Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Harley Harlowe


Member Group


Character Name

Harley Clarissa Harlowe

Play By

Aiyana Lewis.



Merit Level



Children's Librarian


October 23rd.


Aidan Cross



OOC Name


OOC Pronouns

She Hulk.


The Viking One

OOC Limits

None.I follow my partners.


Physical Description

Harley stands 5'7 in stature, much of which lies in her long legs. She is of a medium build with slender shoulders, that top off a short torso. She has short arms, delicate fingers and has a habit of doing a cute little shoulder shimmy when she feels particularly happy or excited. She wears heels on select occasions, but has a preference towards feminine flats and sandals which doesn't add anything to her height. It does make her look really cute though.

Her default resting position is with her hands casually clasped behind her back, making a modest bust look a little more prominent. It fits her frame however and she looks very natural, still being of the curvier type. She has a slender waist, wider hips and a flat stomach. There is some squish and softness to her, given that she likes to cook and isn't one to hit the gym on a regular basis. She does like long walks though as well as spiritual contemplation.

Having roots in families of Mexican and Jamaican descent, she is biracial. Her skin is a warm brown, with a tawny, yellowish undertone. Deep purple-ish reds and dark brown reds looks amazing on her and are her preferred colors if she does wear makeup. She tends to only use a little to accentuate her eyes though. She doesn't want to cover up her freckles with a thick layer of foundation, and lipstick has never been a thing she enjoys wearing very often.

Her face is heart-shaped with a sharp chin and cheekbones, the ladder casually speckled with an assortment of freckles in all shapes and sizes. They are mostly concentrated over her nose and cheeks, but she has some all over her face and body. During the summer, they grow more pronounced if she gets a lot of sun but they are persistent all year around.

Her nose is thin, but a little long and her lips are full with a pronounced cupids bow. They're prone to wide smiles that reveal straight white teeth.

She has deep-set, almond-shaped eyes that are dark brown in color, appearing almost dark unless her surroundings are well-lit. Her eyelashes are naturally long and black, matching the mess of black curls that adorn her head. In the past she's worn it long, but she recently made the decision to cut it much shorter, with her move to Ridgeway signifying a new start. It's light, and fluffy, and bouncy, not to mention lively. It's jet black in color, with no significant lean towards blue or purple.


Mother: Halsey Harlowe, nee Ward.
Father: Martin Harlowe.

Fabian Abramo.

Three Best Traits

Harley stands by her loved ones, with an admirable amount of loyalty and dedication. It's a fantastic quality that relies on the amount of warmth in her heart and the gentle sweetness she posesses, but is a double-edged sword. It's frequently led to her being taken advantaged off or have her stepped on for others gain. There isn't many things she wouldn't do for those she cares about, and it's hard to make her give up on people.

She possesses a lot of warmth in her heart, and radiates it out to those around her. She's a romantic at heart, a big softice, and her heart bleeds for those in need. She has a genuine love for those around her, those she know and those she could potentially know. She has a big heart, and she loves with all of it in a million different ways. Even in her darkest hour, Harley always approached the world with kindness, and while her light has been dimmed it's never gone out.

A classmate called Harley an old lady when they were in college, and she's fully embraced that moniker. She loves her given career, but she is a natural homemaker. She enjoys cooking, baking, and taking care of those around her, and she enjoys quiet activities to do within home. Whether that is light crafting, puzzles, or something as simple as knitting or embroidery, she's probably experimented with it before. Perhaps it started as a way to distract herself from her husband, but it's become a big part of who she is.

Three Worst Traits

While Harley was never brash or outspoken, she wasn't quite this timid before being married. Years of being used as a doormat however has filled her head with doubt and insecurities. She's unlikely to speak up about issues, and would rather be used as an emotional punching bag than speak up and risk someone getting upset. She doesn't take a lot of risks, and is perfectly happy within her little bubble of comfortableness. She needs someone else to confirm a lot of the choices she makes, to feel secure in making them, and doesn't trust her own instincts.

