Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Maddox Alexander


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Character Name

Maddox Alexander

Play By

Josh Mario John



Merit Level



Pediatric nurse




Morgan Stirling



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OOC Limits

When in doubt, ask


Physical Description

Standing at 6’4 with some heavy muscle to his body, Maddox would be a noticeable figure even if it wasn’t for his slightly unusual choices in physical adornments - at least for a medical professional. His entire body, except for his face, is covered in colorful and intricate tattoos that he has been building on since he got his very first one on his 18th birthday.

On top of the tattoos Maddox also sports a big, bushy beard in a blonde tone that is slightly darker than that of his hair, which is cut in a mohawk-style - short and close on the sides, but long in a line starting from his forehead and all the way back to his neck. When he’s off duty the hair is typically loose and blowing in the wind as it pleases, but when at work it is pulled back and tied up so it doesn’t get in his way - except when he releases it to amuse a worried child.

Behind the distractions of tattoos, hair, and beard, Maddox has a fairly regular-looking face. His bottom lip is slightly large compared to his upper lip, his nose is broad, and his ears a little big for his head, but his eyes are a strikingly intense and beautiful pale grey and often the focal point of anybody who can look past the many distractions.

Some people consider Maddox a handsome man, he personally thinks that the tattoos and the hair/beard does a lot of good for his look, but others find him intimidating, or even repulsive. With someone like him it’s a very personal matter, and he has long made peace with the fact that not everybody will approve.


Lawrence Alexander, 60, father
Alexis Alexander née Wyndham, 57, mother, removed
Keila Ward-Alexander, 52, stepmother

Braxton Alexander, 32, brother
Dixon Alexander, 30, brother
Maximillian Alexander, 25, brother
Maxwell Alexander, 25, brother

Phoenix Alexander, 14, half-sister on mother's side

Ina Ward-Alexander, 26, stepsister
Kay Ward-Alexander, 22, stepsister

Alexis "Lexi" Alexander, 6, daughter
Elvira Merrill, 27, previous partner, MIA

Three Best Traits

Natural caregiver
Die hard romantic

Three Worst Traits

Prone to easy infatuation
A bit of a hoarder


- Children. All of them. Even the bratty ones. They're just precious and lovable every single one
- Animals of any kind, which is also why his house is filled with them - cats, rabbits, ferrets, fish, tortoises, anything he feels the whim to bring home
- Tattoos, obviously
- Smoking. He never does it in the house or anywhere near kids, but he enjoys it too much to stop completely
- His job. So much job satisfaction
- The way small children are incapable of judgement. When parents look at him with disdain, their children just think he's interesting and won't stop asking questions. And he loves to answer all of them
- His motorcycle. It's his third most priced possession, outranked only by Lexi and his army of pets. (and possibly his siblings, but don't tell them that)
- Snow ball fights
- Beach days
- Lazy afternoons watching cartoons or playing board games with Lexi
- Art and artistic expression. He frequents art galleries of many different kinds, and always tries to learn as much as he can. He's not particularly artistic himself, but very admiring of the people who are


- Judgement. He is fully aware that the choices he has made regarding his physical appearance makes him intimidating to some people, and he's used to patients' parents looking at him like they're afraid he'll do more damage than good, but he's trying to prove that the way you look has nothing to do with how good you are at your job - and he's very capable.
- Meat. He's been a vegetarian since he was a teenager, not so much because of ideologies or convictions, but because he's just not that crazy about meat. He can't get along with the texture of most of it, and the taste doesn't agree with him either. So it's just easier to call yourself a vegetarian and be done with it. He still cooks meat for Lexi, though
- Having his parental abilities questioned
- Heavy rain or that wet kind of snow that's more water than real snow. It's wrong and he'll have none of it
- Being busy
- Clothes shopping. It's a nightmare that he's happy to outsource, meaning that his stepmother Keila, or one of his stepsisters, Ina and Kay, are usually the ones who take care of buying clothes for Lexi
- Whenever his youngest sister, Phoenix, is upset. He's very protective of her, since she's the youngest and sometimes feels guilty about the fact that it was her birth that got their mother removed. He's always trying to show her that she's loved and appreciated no matter what.
- The government being in charge of his love life. He doesn't so much care about the job part of the whole thing, but that they get to choose people's spouses and punish them if they're not satisfied, that rubs him the wrong way.



Best Memory

His daughter’s birth. That little girl is absolutely everything to him, his entire world revolves around her and it has from the second the infant was handed over to him. He named her Alexis after his mother, but most of the time just calls her Lexi. He will protect her with his life and burn the world to the ground if she wants him to. He stands powerless before her.

Worst Memory

It’s a strong tie between the two worst days of his life.

1. When he was a worryless fifteen-year-old he was one afternoon called out of class by the principal. All his siblings were gathered in the office, even the ones who didn’t go to the school, along with Lawrence, their father. Lawrence started to explain something, but he couldn’t get the words out, so the principal put a hand on his shoulder to indicate that it was alright, after which he took over. As calmly as he could, he explained to the group of young boys in front of him that the child their mother had been carrying for the last nine months had now been born, but a DNA test had shown that the little girl was not their father’s, but instead had been fathered by one of her coworkers. He explained that she had already been taken away, and that they’d never see her again. They didn’t even get to say goodbye.

For years Maddox was convinced that nothing would ever top the misery he felt that day, and the days following, until four years ago, where incident 2. came to pass.

