of a positive impact that she'd had on the running of the Lipton Institute.

Worst Memory

Her entire marriage.

Your Biggest Fear

Never being good enough for anyone

Your Life Goal

Learn how to actually not care, be enough for someone in her life

Ideal Partner

Someone who appreciates her. Ellie doesn't need to be, like, worshipped or anything, but Jesus fuck. She works her ass off all the time at everything, and she wants someone to notice that sometimes. Somebody in equal standing who would make her look good. Someone who might help her with the whole work-life balance thing might be nice.

Mini Quote

Many people think of perfectionism as striving to be your best, but it's not about self-improvement; it's about earning approval and acceptance.


Ellie's first mistake in the world was the fact that she was not born a boy. It was never something stated explicitly, but Ellie still always knew that, before she had even drawn her first breath, she was already a disappointment. She could see it in her father's eyes, how tight his smile was when people would tell him how beautiful and well-bred all his daughters were. (She's pretty sure that's why there's 8 of them- her father wanted to keep trying until he got a boy.) So, to make up for it, she devoted herself, from the moment she got started school, to being The Best at everything- she got straight As every single semester, she chose her extracurriculars strategically, she went on dates every other Friday night once she was old enough. Her image and the way she presented herself was impeccable. When she went through puberty and started gaining weight, she dieted and exercised until she was, once again, perfect.

Ellie feels really bad that she set that precedent for her younger sisters. They did not, after all, need to make up for being the firstborn and yet not a boy. She always did her best to help them where she could, although most of the time she could only do her best to keep her own shit together. She didn't really have any natural talent for most of her classes, except the finance and economics courses she took. She wasn't especially bad at anything, per se, but she definitely had to work really hard to get the grades she did.

Ellie had thought that all her hard work would get her somewhere. She wasn't wrong- she was assigned a high-ranking position in the government. Not Department of Science, but frankly that was fine. CFO of the Lipton Institute suited Ellie much better. She did her bachelor's and PhD in Economics, with a master's in Public Administration in between. Most people would've taken 10 to 12 years to complete this line of study; Ellie did it in 8.

Coming from the family she did and being of such high merit and in such an important position, Ellie assumed that she'd be partnered to someone equally well-respected and well-connected. Maybe someone who worked for the government. Instead, she got partnered to... a bus driver. Not that there was anything wrong with driving a bus! Buses were no good without drivers to provide a very necessary public service. The problem Ellie had was with how he'd become a bus driver. He'd made no effort when he'd been in school. She knew from his personal library and the rare conversation that they had when he wasn't being a demanding asshole that he was smart enough that he could have been something more... prestigious. He just didn't try. He was content to be mediocre at best, to waste all of that potential. On top of his being an underachiever, he somehow believed that he was better than her, simply because he was a man, because he apparently lived in the same bygone century as her father did. It made Ellie want to scream.

It took Ellie four years to finally accept her lot in life enough to bring her husband home to meet the family. When she finally did, the most infuriating thing that her husband could have done happened- he took a shine to her sister. Her twin sister. According to him, she was everything Ellie wasn't, and he could barely tell them apart, except that Lizzie wasn't a nagging harpy. He picked and picked at Ellie's insecurities until she gave up.

She called Lizzie and asked her to fill in. If Ellie's husband liked Lizzie so much, then she could be his wife instead. It was only supposed to happen once. When they were little, they would switch places every now and again. It happened more than once, though. Quite a bit more than once. The microchip made it a bit tricky and, of course, if one of them got pregnant by the wrong spouse it would mean removal, but Ellie and Lizzie were careful. It was comforting, the knowledge that she could have a reprieve. While not physically abusive, Eddie was mentally and emotionally abusive. Nothing Ellie did was good enough for him. She wasn't a good enough cook, a good enough housekeeper, a good enough lover. A good enough woman. She knew, objectively, that she was excellent at all of those things, of course, but after years and years of being told otherwise, well. It gets to you.

She'd never say it out loud, but Ellie was relieved when he died. Ironically, he got hit by a bus. He'd gotten drunk after work one day and wandered into traffic, and bam. Ellie had to ask Lizzie to fill in for her at his funeral, because Ellie knew for a fact that she wouldn't be able to be a perfect mourning widow.

This time, however, things will be different.

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