One harsh word, a period where there usually isn't, a short message without any indication of tone. That's all it takes for her to take it to heart and blow it up into something way out of proportion. Some of the time she manages to reel in some of that insecurity, but there is no doubt about the fact that she needs to feel appreciated and valued. It's a problem that she tries to work on, but she's still not secure enough in herself for it to not be a general problem.

Jumps to conclusions
This ties into her issue with being just a tad bit more sensitive than what is healthy for an adult human being and her timidness. She doesn't bring up problems, and rather assumes and jumps to conclusions based on the evidence she has. She's very guilt based and it doesn't take a lot for her to go directly into her shame spiral, assuming that the world is slowly falling apart because she did a small thing wrong.


- Fictional romance, in books and in movies.
- Home crafts. She's particularly fond of knitting and embroidery.
- Cold drinks on hot summer days.
- Warm drinks on cold winter nights.
- Affection in every shape and form.
- Animals, especially the fuzzy ones.
- Children and their unrestrained curiosity.
- She really loves Larkspur Roses.
- Bumblebees and ladybugs.


- Sweetened coffee.
- Red wine.
- Bland food.
- Loud people, as she gets easily overwhelmed.
- Spiders and moths.
- Red roses. On the rare occasion that Fabian wanted to apologize, he gave her these.
- Bad breath.
- White onion.
- Sparkling water and sodas.


The adhesive in bandaids and medical tape.

Best Memory

The summer romance she had when she was sixteen. It's full of fond memories, as long as she sticks to the part before it all went to hell.

Worst Memory

There's several. Her entire marriage is one bad memory, her experiences as a teenager and the abortion she went through. The fear of getting removed from society, and the alienation that came with her being dropped so far down in merit. It's all honestly terrible.

Your Biggest Fear

Dying in a fire or getting removed from society.

She does however also fear getting partnered to someone like her ex husband, and entering a relationship like the one she recently escaped.

Your Life Goal

At this point, she wants happiness, maybe a kid sometime in the future. She would like a stable living, safety and comfort.

Ideal Partner

Someone who can be sturdy when she wobbles. She doesn't have very high expectations.

Mini Quote

You feel broken and in pieces, but you are still whole.


Sometimes, two wrongs do make one right.

Harley was born to Halsey and Martin Harlowe, a toxic couple living in the big city of Charlotte, North Carolina. There was rarely a peaceful, harmonious moment between them. Halsey had a tongue that could cut steel, and Martin possessed a talent for blaming everything that went wrong in his life on his wife.

Harley was considered an accident, as they never intended to have children. Perhaps it was the one thing they agreed on. She was never abused, nor neglected, but she never felt particularly loved either. It was as if there was a film between them, a thin layer of transparent plastic that kept her from connecting to either of her parents.

She was fed, and given boundaries, and they made sure that she took her school seriously. But when they all sat at the dinner table at night, there were rarely any casual talking, other than accusations being thrown across, right above her head.

She didn't do anything spectacular as a kid. She went to the same school as everyone else in her neighborhood, and while she wasn't a bad student she also wasn't the best either. She didn't cut classes, she did her homework, and blended into the backdrop of hundreds of students that walked the hallways. She wasn't remarkable to anyone, least of all herself.

Becoming a teenager came with an even tenser home situation, as her father began having affairs left and right. Her mother turned to drinking, and though the government attempted to clean up her act with various rehab stints, it never lasted very long. Harley attempted to help her out and support her but was often met with anger and frustration, her mother lashing out at the child she never wanted, the proof of her miserable marriage to her father.

So Harley sought love elsewhere. When the time came and she was allowed to date, it took some coaxing from a friend to sign her up the first time, but it became a reprieve from her situation at home. It made everything a little easier to bear, and she connected with one guy in particular that she kept getting set up with.

His name was Simon, and it began as a sweet, innocent teen-romance. With folded notes, shared looks, giggles and flowers hidden in her locker. At that point, Harley was starved for any kind of attention and was immensely flattered. She fell, hook, line and sinker for him within weeks of him courting her.

They shared a full summer, ignoring a couple of rumors that were sent around about them and cultivated the innocence of young love. However, as summer came to an end, a couple of quick kisses turned to much deeper ones and evolved into unseemly things. Harley lost her virginity to him. It's a good memory to her, but it became something terrible in a very short amount of time.