2. Four years prior, at the age of 21, Maddox had been partnered to 19-year-old Elvira, and they’d had a daughter together. Maddox was in love with his wife and convinced that their life was going to be perfect. Until one morning he woke up to an empty bed. He rolled over and his eyes landed on the nightstand by his side, upon which was a small knife and a little piece of electronics, both covered in blood. He got up like a light and first went to check on Lexi. With his daughter on his arm he searched the house, but Elvira was nowhere to be found. When he returned to the bedroom he discovered a note on the floor, spotted with blood as well. It was Elvira explaining that she couldn’t live in this restricted society anymore, so she had dug out her microchip and run off. He reported it to the authorities, and they spent ages looking for her, but she hasn’t been seen or heard from again.
The only good thing about this, in Maddox’s eyes, is the fact that she did it so early in Lexi’s life that the little girl won’t remember her and know what she lost.

Your Biggest Fear

Losing Lexi. He simply couldn't go on without his daughter

Your Life Goal

If Lexi grows up to be a happy, well-functioning, confident woman, his job is done

Ideal Partner

First of all she should be a good mother to Lexi. He could never accept a woman who's not loving towards his daughter.
Secondly, though, he does have some more selfish wishes. He'd especially love someone creative with an appreciation for art, someone who can enjoy and appreciate the vast work that is part of his skin. He wants a woman who doesn't adhere to stereotypes, but challenges societal norms and restrictions. She should be brave and outspoken, beautiful but smart enough not to have to rely on that, all in all a remarkable and memorable woman.

Mini Quote

Listen, smile, agree, then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway


Alexis Wyndham was always a free spirit. A wildcard. A tornado of creativity and exuberance, unpredictable to her core. This made her partnership to Lawrence Alexander all the more surprising - and troublesome. Because Lawrence was just about as different from his wife as a man could be, he was earthbound, logical, reliable, everything that, to a woman such as Alexis, equalled boring. For the first years of their partnership they existed parallel to each other, occupying the same space but never actually meeting - until an installment of Alexis’ artistic works were scooped up by a local gallery and made the grand headline. The woman was so excited that she shared the news with anybody who would listen, and though art had never been of much interest to Lawrence he decided to join his wife for the unveiling. And, surprisingly, her work knocked him off his feet. He had never seen much of it before, since they barely spoke to each other, but looking at it then gave him a whole new appreciation of his wife - and his admiration melted away any restrictions she had about him. After that night their relationship took flight, and together they built a family of 5 sons.

For years everything was close to perfect in the Alexander household, but as the boys grew up and left the nest, Alexis grew bored. Eventually she took up an affair with another artist with whom she had been collaborating on an extensive work. The two were passionate, but foolish. Careless. And Alexis got pregnant. She did her best to convince Lawrence that the child was his, and that everything was going to be fine, but once the child was born it was clear that something was wrong. The little girl was significantly darker than her siblings, and a DNA test was performed immediately. Lawrence was not the father. Alexis was promptly removed, and after a moment of consideration Lawrence decided to take in the little girl, adding what he thought would be the last member to the Alexander family.

Maddox was only 15 when he lost his mother, and for a while he blamed his sister. If it hadn’t been for her, Alexis would still be there. She destroyed his family. But the girl grew up quickly, and for every milestone she passed she stole another piece of Maddox’s heart. By the time she started saying his name, not a single part of him was capable of blaming her for anything. She was just another innocent soul who had been caught up in a bad situation, and so his anger was moved from his family to the government, where it still lies.

Two years after Alexis’ removal, Lawrence was repartnered. His new wife, Kiera Ward, came with two daughters of her own, around the age of the youngest of the Alexander boys, and they quickly found their footing in the family. Kiera is a calm and reassuring presence in the house, much more suitable to Lawrence’s speed than Alexis was, and the two girls, Ina and Kay, have been accepted as Alexanders by their step siblings without reservations.

After high school Maddox was moved on to get his nursing degree with a focus on pediatrics. He interned at Ridgeway Hospital where he was also assigned a permanent position after finishing his education. It was no surprise to him or his family that he was assigned a career of caregiving since that has always been a gift of his, but some of his coworkers and some of the patients (or really more their parents) do seem to think he’s an odd fit - not because he’s not capable, even the skeptics can’t deny that he does very well, but because he doesn’t exactly look like a traditional nurse. Especially his tattoos are often frowned upon, and several people have advised against getting them, starting with his father when he got his first one at 18. But Maddox was never one to care about the opinions of other people, and he wears his look with pride. And really they’re excellent conversation topics to distract nervous children with, so in his eyes there’s really no downside.

Maddox received his partnership notice at the age of 21. Her name was Elvira Merrill, she was 19 years old, and studying to become a city planner. Like him she was unusual to look at, she refused to bend to stereotypes, and the two of them got along very well. Maddox fell hopelessly in love with his wife, and when she gave him a daughter two years later he couldn’t imagine how anything in his life could go wrong. But it did. Two years into their life as a family of three, Elvira came to the realization that she couldn’t continue to live following other people’s rules. In the dark of night she removed her microchip, left it on her husband’s bedside table along with the knife she had used and a note, and ran. Maddox woke up to the sight of blood and immediately ran to check on his daughter. When he was satisfied that she was safe he went searching for Elvira, but naturally didn’t find her. He did eventually find the note that explained her decision, and it felt as if his heart withered in his chest. He immediately reported her disappearance to the proper authorities, and they went looking for her, but she’s never been found. Maddox hoped that maybe one day she’d regret and come back home, at least to see her daughter, but he hasn’t seen or heard from her since she left. He hates her for abandoning their family, but part of him is also still in love with her. He’s determined to move on, but even though it’s been four years his heart is still fragile. It falls easy, but it also breaks easy. He doesn’t possess the same unconditional trust he used to.

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