Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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Tobias Strick


Member Group


Character Name

Tobias Strick

Play By

Matthew Cunningham



Merit Level





January 22nd





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OOC Limits

No Information


Physical Description

Tobias is short very short, about 5'4'', his hair is a mess of blond curls. His eyes are stormy blue. he has freckles all over his body.
Tobias usually likes to wear light easy to move in clothing, and the scarf that his mother made him.


Calumina (works a front desk of some company)
Lucio (I'm not sure what job he'd have yet. something relatively important.)
Odin (cousin, comes in and out of his life every so often a bit of an eccentric)
Gavin (Uncle on his mother's side, strict, likely a teacher.)
Faustiana (Aunt on his father's side, never really gets to see her.)
Jahan (family friend, thought of as an uncle.)
Cira (wife of Jahan, thought of as an aunt)

Three Best Traits

Smart, creative, curious

Three Worst Traits

impatient, arrogant, quiet


Milk, meatloaf, birds, woodworking, climbing anything, blanket forts, watching his dad work, listening to his mom sing when she's doing house work,


Talking, loud noises, sweet things, spicy things, snow,



Best Memory

Tobias fondly remembers the days when he would go sailing with his father's friends, Jahan and Cira, before they disappeared.

Worst Memory

Tobias loves his Cousin very much, but he can't quite forget the night the man had broken into his room in the middle of the night, quite beside himself and disheveled. Lucio had come in quickly after hearing the commotion to defuse the situation and take Odin to rest somewhere else.

Your Biggest Fear

disappointing his parents.

Your Life Goal

Become successful like this father.

Ideal Partner

someone strong and independent, but isn't afraid to take care of him and cuddle with him in a blanket fort, someone who'll be honest with him, and leave him little notes sometimes when he's working.

Mini Quote

No Information


Lucio Strick fell hard for the woman the government had partnered him with, it was awkward at first, getting to know the beautiful but shy woman, but the longer they spent together the harder they fell for each other. and it wasn't long before they had a little boy all their own.

Tobias was spoiled by his parents from the beginning, all the toys he could ever want, private tutors, fueling any hobby you could think of. When he was old enough his father placed him in a class for self defense, saying that his father did the same thing, “a man should be able to defend himself and his lady.” Old thinking perhaps, but Tobias didn’t mind the classes, he enjoyed learning and being active, and maybe one day he could show off for his Partner. 
as Tobias got older he latched onto two things in particular, Birds, and carpentry. His room filled with wooden models and books about everything you’d ever want to know about birds. Birds became his passion, knowing he wanted to study and care for birds his whole life, but he wasn’t sure how he could make a career of that. Not that that really mattered in the world he lives in, the tests would place him where it wanted him, and who knows where that would be, as he struggled with school more than anything else.
 In his younger years His parents friends, Jahan and Cira, would take Tobias out on their sail boat, Tobias loved to sail with them, listening to Jahan’s wild stories, and learning history and dance from Cira. But the two have since disappeared. Lucio says he doesn’t know where the two are, but he doesn’t seem to worried about them, so Tobias has decided he shouldn’t worry about them either. 
 Another person Tobias enjoys spending time with is his older cousin, Odin, though he counted the man as odd. A bit paranoid and frenzied at times, he usually spent his visits raving to Lucio about strange things. But Odin would always take the time to visit with his cousin, showing off his new little inventions, wind up toys and music boxes, telling stories about his travels that Tobias never truly believed. But as soon as Odin would arrive, he’d disappear again, much to Lucio’s distaste. 
 But other than that, Tobias didn’t have too many friends, he was antisocial and not sure how to make friends, especially since most of the kids at school knew him as “Bird Boy” since he spent most of his free time up in trees learning to mimic bird calls.
He pretends that he doesn’t mind it, pretends that all he needs is the company of birds, but he wished he could go hang out with the other kids, show them what he was really made of. He’s working hard to make friends in school but it’s slow going, being slow to speak or really understand people in general.
For now Tobias spends his time either studying the birds in the park, or reading in his room, be he’s confidant that he’ll be able to make friends very soon, he just has to try!

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