Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Finn Malone


Member Group


Character Name

Finnian Tierney Malone

Play By

Max Irons



Merit Level





1 Sep 2072


Jane Windsor



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tba if necessary


Physical Description

According to his brother Keegan, Finn “stole” all the height in the family, making him 6’2 to his younger brother’s 5’9. He’s handsome, with strong, chiseled features and clear blue eyes. His nose is a little too large for his face and when he grins, *really* grins, it makes him look five years younger and a little goofy. Finn’s hair has some wave to it, which mostly means it stands up in every possible direction when it’s not carefully tamed--usually by a stylist, because he’s kind of hopeless. He’s almost always dressed by a stylist too--either on set or for official appearances. When he’s on his own, he’s a pretty basic jeans and sweater kind of guy.


Tierney Malone, father
Charlotte Malone, mother

Keegan “Key” Malone, younger brother (24)
Rafferty “Rafe” Malone, younger brother (23)

All other Malones are related to him somehow, whether they are cousins or in-laws or whatever. Or so he thought until the redheaded Malones showed up in Ridgeway.

Tamara Kursch, first wife (removed)

Three Best Traits

Committed - Finn throws himself wholeheartedly into his work. He’s always doing whatever he can to get a better idea of his character’s headspace and is off-book before anyone else. He has long discussions with the director about what he or she wants and he’s always the first to arrive on set and the last to leave.

Movie buff - Finn has seen pretty much every movie ever and can answer trivia questions about them left and right. Or he could if anyone ever asked him.

Talented - Finn was born to act. No one would ever guess at his real personality based on the characters he has played because they are totally unlike him and he is 110% convincing. He’s done well for himself already and his career isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.

Three Worst Traits

Envious - Finn tends to wish he had what others do: his brothers’ super close relationship, his co-stars’ ease with press and fans, pretty much anyone’s ability to function socially without mortifying himself.

Lonely - The only way Finn can successfully interact with others is while he’s in character, and that doesn’t let anyone get to know the real him. He doesn’t really have any friends and his romantic prospects are pretty much nonexistent.

Shy - Finn is extremely shy and has a bad case of social anxiety. It negatively affects just about every aspect of his life, and if the film industry still worked the same way it used to, it would probably cost him his career.


Colors - Smoky or dusty colors like steel blue, thistle, slate grey.

Foods - Blueberry pancakes (actually lots of different fruit-filled or topped pancakes); steak fries with garlic aioli; coconut cream pie; bell peppers (except the green ones); turkey burgers.

Drinks - Mango juice, really fizzy Sprite or other lemon-lime soda, bubble tea.


Interviews and premieres and parties and pretty much every part of his job that isn’t actually acting. Crowds. Personal questions from strangers. Anything with scales. Bug bites.


Most metals cause contact dermatitis after prolonged contact.

Best Memory

His very first curtain call after a performance in high school.

Worst Memory

Finding out his wife was eight weeks pregnant four weeks after they got married...when the cops came to tell him she’d been removed.

Your Biggest Fear

Finn has serious social anxiety, which means he’s fearful a lot, actually. But he’s probably most afraid of letting that fear ruin his career or keep him from living his life.

Your Life Goal

Maintain a successful career. Get past his debilitating shyness enough to have an actual relationship.

Ideal Partner

Finn wants someone who will push his boundaries and enlarge his life but respect his limits. He doesn’t know where exactly that line is, but he’s hoping that there’s someone out there for him that does. He’s attracted to confident women who also know how to show their vulnerability. She doesn’t need to be super successful and she definitely shouldn’t be outrageous or flamboyant, but someone who knows her place in the world and can help him find his. Pretty eyes and a warm smile would be nice.

Mini Quote

I never wish to offend, but I am so foolishly shy, that I often seem negligent, when I am only kept back by my natural awkwardness.


Tierney and Charlotte Malone were the lucky kind of couple who knew and liked each other before they were actually partnered. They still weren’t an instant love story, but they had chemistry early on and it didn’t take too long to turn into more. And more meant Finnian Tierney Malone, their first child. He was a fairly happy baby, though it became obvious fairly early on that he was a shy and thoughtful child. His younger brother Keegan was born before he turned 3 and another brother Rafferty less than a year after that. Their little family unit now complete, Charlotte doted on each of her sons, thinking them each the most special and important person in the whole world. It meant they got away with more than most boys, though Finn got into less trouble than either of his younger brothers did, especially as he got older and went to school without them.

Finn was too shy to make friends of his classmates, so he was studious mostly to have something to do with all that quiet. At home he had his brothers, and his cousins, and his shyness didn’t hinder him much with them, but while most of them made friends with neighbors and classmates and everyone else, Finn played alone. As an older brother he excelled at being the responsible one, but he wasn’t much of a leader, or even a very good follower. Keegan and Rafe were much closer to each other in age and in temperament, and Finn always felt a little left out.

In high school his guidance counselor insist he get involved in *something* or risk his merit level dropping; his lack of friends or extracurricular activities was worrying. After a few false starts and at least one spectacular failure, Finn ended up in drama club. He was still hopeless in interacting with his peers as himself, but onstage, at least, he’d found his place. Finn was still surprised when his occupational assessment revealed that he’d be an actor; he’d figured his social anxiety would keep him from being anything more than a critic, if he even got a career in the arts. He was moved to Los Angeles soon afterwards.

The auditioning process was a rough one for Finn. He hated meeting new people, and directors were doubtful of his abilities when he could hardly stammer out a sentence in front of them that wasn’t scripted. But eventually he built up a small body of work and made connections with a few directors who didn’t mind that he was a mess after hours when he was always on point in front of the camera. Those directors continue to hire him fairly regularly, and he’s started making a name for himself with his last couple films. He’s usually cast as a romantic lead--comedies, dramas, period pieces...they’re all good. Not that he has any romance in his real life.

He was partnered when he was 22 to a woman named Tamara Kursch and moved to her hometown of Ridgeway. Tamara didn’t seem to mind that he could barely string two words together around her without rehearsing them first. She jumped straight into bed with him on the first night and kept coming back for more. Finn was completely bewildered by it, but he definitely wasn’t complaining. Then the cops showed up at the door barely a month into their marriage. Apparently Tamara had gone to the doctor to confirm a pregnancy, not realizing they’d be able to tell that she was already too far along for Finn to be the father. Finn considering lying and saying that they’d started sleeping together as soon as they’d gotten their partnership notice, but he wasn’t smooth enough to pull it off even if they wouldn’t have eventually found out the truth via blood test anyway. Tamara was removed and Finn was left as confused as ever.

Finn has been on his own since then. There have been a few hookups here and there--always initiated by the woman and usually before they realize that he is nothing like the characters he plays--but he wishes there was something more for him out there.

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