Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Jackson Jones


Member Group


Character Name

Jackson Wesley Jones

Play By

Chris Lowell



Merit Level



College Student




Isabelle Grenwick



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns




OOC Limits

None (:


Physical Description

Jackson is not the tallest compared to some guys his age, he comes in roughly somewhere around 5'10", with that said Jackson is pretty comfortable with not growing any taller than he is. He works out almost everyday so he has a healthy amount of muscle and is stronger than his thinner frame might suggest.

He has a well balanced face shape, with wide cheekbones and a narrow jawline that makes his neck appear thicker than it is. Often it is commented that he looks very much like his father, sharing the same in between features where they are neither angular nor rounded. His hair is very thick and he gets it cut often so that he doesn't overheat when he is training or working out, but it grows very fast so on occasion he will allow it to grow out until the longest pieces of hair are just past his ear lobes. He is often seen pushing it back out of his face when it gets this long and seems to be in a near permanent mess from him running his hands through it all the time.

He dresses rather casually, outfits consisting mostly of layered pieces (typically hoodies and button ups or t shirts) but it's also not too uncommon to see him wearing some "sporty" brands of clothing. He has a particular fondness for hoodies and track pants when at home.

Jackson has a very characteristic walk, the way he holds himself could be attributed to confidence or an overwhelming sureness of himself mixed with a bit of laziness that is uncharacteristic of him. To most he appears to be a sure footed, charismatic kind of guy that allows himself to drift along undisturbed.


Aaron Jones - Father
Lisbeth Jones, nee Nevis - Mother
Ian Jones - Older Brother
Sean Jones - Older Brother
Nolan Jones - Older brother
Nathan Jones - Younger brother
Lincoln Jones - Younger brother
Quentin Jones - Younger brother

Three Best Traits


Three Worst Traits



Being around his family.. his brother's have seemingly become an extension
Listening to the rain.. especially at night or while sitting in by the window reading
Reading.. really anything, still waiting to find the perfect book though
Computers.. anything and everything about them fascinates him


Anyone that messes with his family.. he's grown very protective of them
Large crowds.. he's not really claustrophobic, but he can get pretty awkward
The winter time.. while he can acknowledge snow's beauty, it's too cold for him
Dishonesty.. he doesn't really understand what good it can do



Best Memory

Receiving his career path.

Worst Memory

He has had some unlucky breaks but with that said, Jackson has had a fairly laid back life and thus he hasn't experienced anything too extreme or abnormal from the average citizen to call anything his 'worst' memory. Yet.

Your Biggest Fear

His wife or someone in his family getting removed.

Your Life Goal

To achieve excellent merit.

Ideal Partner

Compassionate, kind, smart, funny, loyal.

Mini Quote

"Baby we were born with fire and gold in our eyes."


Born into an growing family of three older brothers, and more to come, Jackson was a fairly rowdy child. It probably didn't help that the Jones' managed to have 6 boys but that was beside the point. Jackson wasn't the most outgoing outside of his brothers, mostly because he was a bit too much for the other children at times so his first couple of years in school at was a fairly boring time for him and he didn't really mind moving to Washington since he wasn't exactly 'popular'. After all, he had a three older brothers, two younger brothers now and another on the way. These facts were 100% more important to him due to his family's positive environment and closeness.

Jackson had a lot of great role-models in his life and he really wasn't able to complain. School was always hard on him in the social aspect but he was always near the top of his class, if not the top in a few cases. While not being very popular in school might have caused some of the other kids to fall into a rut, Jackson never missed a beat. His brother's helped him with and through anything he asked of them. They fought, and wrestled, and caused quite the ruckus at times sure, like any brothers do but at the end of the day, he loved them all. Eventually, his older brothers moved out or went and did their own thing but when everyone came back together it was like they'd never missed a beat. Jackson thrived with his family and that's what he strived to do for his younger brothers as well. He wanted to always be there for them if they needed it. For anything and everything, even if it wasn't exactly 'his thing'. Family stuck together. No matter what. At least in Jackson's eyes.

He was sure the rest of his family felt similar. The feelings might not have been so strong for them as it was for him but that didn't really matter. Everyone was a little different after all. Eventually the time came for Jackson to take his assessments and go off to college. Jackson hardly slept the night before, and could barely sleep as he waited for the results. When he received them though, he couldn't have been more ecstatic. The Department of Data Collection was to be his path.

Jackson wasn't sure what it entailed completely but he was thrilled, it was a rewarding job and he was sure he'd be able to make his family proud. He was starting to breakout of his socially awkward shell but he doubted anything would ever compare to his openness around his family. School was fairly tough and very demanding of his time but Jackson worked extremely hard to get through and to get the chance at a master's degree. He still managed to slip in frequent visits to his family and make sure things were sound.

Just finishing his BA this year, he continues his studies towards a master's degree in the Fall. Along with this, he has prepared himself to be a teaching-assistant for some of the undergraduate students. Jackson really believed in the saying that you never truly know about something until you can teach about it.

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