Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Ryan Heavens


Member Group


Character Name

Ryan Adelaide Heavens

Play By

Lili Reinhart



Merit Level



Fashion Journalist/Blogger


24 April 2079


Jack Wright



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns




OOC Limits

Intense violence, Graphic scenes, Too much angst/drama


Physical Description

Standing at only 5'5", Ryan is anything but intimidating. She has a petite build, not overly curvy. She's long limbed and slim built. Her skin is a fair peach toned that meshes well with her flaxen hair. Her hair varies styles, from being put up in ponytails, to messy waves down her back..Her current style is shoulder length and wavy with a side part. Much like her siblings, she was blessed with a head of dirty blonde hair. Her eyes are a clear blue with thick lashes.

Her clothing style usually consists of layering. Long sleeved cardigans are a favorite of her's. She enjoys dressing for colder weather than hot. She dresses comfortably and casually, wearing jeans and simple tops. She dresses for every occasion, closely watching the trends. She doesn't have a true label for herself, she just follows the times and trends as closely as she can.


Adam Heavens - Father, 49
Teagan Heavens née Erlenmeyer, Mother, deceased
Iris Heavens née Newcastle, Stepmother, deceased
Alexandra Heavens, half-brother, 28
Evan Heavens, half-sister, 27
Stuart Heavens, half-sister, 25
Taylor Heavens, brother, 21
Lindsay Heavens, brother, 17
Jasper Heavens, sister, 16
Valerie Heavens, half-brother, 9
Noah Heavens, half-sister, 5

Three Best Traits

Persistent, Loyal, Dependable

Three Worst Traits

Stubborn, Impulsive, Possessive


Cherry coke, autumn, the color orange, frozen yogurt, rain, bean bag chairs, smoothies, sweets, scarves, fall fashion, her family, romantic comedies


Gorey horror movies, ungrateful people, not being taken seriously, long silences, dry heat, sour candy, spiders, being unorganized, money grubbers, liars, her mother, fake pockets, obnoxious patterns



Best Memory

The summers she spent with her friends and the romance she had when she was sixteen. It was fleeting and sweet, only seeing him until they were juniors when he moved away. The road trips they had and all the stores she visited were a plus and helped fuel her love of fashion.

Worst Memory

The night she spent in the hospital after the car accident. She may not have been fond of her mother, but learning of her death made everything worse. Losing her mother and the injuries she and her brother's sustained, even if the memory is rather fuzzy.

Your Biggest Fear

Losing her siblings or father, dying young, disappointing Evan, spiders.

Your Life Goal

Get her name in a top fashion magazine, cover a big fashion show, get married and have a family

Ideal Partner

A great smile and easy going personality. As far as looks, she’s not really into a lot of facial hair. She is a bit of a diva, so she needs someone who can deal with her without getting frustrated. She does have a slight bit of princess syndrome, so she can be a bit over dramatic and demand attention at times. Someone sweet and charming, who will cuddle with her and go on dates. Despite her personality, she is humble and will settle for silly gifts than extravagant things. She dreams of a Prince Charming that isn’t afraid of hard work and likes to joke around. Dominance is a plus, but not to extremes.

Mini Quote

She's a lady and ladies shouldn't be messed with


Life had always been hectic for Ryan. Growing up in a house with 9 children, things were never really in control. Her father was always away for work and she hardly connected with her biological mother. Ryan's one constant in life were her siblings, especially her older half sister, Evan. Ryan's mother didn't inherit a single maternal gene and would often leave the house for days on end while their father was away. She dumped her children on Evan, who was practically a child herself. Ryan's life was as hectic as it was unorthodox, but they made the best of what they had.

Ryan's father had partnered three times. Teagan was his second wife and gave him four children. She would try to be motherly, but Ryan refused her efforts in favor of bonding with Evan instead. Evan may have been her sister, but she was more of a mother than the stranger among them. One day her mother took her siblings out for a trip. Her memory of where they were going is hazy at best as she was only five years old at the time. Her mother was hardly responsible and took her focus off the road to text. The next instant the car collided with a post and she and her siblings were admitted into a nearby hospital. Ryan had escaped with bruises and scrapes as she was in the back seat with her brother, Lindsay. Ryan retained little memory other than what was repeated through her life in stories. Evan had immediately come to see them and it was revealed their mother did not survive the crash.

Ryan's father's third wife was more tolerable. She tried her best to care for her and her siblings, but it wasn't the same as Evan. Ryan remained civil with Iris. Iris tried to be there and run the house, causing friction between her and Evan. Ryan enjoyed Iris' company at times, through her she began her love of fashion. She would look through magazines and even started drawing outfit ideas. She would hang them around her room and watch red carpet specials on television. Ryan was a smart young woman, earning decent enough grades. She was also quite outgoing, gaining her own little group of friends.

She started a blog in high school, highlighting the latest fashions and critiquing fashion shows. It had become simply a side hobby until the end of the year came. Her assessment came and went and her marks left her in the field of journalism. Her focus was on Fashion, of course. It might not have been anything reputable, but it was what she enjoyed. She graduated high school and is now going through school to learn all she can about journalism.. She seldom dated in high school. She had her fair share of admirers given her outgoing personality. She was a notorious flirt, but only really had one relationship. Though they only dated in secret as they weren't allowed to announce anything official. They saw each other through her junior year, before he had to move away. She prefers to focus on her own work and have fun while she can. She dreams of Partnership and hopes to have a happy life and a big family like the one she grew up in.

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