Harley became pregnant. Still to the present day, she remembers the terror that went through her when she took a test, after feeling under the weather and her period being a little late. The little plus sign on the test became a cross, marking the day of her removal - She wasn't even out of high school at the time, yet her life would be cut so short. She went to what was now essentially her not-so-secret boyfriend but was met with hostility and anger. He blamed her, and while much of it might have been an act of fear, he left her feeling isolated and terrified. She had no idea what to do.

Turning to her mother in a desparate hour, she was met with a gruff attitude of 'You did this to yourself, kid', but at least she still helped her out. She set up an illegal abortion, and supported her daughter going through with it. It caused Harley a lot of sorrow, but ultimately it was better than essentially dooming her to removal before she even graduated.

There's risks however, when things aren't done at a hospital and with a proper doctors guidance, and Harley had an adverse reaction to the medication she took to induce a miscarriage. It was bad enough that she needed to go to the hospital, and spend a week there dealing with the aftereffects.

She was questioned, relentlessly about who gave her the drugs but she didn't even know his name and thus couldn't have given him up, even if she wanted to. In the blink of an eye, she went from high merit to poor, a big black splotch on her records taking form. Given that she missed school while she was hospitalized, people became curious and it didn't take very long for rumors to spread. Harley the Harlot was pregnant. Harley the Harlot killed her baby.

She was painted to be promiscuous. She was gallivanting all over town, sleeping with every boy who wanted her. In reality she turned into a recluse, having only her mothers sullen company. Everywhere else she was confronted with peoples prejudice and assumptions. Her summer following graduation was spent in a classroom, re-education being required on top of the severe merit hit.

Despite her merit falling all the way down to poor, Harley was still awarded for her work in high school with a college degree. She was assigned as a children's librarian, and entered North Carolina State College, hoping to avoid the people who made her last months of high school a living hell.

That was not how it would go. She wasn't the only one destined to get a college degree, and old rumors persisted. It tainted her reputation and is a big part of why she has been unable to rise above neutral merit, despite hard work and diligence. Even cold hard facts can't make up for one big mistake, done in her youth.

It was during her struggles as a freshman in college that she got married too. Fabian Abramo was a young, struggling writer, a couple of years her senior but he hadn't yet turned 30. He had a gift for words, and dreamed of becoming a world famous writer. He had been assigned a job as a fast food worker however, frying fries and burning burgers day in and day out.

It repeated a pattern that Harley knew from her past. He blamed her for everything that went wrong in their shared life, he resented her for working with books and even more because she was given a college degree. While Harley never considered herself as high brow, her husband mocked her for her education. Every good grade she got was picked apart, and once he found out about the rumors and her past, he didn't hesitate to accuse her of sleeping with her teachers to improve her grades.

Harley dragged herself through school, earning her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood education when she was twenty-two years old.

At that point, her marriage was a sham and she lacked connections to anyone but her husband. Her tentative attempts to make friends were chased away by the hostility they were met by when they encountered the mans he was married to, and eventually she didn't have the strength to try anymore. As a last ditch effort to remedy their relationship, her husband decided that they should have a child.

Harley suggested waiting till she was done with her masters, but at that point her voice hadn't been loud enough for him to hear for years. When they didn't immediately conceive, he blamed her, saying that it was karma for the child she killed when she was a teenager.

The situation wasn't helped by the fact that he was removed a year ago, for having a child with another woman. Harley knew that their relationship was terrible, but perhaps because she didn't have anyone else, she still loved him. The betrayal broke her heart, and further seemed to confirm the fact that the fault was with her. Her first year of a masters degree has been rocky, her grades having suffered from her loss, but she is slowly attempting to raise herself back up.

Without him to keep her down, she's tentatively opening the curtains again, allowing some sunlight to slip in. Deciding that what she needed was change, and desperately so, she applied to move college and location. Anywhere, really. Anywhere becoming Ridgeway, Summer 2099 where Ridgeway apparently needed a new intern to help at the library.

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